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    It is September 8th of 2013 and I fell off the wagon. I am rededicating myself to a Whole30 I think that by being stricter and eliminating/avoiding the fluff and also getting back on here and making progress updates will help me stay on track. I will weight myself and take measurements as well on Monday (the 9th).


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      Welcome back Calicogirl.

      Life can sometimes conspire against our best intentions, but you are fighting back. Good for you. Have a wonderful primal day.
      Annie Ups the Ante


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        Update..We put our dog down a few days ago and its been pretty rough. Also, my husband thinks it might be good to get pregnant again before the new health care kicks in. Blech. I feel too unhealthy still. On the good side I found a running program I really love ( Zombies,Run!) that is both entertaining and a good workout. I look forward to it every time. Any who its an uphill battle. I feel like my hubs is intentionally sabotaging me now, especially with my running and getting fitter. I am probably over reacting. So, back to basics Again.


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          Due to poor eating my ankle/foot was still bothering me so, I stopped running, then went on vacation and its now full winter in Michigan. I am not going to restart the diet just yet. The reason for that is my husband might be getting a new job ( interview on vacation and all) they just have to agree on a price. That said, if they do, we have 2 weeks to move to Florida. So, if they want him, they had better tell him tomorrow so he can give 2 weeks notice at his current job. Then,this house needs sold so we get a new house and we will hopefully we staying with my husbands brother because his mom will drive us nuts.


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            Florida fell thru, started eating better this week. This week I lost 3.4 lbs. Feels good to get back on the wagon. I also started a new diet journal.


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              This is what happens when I cheat..

              I have confirmed in my mind an allergy to gluten. I ate a sandwich and immediately bloated up then got my skin hives that are still active 24 hours later, probably because its still in my system. Of course it also happens when I eat cashews or sunflower seed butter. Even if the sunflower butter gets on my skin( I was getting the last bit out of the jar) I get red itchy spots on my skin. Still trying to figure out everything that triggers it but I felt much better during the week when I avoided it. I have also realized that I miss the super full feeling so I eat alot then graze during the day to keep that feeling.