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  • My Primal Challenge Journal - Nauticalnun

    After a year and a half of reading MDA, it's time to get serious about changing my lifestyle. I have been following a (semi) low carb / primal diet for quite some time now, but without fail, I will have the occasional weekend or week of "Oh, I can eat this lo mein or indulge in a sandwich" attitude that, although it sounds harmless, ends up detouring me for longer than expected.

    A little background about myself. I have never struggled with weight, even being under 5 foot tall. I have never been 'skinny' with my weight hovering around a stable 115-120. I was a server for many years while in college and graduate school, thus I became a 'foodie' who loves to cook. The bonus: a busy lifestyle means you eat less and are always on the go. For me, this meant I easily kept off extra pounds and was never unhappy or felt unhealthy.

    After graduate school, several changes occured:
    1. I got a "real" job, which means I get to sit on my butt all day (yay)
    2. I found myself in a committed and very happy relationship - which leads to big elaborate dinners and a sense of comfortability.
    3. I turned into a consistent cocktailer. Hey, no more homework means I can justify a couple cocktails in the evenings, right?

    The changes above led to substantial weight gain and my motivation to work out just wasn't there because it is something I never had to do before (on a consistent basis anyways).

    It has been (a startling) 3 years since I finished grad school and moved in with my boyfriend. The last time I weighed myself I was a solid 160 pounds! OH MY!


    Today's challenges include:
    A birthday dinner at a Pizza Place - I think I can overcome this one! They boast gourmet salads also.
    I am trying to go at least 3 weeks without drinking and this is a good test run for me tonight.

    Meals today:
    1/4 C Egg whites with a bit of cheese
    16 oz coffee with cream and sugar
    Venison Jerky
    Organic greens with beets, olives, and local ham
    Primal salad at Pizza joint.

    Since my evening is pretty full, I think I am going to take advantage of the weather, slip on my Vibrams and head outside for an hour long walk during my lunch hour at work.

    I know this thread is mainly for me - but if you happen to read it - Thanks! I appreciate all of the support I can get.

    Did I tell you I have a very large organic garden here in KS? More to come tomorrow.


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    Another beautiful spring day! I am extremely excited for the weekend - the weather will be perfect to continue planting the garden and cleaning up the yard.

    The garden is really coming along.
    Planted so far: Arugula, spinach, cauliflower, beets, radishes, lettuces, onions, sugar snap peas, brussels sprouts, and a huge variety of herbs.
    There is a lot to be said for watching the seedlings grow and provide me with organic goodness! It is hard work, but so worth it. I encourage everyone to garden even if you have a small plot. You would be amazed at how much you can grow even in a 4x4 space if you plan accordingly. Good luck!

    In an effort to really jump start this primal challenge, I am not only eating primal, but trying to keep the calories down at the same time. (I leave for a week in Vegas on 4-25 and must feel somewhat confident in a bathing suit by then!) So, after the first couple of weeks, you will see that my meals will change a bit, but for now, it's egg whites, lean meat only, limited dairy, and no nuts.

    2 egg whites with cheese
    Coffee with cream and sugar - can't go without the cream and sugar.
    Organic greens with beets, olives, and ham (again)
    Organic baby carrots with homeade yogurt / fresh dill.
    1/2 Cup of yogurt.
    On the Dinner menu tonight:
    Pancetta wrapped (wild) prawns with cilantro
    grilled vegetables (probably asparagus)


    Going for a walk now. Tonight I plan to take the dogs to the lake and do my first sprinting exercises. More to come tomorrow.
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      Weekend in sum:

      Lots of garden work. I basically stayed ~90% primal with my eating habits over the weekend. I recently joined a kickball league and our first game was last night. It was so fun!


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        First of all good job starting the PB I hope that you can keep primal as much as you can!

        How are things with your bf?I mean,what is he thinking about PB?I also have a gf,and although we dont stay together she has a sweet tooth for anything with chocolate(and I cant always carry 85% chocolates :P) and although I told her about my decision to try to stick 100% to primal eating for 1 month,I hope that she will not feel like I am looking down on her for eating like that.She is not fat or anything just I dont want the diet to mess with the relationship part

        Also,sorry but the meals you posted in your last post are just anti primal!I mean it looks like a vegetarian diet,without the ham!Please try to eat whole eggs,avoid the sugar and eat a really tasty steak from time to time!