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    I'm going to have to tr spaghetti squash one of these days. I'm concerned about the texture though.
    Looks like ou did with the sweet treat and with brekkie and lunch. Not sure about the cream of broccoli. I always make my own so I don't know if other people puf flour in it to thicken it; I thicken mine by adding a few potatoes. I guess it depends on how strict you are being. Hopefully a senior member will respond and have good feedback.
    Sinus problems can be exacerbated by dairy, so if you want to experiment to see if you can get sinus relief through diet, that is what you want to eliminate. I need to do it at this point, because I've been sick all winter; but I'm not ready to give up dairy yet
    Work in progress!


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      Oh I have no problem giving up dairy. I've been pretty much dairy free for weeks now and it hasn't made a difference at all. If anything I've gotten sicker. I woke up today really bad. The probiotics in the sinus cleanse up the snout was supposed to help but hasn't.

      I'm definitely losing weight though. I can tell in my face already. I'll weigh tomorrow morning to see if I'm keeping up with Primal Primate. Started a new workout yesterday called I Want Six Pack Abs 2. It's on you tube. Did the original one a few years back and had good results. Today is HIIT day so I'll be doing that as well. I know mark has a blueprint workout to follow but I want to go a step further. I'm sprinting, lifting heavy things(my fat tail), and I stand up and walk around all day at work so I'm moving frequently at a slow pace too. I'm keeping it all in line just adding my own flavor to it.
      Woke up this morning using my wake up light and it was awesome. Woke up to the light before my alarm went off and despite getting woke up twice in the night by the puppy I'm watching I felt pretty refreshed.