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  • CalicoGal's 174 day transformation

    I am going to start this challenge January 7th and end it on June 30 ,2013. My husband and I will be doing this to prepare for a cruise we always go on in July. My MIL will be doing her own weight loss method so I am secretly hoping to blow her out of the water. She will be counting calories and probably doing low fat. Unfortunately the only way to change her mind is to show her. I know this is about a lifestyle change for the long haul but I do have goals in mind. I am about 90 pounds overweight and while I know it will take me awhile to lose the whole amount I hope to at least make headway. About 60 pounds and into single digit dress sizes. That would tickle me senseless. I am starting out with the whole30 program and going from there. I am going to put a monthly meal plan together with lunches and dinners that I can really focus on and switch it up from month to month. I really want to do this right and make a permanent shift in my eating behavior. I am really excited to chart my progress here. Thanks.

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    Just bought The Primal Blueprint!! So very excited! Going to start reading now .Hurray for xmas gift cards.


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      Fabulous Book !!! Enjoy it and good luck !!


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        I wouldn't be surprised if you decide not to end it. Just be aware that primal doesn't make you drop weight fast. It makes you heal so you can drop weight easier. YMMV.


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          Well that makes more sense now..

          I have been reading and now feel a little foolish with my weight loss goals. If the safest rate of lose is 2 lbs per week I can expect to lose at most 8 per month so 48 before the cruise. I guess i am so used to seeing the miracle ads that I just assumed. I am doing this for the long haul so if it takes a little longer to get where I need to be its okay. Also my idea of Need to be has changed as well. I like how he says "your genetically ideal weight is where you are healthy,energetic, and comfortable--whether or not it lands you on a magazine cover". That is where i want to be.


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            More Prepping for Monday

            I got back from vacation on Thursday ( its Saturday now) and went shopping at the local health food store. I was seriously disappointed. Also I was planning on starting out doing the Whole30, but I could only buy one book this time so I opted for PB. I thought I could do the Whole30 without the book but there are some things they recommend in the meal planning template (the MASSIVE amounts of coconut in specific) I find confusing without clarification so, just primal for now. I do like the shopping guides with seasonal availability, and the nutrient and organic preference shopping list. Can I tell ya'll something? I am afraid of nuts and fruit. In the recent past I have a hard time controlling my portion size of nuts, same goes with fruit, just not quite so bad.

            I also bought a big tear off calendar for menu planning, and am also updating my goals list. I have found several great paleo recipe websites that I am very excited to try with lotsof crockpot recipes ( I am a huge fan and I already have a few roasts and such that are time honored family favorites and compliant (I just have to substitute sides).

            New Goals?

            They are more like things I want to accomplish that are linked to a healthier me.
            -Joining a martial arts class (step 1) (step 800-getting a black belt). When I was little my Dad (who has since passed away) enrolled the whole family in Tae Kwon Do classes at the YMCA. I Hated it!! but my brothers (I had 2, one died) were super awesome at it. My older brother switched to jiu-jitsu after a very long time of nothing (My little brother died in '96 and he-older brother- didn't start taking classes until the last couple years). For me whats important is the commitment to something physical. My husband and I are not in agreement over the type of martial art yet.
            -I want my daughter to remember me being active and healthy and not like I am now.I want her to see her baby pictures and not believe that was mommy and daddy!
            -I want to start training my dogs in Obedience. I should have done it when we first got them, but time slipped away from me (as it does when you aren't paying attention). I found a really great place with a 6 week class I want to enroll Lucky in ( She is a 6yo beagle) I have trained my first dog, who was a bad dog ( very fear aggressive but also very smart) So I know what I want and how to do it on my own, I just like a group situation if I can swing it. Plus Lucky is a little nervous and it would probably help her out too. I will train her in the basement if I can't get into the class.
            - I think anything that reaffirms my decision to lead a physical life will help. There is a place nearby that does martial arts classes and offers a Zumba class ( I would go for the commitment and routine, I have issues with that), they also allow you to use the weights, mats, and bags during non class times. Its also less then 5 minutes from my house BONUS!
            -I also want to join a gun club and improve my marksmanship.
            I should learn to Ski! ( Just looking out the window at the snow--I live in Michigan)

            I want to learn other things too, like a new language (French, Chinese, Arabic), how to surf, and something dear to my heart, training mustangs. We don't have the land to adopt a Mustang at this time so I want to become as fit as possible so when the opportunity comes along I can grab it. I want my new life motto to be "No opportunity wasted" heck maybe Nike's would be better "Just Do It". I have put my life on hold while I got more and more out of shape, and I don't want to do that anymore.

            Hope for the future. I want to be the one who is up for anything, who doesn't have to consider how big she is, before doing something. I want to be Brave. I want to know that my decisions were made not in consideration of my bulk, but because I do/don't want to do something. Yes I think to myself, I would love to go kayaking, but what I say is No. Why? Because I know I wont be able to keep up with everyone and then it will spoil everyones time. So I shove the Yes down and say, No, its cool I'll stay here and you guys go have fun. I hate that. I hate what it does to my heart and that I end up resenting the one person who is on my side and that I love with all my heart ( my daughter excluded). So I have spent enough time this morning on the computer, its time to get back to menu planning.


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              UGH. Not having the best week. First, I fell down the stairs and hurt my bum. Next I got the flu from my husband, and then my baby got it. and Finally (I hope) I got poison ivy from the trash can. I can only assume that the trash man handled a vine in someones trash then handled my trash can because there is no poison ivy in my yard and its winter in michigan. I can't imagine suddenly having poison ivy spring up and then the beagles deciding to rub up on it then them coming inside to only let me pet them. considering this doesn't happen. If it was the beagles, everyone would have it. UGH. and the husband is on a business trip. I do feel better, just constant leaky nose and nasty cough.


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                I feel mostly like a normal person now (still a little stuffy), and found out I lost 10 lbs this past week. Most I am sure are due to being sick and not feeling like eating, but I think its also from staying away from sugary orange juice and other bad stuff. This week I am going to work very hard at being compliant and start exercising. I have a set of Kettle bells I got from Walmart and a tread mill. I will be rereading Marks book and might pick up It Starts With Food later.


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                  Lost 2 more lbs since friday!! Guess I am going at about 1lb per day! The other day I realized I wasn't dying at the top of the stairs, I was actually breathing normally and my legs weren't burning! tho I can't run up the steps this is a big improvement over climbing the stairs sick where I had to stop a couple times so I could breathe. Yay!


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                    So. The husband changed his mind. Once he realized that he cant have cereal or iced sweet tea or any of the things making him fat he chose not to. Why? Because if he just cuts out sugar "well except what he puts in his tea" and bread "wait cereal is a grain?"stick "well then i'll just limit sugar then and it will work!" yeah . Thats worked so many rimes in the past.


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                      Okay the husband is back onboard and is doing an almost atkins but still doesn't understand why he can't just limit the bad things and lose weight. So I am down another pound! Its 218 today and I will be retaking measurements tomorrow. I made some awesome salmon cakes from canned salmon and then made a great curry with leftover pork tonight with a side of chard and kale. I love finding easy recipes that both my husband and I love. I ate scrambled eggs and green beans this morning for lunchfest and along with my coffee was good until dinner hungerwise. So 13lbsI so far for the month of January. I'd like to lose another 3 before the end of the month to make it to 215. We shall see. Thanks.


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                        Now 211. I am at 20lbs lost!! Going to try to challenge myself. 11lbs in 11 days. that way I can be 200 by March. OH also on the size front I am a size 14 now (still have a muffin top, but the jeans FIT!!) down from a size 18/20 in January.


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                          Feb 21 Update, Patterns emerging?

                          210.2 I also forgot to mention that I have lost 12 inches total. Yay. I did a tiny bit of exercise yesterday ( like 10 min-before baby woke back up). I want to start training for a 5k again. So I will need to plug the treadmill back in. Food Routine right now:

                          Drink coffee (black) -am
                          eat brunch between 1-2:30
                          usually eggs and bacon with veggies
                          Eat dinner between 6-7:30
                          Snacks can be 3-4 oz nuts (mixed) or carrots. I have been trying to avoid nuts and dairy as they seem to make me itchier. Also super processed meats I am worried about too, got rid of alot of cupboard stuff the other day when I saw how much had MSG in it.

                          I went back and noticed the days I lost alot of weight( like a pound every day) I had my bacon and eggs followed by a good salad with chicken, avocado, olives, and tomatoes with a little bit of olive oil and vinegar. Aslo, I need to write down what I am eating more. its harder to see patterns if I am not writing everything down. I am not sure I am getting enough fats on the days I don't lose weight...Will make sure to get a good amount of fat today and see what the scale says tomorrow.


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                            Today I had
                            Bacon and eggs
                            Romaine and Spinach salad with olives, tomato, avocado, and diced chicken

                            Its 10:10pm Do you know where your cravings are?
                            Mine aren't bothering me yet.


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                              Supplements/medications I take on a daily basis:

                              Mason Natural Advanced D3 1250% of DV
                              Meijer Century Omega-3 EPA/DHA 512mg/200mg
                              Nature's Way Alive! Womens Energy Multi vitamin

                              Low dose birth control
                              Allegra (generic)
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