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    Hello all,

    I've been teetering on following the PB/falling in to old habits for a couple weeks now. My husband bought the book at the beginning of the year and I've kind of been following him since then. I haven't really gotten serious about the eating plan yet though. I joined FitDay and have been kind of reading and posting on the forums there and I think I give up. I feel the need to argue with all of them on their weight loss views so I came here to be around people who share the same views and I can get some advice from. So here is how Day 1 of my new journal went:

    B: Broiled Chicken with Garlic & Herb Mrs. Dash (This is my favorite food and it is easy to eat at work since I don't mind it cold if I don't have time for breakfast but feel hungry)
    L: Pork Chop and a few Strawberries
    S: Celery
    D: Spinach salad with chicken and bacon and a bunch of veggies. I put a TBS of ranch dressing on it. I love salads, but I think dressings are going to be hard to let go of.

    Workout: (I like this part, working out has always been fun since I am a generally competitive person and I have a goal of throwing shot and disc in the state games in June)
    Squat: work towards 5 rep max (ended at 140 lbs)
    Bench: work towards 5 rep max ( ended at 295 lbs)
    Dips: 3 sets of max reps (13,9,8)
    8 - 40yrd sprints

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    So I just noticed that I got my Bench and Sqaut backwards... 295 on Squat and 140 on bench. I can't imagine what I'd look like if it were the other way around!


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      Today was a pretty good day, I think. I fasted for 18 hours, from dinner last night at 6 to lunch at noon today. I am the maid of honor in a wedding next weekend and the dresses just got in today. It was such a last minute thing that there was no getting measured for them, just sending some lady some measurements I did myself. I was scared out of my mind that it wouldn't fit and it fits really well actually. I could lose a little in the mid section to be more comfortable in the dress, but I am pretty excited that I don't have to have mass alterations done.

      B: Nothing
      L: Two beef patties, some veggies and some bacon
      S: I didn't get a chance to pack anything for work and I had to go pick up my dress so I didn't have time for one, but my stomach was really wanting something.
      D: Salad with mixed greens, tomatoes and mushrooms with some protein ice cream. (frozen berries, protein powder and a little bit of milk so it has a thicker consistency than a shake) I was addicted to ice cream and found that this is a pretty close substitute.

      Workout: Today was an off day, so there wasn't any lifting, i just went to yoga class and came up to relax.


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        There was a little get together with everyone I work with Friday afternoon. It was a good time with events and a BBQ.

        B: Broiled Chicken with Mrs. Dash
        S: little slice of Pineapple
        L: (around 3pm at the BBQ) two hamburger patties, 4 slices of grilled bacon and one one and a half brauts. There wasn't really anything else there I could eat. Plus 4 Light Beers throughout the afternoon. I really don't drink a whole lot at all, so this won't be happening again any time soon.
        S: nothing
        D: Grilled Talapia, brocolli, and a little salad.

        noting structured today sicne I did a lot of walking and standing at the work outing. They had 3 stations of sporting clays to shoot at. They were set up with roughly a 1/4 mile in between each one. I walked between them and stood to wait for my turn while everyone else shot, instead of sitting down. My legs were fairly tired after the events were done.


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          We are busy people on the weekends with the activities that my husband and I are in. He had football practice Saturday so we travelled about 4 hours round trip for that.

          B: Slept in, and it was awesome.
          S: Still sleeping
          L: Grilled Salmon, broccoli, and a salad
          S: Raisin, almond and sunflowerseed trail mix
          D: We went to Old Chicago and I found that the Chicken Rustica didn't sound horrible. It's a grilled chicken breast topped with this olive and tomato salsa like stuff and some steamed veggies (broccoli, bell peppers and carrots). I am trying to get consistent answers on what the actual nutrition value is, but they all vary. The Old Chicago website says that it has 850 cals with something like 40 grams of carbs, but they also say it comes with garlic bread. Both times i've had it now, it never came with garlic bread. The other sites I look at have 350-450 cals with only about 12-16 grams of carbs. I think that sounds a little better considering the ingredients. They all settle on the fat being roughly 20-23 grams with 15-27 of those coming from monounsaturated fats. They all have different amounts of protien as well, and the OC website doesn't even put protein on it's nutritional facts, just cals, fat, carb, fiber and sodium. Through my love of chicken and eating it all the time and weighing it most of the time I can say it was probably about 5 oz of chicken which is 30-40g of protein. So I think I am pretty safe eating this after a little bit or research. And that tomato olive stuff is amazing and I am going to look for recipes to make it myself, I think it would be great on other meats as well.

          Day off, just walked around the mall and outlet shops for about 3 hours while my husband was in practice.


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            Sad to see the weekend go, but excited to get this week and next weekend (friend's wedding) over with.

            B: Sleeping again
            S: Still sleeping
            L: Went to mexican restaurant for lunch and had steak fajitas. Ordered it without the tortillas so I just had the meat and veggies with some sour cream and lettuce.
            S: Pineapple slice
            D: Leftover Salmon with a salad

            I also tried making some trail mix tonight since we are having one of our notorious food fest' tomorrow at work. Everything is celebrated by food where I work. It is quite annoying after you have 4 or 5 of them a month for birthday's, new arrivals, promotions, blah blah blah. Either way, I thought I would bring something interesting to eat.

            Didn't lift today, but threw shot put for an hour then played 2 on 2 volleyball for an hour and a half.


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              Today felt like just another normal day. Had the food fest at work and I didn't give to temptations and didn't even crave any of the cookies and cakes that were there. It felt like my body's cravings are finally catching up with my mind telling me I shouldn't eat that. I made the primal trail mix and it was a HUGE hit. I love it and I think I am going to start making it more often as a snack for myself during the week at work.

              Breakfast: two hamburger patties (from the food fest. They were left from the BBQ on Friday)
              Snack: handful of trail mix
              Lunch: Porkchop and salad
              Snack: handful of trail mix
              Dinner: Protein ice cream with blueberries and a bit of pineapple

              Lifting: 3 sets of 5 Press (45, 65, 85lbs) and 3 sets of 5 Squat (135, 225, 275lbs)
              Conditioning: 10 rounds of: 1 arm dumbbell clean, front squat, press, front squat, press then switch arms.
              Threw shot put after we got home from the gym for about an hour.


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                Had a minor slip up today, but it was only a couple potato chips and not some 3000 calorie piece of cake or something.

                Breakfast: Handful of cranberries and macadamia nuts
                Snack: Broiled chicken breast
                Lunch: Pork Chop and Avocado
                Snack: Slipped and had a couple potato chips and a cucumber
                Dinner: Steak with spaghetti sqaush and a salad

                Didn't lift today, but spent half an hour working footwork on discus and shot put throws. It's pretty good cardio. Then I went to my yoga class for an hour. I've got until June 5th to get my form down. So I will probably not workout as many times a week so I can get outside to the rings and throw as much as possible.


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                  Today was a pretty busy day at work, so I didn't get to snack. I was pretty hungry at meals but ate slowly so I didn't overstuff myself just because I felt hungrier than usual. I definitely felt stressed today though as I have a short work week so I am trying to get everything done early. I had a couple urges to go get some candy, but I stopped myself somehow. I hate how when I am stressed and my routine is thrown off I feel the need to eat candy. It isn't as strong as before, but still there.

                  Breakfast: 3 slices of bacon, 2 eggs
                  Snack: none
                  Lunch: Ate out at a mexican restaurant and had a taco salad with ground beef, lettuce, tomato and salsa.
                  Snack: none
                  Dinner: Fillet Mignon with a big salad
                  Snack: munching on a few macadamia nuts while i type this.

                  3 sets of 5 Squat (135, 225, 255) and 3 sets of 5 Bench (95, 115, 135). Conditioning was ten 40yrd sprints with minimal rest between. Then I went and threw shot and disc for about an hour after that. My progress is very good for only throwing for about a week now. I am already up to my PR's that I set in high school. i wish I would have had this determination and work ethic towards throwing back then. I could have probably done a lot better back then.


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                    Sounds like you're doing really well!!! How are you feeling?

                    I think that often, we just have a habit of thinking that candy (or chips or whatever) is what we really, really want at the moment, but if we take a few deep breaths, it passes. I think because those treats were a mood lifter at some point in the past, our brains just go there.


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                      Thanks, I am feeling great (even after having a little wedding cake and some mints this weekend). I feel stronger and more energetic than before at an overall standpoint, but I am noticing daily changes too. As I said, I still feel the urges to eat somethign sweet whenever my routine is off or I am stressed or upset, but I've identified it and I am working on how to deal with it besides food. I actually started doing Mark's ab crunches every time I have the urge or thought to get something sweet and the urge goes away and it feels like my core is getting stronger. It kind of sucks being a creature of habit when the habits aren't good ones. But i am slowly trying to reverse those and get in to some good ones.


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                        So i havne't posted in a few days because I haven't really had time. i had to go back home to be the maid of honor in my friend's wedding. It was busy Thursday and Friday getting everything set up. I ate really well though since I've talked my mother in to trying to be a bit more primal as result of her having a a really bad time with surgery and sickness the last year. It's nice to be able to go somewhere and have support there. I don't remember exactly what I had, but I know it wasn't much because there was so much to do. On the day of the wedding, the bride's mom made chicken alfredo and garlic toast for everyone for lunch. I picked out the chicken and vegetables to eat. That night, for the wedding, we had brisket (amazingly delicious) salad, fruit, and vegetables. Yes, I had a handfull of mints and a piece of wedding cake. I could definetly tell the difference in my eating habits because i felt fairly bloated after eating the cake too. It could have been the dress and couple beers I had too though. i didn't have any time for workouts but between running around and decorating I think i did enough. Today was great because i got to sleep in until 11. I love those days. I am going to post today's entry now, even though it isn't over with, because I have quite a bit to do and I dont think i'll have time to get this done later.

                        Breakfast: Big bowl of sleep.
                        Lunch: Sirloin steak and a side salad
                        Snack: Trail mix with nuts, seeds and some dried cranberries
                        Dinner: I am going to make that Chicken Bacon salad that was posted a couple days ago. I have been craving bacon so bad ever since the post a week ago or so on portions and stuff.

                        Nothing structured today, just on my way to go practice throwing and do some sprints with the husband and dogs at the park.


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                          Today was another busy day at work, but I handled it well yet again and am pretty proud of that. I've started cutting down my fruit and incorporating more nuts in to my diet and I can definitely tell a difference in my body measurements. Before I started logging on here I was kind of at a plateau. I re-read Mark's Book thoroughly and got back on track with some new ideas (less fruit, more omega-3's and crunching my abs). I haven't weighed myself, but I am definitely noticing my shirts fitting a lot looser and less pinchy skin around my abs and sides.

                          Breakfast: nothing , kind of felt like fasting and skipping breakfast.
                          lunch: Pork Chop and some walnuts
                          Snack: no time
                          Dinner: Wanted to make the chicken bacon salad since I didn't get to last night (some friends called and wanted to go to a mexican restaurant so I had a taco salad with shredded chicken, lettuce, tomato and salsa) but we didn't have time so we went to subway and I had a chicken salad there with some vinegar and oil dressing.
                          Snack: Couple strawberries and some macadamia nuts

                          Lifting: 3 sets of 5 Press (65, 65, 85) and 3 sets of 5 squat (135, 225, 275). Conditioning: As many rounds in 15 minutes of 5 right arm DB thrusters with 30 lbs, 5 left arm DB thrusters with 30 lbs, 7 push ups and 9 24" box jumps. I got 9 and it was a great workout. Then I threw discus tonight. It was great, my form is doing great for just getting in to training and I threw 140+ feet in the South African form. That's farther than I think I've ever thrown before, so I am pretty stoked tonight.


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                            Today was just a pretty normal day. I'm glad that it is feeling more normal to be primal.

                            Breakfast: over-easy egg and a pork chop
                            Lunch: Top Round Steak, spaghetti squash and a few macadamia nuts
                            Snack: few handfuls of trail mix
                            Dinner: FINALLY had time to make the chicken bacon avacado salad. it was amazing. I added some sweet bell peppers, mushrooms and tomato to it too. I was really impressed with the dressing. I grabbed a few other recipes since salad dressing is the last 10% of the reason I am probably around 90% primal. I wa surprised since I normally don't like vinegar or the smell of it even.

                            Went to the rings and threw shot put tonight after work. I am getting more consistent, so my balance is getting better and I am ironing out the big problems. Hopefully now I can just work on a few small things to get really going. After that I had yoga class. All the rooms in the community center were taken so we got to go outside in the park. it was really nice to be outside instead of a stuffy room.


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                              Today was the first day I've really felt hungry, like constantly hungry. I munched on nuts all day since I had just restocked my desk (wish this would have happened yesterday when i was out). I'm pretty sure I had way too much, but I didn't really pay attention to how much I ate, because work was kind of stressful and busy today. I don't feel horrible about it though, at least it wasn't cookies and ice cream. I might try fasting tomorrow...

                              Breakfast: nothing, was still full from the salad last night
                              Snack: mix of cashews, almonds and pecans (more than just a snack though)
                              Lunch: Grilled Talapia with Broccoli and a Side Salad
                              Snack: more nuts...
                              Dinner: Ground beef with lettuce and tomato and salsa.

                              Took the night off. I just sat in the swing in the backyard and played fetch with the dogs for a bit.