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    Day 1.

    It's early morning on New Year's Day, 2013, and I'm going to give this Primal Lifestyle thing a whirl.

    Weight: 213.4#
    BP: 138/88
    Pulse: 66

    Why: Need to get my life back on track. Am not sleeping well at night, but fall asleep after meals. Have constant heartburn, clothes don't fit, no energy, erratic libido, am irritable, have little motivation... well, you name it, I seem to be feeling it.

    Plan: Diet and exercise, the Primal Blueprint way. Have created a simple Excel spreadsheet to track some key health statistics.

    Embarrassing Photos:
    01-2013 Back Cropped.jpg01-2013 Front Cropped.jpg01-2013 Side Cropped.jpg

    Wish me luck.
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    So glad I read ur post, I'm in the same boat! Gonna start this thing today too! What is ur plan?


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      My plan is pretty basic:

      First, throw out all the goodies and left-over high-carb holiday food in the house. I realize I'm too much like a dog; I'll eat because it's there, not because I'm hungry, and having cookies, candy, and cake in the house is akin to a loaded gun.

      Second, simply get up off my butt and move. I've got an elliptical machine staring at me with dust on it, plus I'm fortunate to live in a place with beautiful scenery and weather, so simply walking out the front door and ambling down the block and back can be done easily.

      Third, weigh myself daily and chart the results. For me, graphing my weight vs. day has been a motivator in the past, so I intend to do the same once again.

      Finally, remind myself every morning that no matter how badly I want to get in shape, it's not going to happen unless I personally make it happen. Dropping weight and exercising aren't magically going to happen. I'm a big believer in the adage: The difference between what you have and what you want is what you do. I live the rest of my life by this creed; I simply have to apply it to my health.


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        Good Idea. When I first went low carb - getting the junk out of my house was a priority. I think it was the only time that I've wasted food.


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          Wednesday Morning
          Weight: 210.2
          BP: 138/88
          Pulse: 57
          Diet: Ate pretty well yesterday, though it was tough being around my wife and son as they had sandwiches and tortillas for meals. My one indulgence was a spoonful of peanut butter in the evening.
          Exercise: 30 minutes on elliptical, followed by 1-mile walk.


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            sounds good so far !! I am in the same boat..... all of the junk has been thrown away/given away.
            Hardest part for me will be hubby who eats everything bad in life....


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              Thursday Morning
              Weight: 207.8
              BP: 150/83
              Diet: First full day back at work after the holidays, and it was surprisingly easy to not be tempted by junk food. Like yesterday, my one indulgence was a big spoonful of peanut butter in the evening.
              Exercise: Lifted weights with wife in morning; went for 1.5 mile walk at lunchtime.
              Other: slept through the night for the first time in what seems like months. Am a little concerned with my blood pressure going up here on the third day, but I'll wait for a few days of consistently high numbers before I start to worry too much.


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                Friday Morning
                Weight: 208
                BP: 136/80
                Diet: Ate well again yesterday, but had too heavy of a meal last night.
                Exercise: Elliptical machine for 30 minutes, 1/2-mile walk with wife in morning, 1.5-mile walk at lunch at work.
                Other: Today is going to be challenging; Friday's are typically our pizza night a home, so I'm not sure what the plan is. Also, Friday mornings at work usually have someone bringing in a big box of donuts, which are a huge weakness for me. Grant me strength...


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                  Saturday Morning
                  Didn't do too well yesterday, slipping off the plan already just four days into the process. The "excuse" was that it's Friday, donuts are in the breakroom, etc... Arghg. Feel bad/tired again this morning. Don't know why I sabotaged myself yesterday, but it's back on the straight and narrow today.


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                    Tuesday Morning
                    Weight: 208.6
                    Diet: Ate really poorly on Saturday and Sunday due to some significant stress and strife in the household. Son got mugged at gunpoint late Friday night, so the weekend was fully of cops, insurance, etc. Don't know why I resort to comfort foods in times of stress, but I do and I did. Sigh. That's the bad news. The good news I did an IF from Sunday night to Monday noon-time, and got seriously back on the straight and narrow.
                    Exercise: Didn't exercise a whit this weekend, either, but Monday I got on the elliptical machine, lifted some weights, and walked at lunchtime.


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                      Thursday Morning
                      Weight: 207.8
                      BP: 140/82
                      Diet: I'm doing just OK, usually starting out strong in the mornings, but really tempted by evilness sometime in the later afternoon. It feels like I simply have to get over a hump in my thinking.
                      Exercise: I'm pretty well on this front, with walks every day, some lifting, and some light aerobic every other day.


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                        Happy New Year and welcome.

                        Firstly well doen for making this lifestyle change.
                        Secondly I wouldnt call the pics embarassing. There is good width to your shoulders. Your legs look strong. Your back has definition down the middle and even form the front you can see Lats tapering in.

                        Iv always classed my diet as good. I have decided to tweak it and go from 6 feedings to 4 and up my fat. I am trialling it out before I alter the diets of my clients (they seem to like small regualr feedings, but we can always be more efficient right). Eat a snack with lovely fats in it and this should keep you going later in the day.

                        Do not stress about food choices (your BP will show this). Its not a failure. It shows you need to put something in place to nibble on when stressed, or when the 'Its friday' feeling arises. Its a good thing, learn from it and you'll be fine. This is a life journey, those learning experiences are mere bumps on the road. Slow down, go voer them, and keep on going.

                        I really hope your son is ok!!

                        Your doing great.

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                        It isn't the mountains ahead that wear you out....Its the grain of sand in your shoe.


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                          Thanks, Richard. Your words of encouragement help. Cheers!
                          PS. Son is doing fine. He went through the whole what-could-I-have-done-differently second thoughts things, but I think he's come back to realizing that just handing over the money and valuables is far less painful than getting shot. Crazy world we live in....


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                            In the middle of my first week-long biz trip since starting the primal diet/lifestyle method. I've been good so far, but tonight's big group dinner might be a struggle. Any suggestions to remain strong in the face of beer, empty carbs, and desserts?


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                              Eat a healthy snack before the gathering and get a drink in your hand ( just water) as soon as you arrive. When others press you to eat or drink something just explain that you are thirsty and assure them that you will in a bit. Socialize and that s all people will remember. See how long you can delay the snack food or a beer. You may surprise yourself and find it easier and more fun than you thought. Leave early if you loose your resolve.