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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Chenaui)

    Day 1. My main goals in this challenge is not only to adapt to the primal blueprint but to:
    --murder the granola & cereal addiction
    --get strong
    --just feel better about my overall self.
    Here goes~

    B: grapefruit, chicken, pork bacon & turkey bacon (I don't know about you people but my relatives buy this sort of turkey bacon that looks like this: . bought some organic ones instead that look like real thin ham)...I actually needed to get the bacon taste out of my mouth for some reason so I munched a bit on a few local celery sticks.

    S: sunflower seed butter

    L: BAS made of romaine, cucumber, mushrooms, eggs & more turkey bacon. Dressing was quick; walnut oil & lemon juice, which didn't taste very good. Didn't finish it all.

    D: leftover BAS. added orange slices, one more slice of bacon & jicama to it. steamed a little bit of cabbage & ate that too.

    As of now I'm just sipping on chai tea sweetened with leaves from my stevia plant
    Ate 1680 cals, 104 grams fat, 89 grams carbs, 95 grams protein.

    WOD= 4 mile walk & 30 minutes of taekwondo.

    As of now I'd like to join Crossfit but I'm a bit confused as of now. I'll be calling them tomorrow & see how it goes.

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    Day 2:
    I called Crossfit just now & they said that they'd allow me to join one of their introductory classes tomorrow. A year ago I'd strength train to exhaustion almost every day. I remember during my martial arts classes that I wasn't able to execute many of the movements without becoming tired. When I stopped, my performance improved. So I'll strength train on days where I don't have taekwondo.

    B: About 5 heaping spoonfuls of sunflower seed butter with a few cups of broccoli

    L: Canned wild salmon with half an avocado & half a head of napa cabbage

    D: Artisana coconut butter, jicama, and a mini salad with local romaine & cucumber; the dressing was only lemon juice (Yesterday just convinced me my dressings are horrid. Sometime this week I'll go out & purchase some good tasting quality dressing).

    Activity (unsure if using 'WOD' is appropriate unless for exercises such as squats, push ups, etc.): hour long hike with half an hour of taekwondo

    This morning I had this sudden craving for all things sweet & carb laden. The first thing I did was grab a jar of sunflower seed butter & noshed on that, which I doubt was very good (I'm pretty sure it was way better than grabbing some waffles with cups of maple syrup). People here always say how easily nuts & nut butters could be eaten, and now I know. I'm just wondering if it's the same for coconut butter--it's harder to spoon out of the jar since it's more solid but if it were heated up I guess it could be eaten just as easily.

    As you can see, my meals reveal to you that I'm in a slightly frugal position. I can't afford grass-finished beef, no matter how much I want it. However I find coconut relatively cheap, so for now I'll be basing my diet on coconut. Leftover bacon, eggs & canned fish will take part here, as well as any frozen organic meats I find...


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      Hi, Chenaui! Welcome I noticed your vow to break your granola addiction and thought I'd share my recent discovery with you. If you throw a bunch of nuts and seeds into a food processor with some dried coconut, then mix it in a bowl (or ziploc bag) with some melty coconut oil into crumbles, then throw it in the freezer for a few minutes (really - just a few minutes!) it turns into a wonderful primal treat that's very granola-ish. You could also roll them into balls instead of crumbles if you wanted to. So far I've been experimenting with various combinations of almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cacao nibs, and of course coconut. I've also tried throwing in a dried apricot or a dried fig, but my little chopper doesn't seem up to the challenge. It makes a wonderful (almost 'normal' looking) breakfast! You could probably even put the milk of your choice on it too for the full cereal-effect. Hope this helps
      "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." -- Virginia Woolf


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        MmmFat: Your primal version of granola actually sounds very appetizing. It sounds like something I'd definitely do later on in the future; maybe when I go to the market I'll get myself a variety of nuts, seeds & such (I only have almonds & walnuts here!) I'll make it?? Thanks for the suggestion!


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          Day 3:
          Couldn't go to CF today ughhhh so I just took a long hike. I was looking forward to doing this program as well!!! But I need to muster some $$--enough at least to afford it. Maybe I'll start creating artwork or crafty items & sell those for some money. But anyways here goes today:

          B: Paleo crepes with Artisana coconut butter, a really small bit of clover honey & half a grapefruit alongside it.

          The rest of the day was a fast. I'm surprised how I don't have any hunger at all. I experienced some light headaches throughout the day but it went away after sipping on some peppermint tea. Which reminds me that the whole day today I was much more thirsty than normal. I wonder why.

          During my hike I wasn't very happy that I barely fit into much of my clothes. Until I found this website I've been gaining extremely quickly within a couple of months. In February I was 145 lbs. Today I'm 160. But my constant night binges have ceased all of a sudden, which is great. Processed foods are finally beginning to look like plastic foods.
          So, all I have to really do is properly manage stress when it occurs & it'll be fine. Maybe I'll buy some earplugs for a better night's sleep but hey I'm making good progress!!


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            Day 4:

            Chronic cardio really does hurt me in weight loss. In taekwondo we did sparring today. For martial artists on the PB you know how tiring it is. We spar once a week so I count this as my "sprint" session. Today's class consisted of us members sparring for 60 seconds, then a 15 second break & continual sparring for about an hour. At the end of class, when I got home I grabbed my jar of coconut butter & ended up eating almost half the jar & who knows what else. I felt really energy-drained. No wonder why I continually binged on Fridays before. However I don't plan on quitting taekwondo as I'm going to get a red belt within a week. I've been doing this sport for far too long to quit now.

            B: Pumpkin cereal (pumpkin, eggs, stevia, spices, coconut milk, a dash of heavy cream, slivered almonds)
            L: marinara sauce, canned salmon, broccoli
            D: (After taekwondo). ohhhh boy a binge.
            1st half a jar of coconut butter,
            then the remainder of sunflower seed butter (not very much),
            trail mix,
            egg & a slice of bacon,
            grapefruit & prunes.

            totals 3600 cals. But now I know why binges happened every friday.
            I'm just wiped out from the chronic cardio. So maybe some carbs beforehand will do, with a few after. Else I'll pig out. But basically this isn't as bad as my last one before I started this journal: I ate granola bars to the point of sickness, then ate bowlful by bowlful of cereals with sugar & nuts & more granola & cake & mexican treats then I end up sleeping with a stuffed belly. Believe me it's a horrible feeling.

            I'm surprised writing really does aid with figuring out my root problems. If any members have advice on how to deal with friday's chronic cardio recovery please take the time to reply It'd really help someone with a binge problem.

            OH YES. My new goal is to totally cut the stevia. This is only gonna be difficult since I have a ready-to-eat stevia plant which is oh so awesome. But hey I'll keep away from it!!
            Last edited by chenaui; 04-09-2010, 10:12 PM. Reason: stating stevia so i remember~


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              Day 6.

              Today (at night right after my binge finished) I realize that if I'm going to stick to a program I must have enough respect for myself to follow it. Today was simply shameful & proves how little discipline I have with food. Tomorrow I will restart but still write in this journal as "Day 7" & so on. I'll be mentioning this to my very close friends & family members so I can keep going.

              It's just too mentally exhausting for me to restart several times or more. But one day I'll break through this terrible cycle. I believe if I follow the Primal Blueprint really strictly I'll eventually live the non-binging life I've always wanted. Motivation & rewards are key to my success, in my opinion, along with desire & discipline.

              Also, I'll be beginning the 100 pushup challenge. It will be a couple of years until I receive my black belt, but the test requires extreme stamina & strength. I heard one must be able to do an easy 100 pushups in this test. So tomorrow I'll start.

              B: pumpkin shake (pumpkin, coconut milk, avocado, spices, vanilla) & 1/2 an orange
              L: Raw foodie dessert--sweet potato pie. I have no idea why I bought this but I did, & I ate it. I didn't feel any guilt from this & holy cow this was the best nut-based pie I've ever eaten. Had some broccoli & cabbage after
              D: chicken drumsticks & cabbage
              Binge: bag of trailmix, can of coconut water, bar of dark chocolate with almonds, & more chocolate--imported from Italy & gourmet.

              --I'll start again tomorrow. I'll continue my primal challenge until success comes into play.


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                Day 7

                No binge today I still feel that odd feeling in my abdomen from eating so much yesterday, so hopefully within a couple of non-overeating nights that will go away. I've been writing in a notebook what caused any of my eating triggers & tackling them down one by one. I'm still not perfect at it at all, but it'll improve.

                I don't have much meat on hand, darn. I have plenty of eggs & another couple of pounds of poultry but that's it. Sometime this week I'll research the whole "cowpooling" process so I can grab some nice grass finished beef (: But other than that I learned that certain primal staples shouldn't be in my house, including the delectable coconut butter, the sunflower seed butter, the trail mix with chocolate in it & chocolates in general. I seem to take everything else quite well though without overdoing it.

                B: Chicken drumstick with broccoli (a relative of mine gave some broccoli to me yesterday..they turned out to be sour tasting, & I had some tummy issues a couple of hours after that), and almond milk with powdered chia seeds in it.
                L: pumpkin porridge (eggs, coconut milk, coconut oil, pumpkin, spices)
                S: drumstick w/ a few squares of chocolate
                D: pumpkin pudding (avocado, egg, pumpkin, spices, coconut oil, almond milk), portion of trail mix, broccoli (mine this time), & a little bit of each of these items:
                sardines in olive oil (a bite...couldn't eat it. even my cats & dogs didn't want to touch it), TBS coconut butter, a few chocolate chips picked out of the trail mix, one bite-sized portion of imported Italian chocolate from yesterday)

                Activity: 1 hour light hiking
                WOD: 5 sets of pushups (6, 6, 4, 4, 5) with 5x15 forward lunges

                But concluding today. The chocolate HAS TO GO.


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                  Day 8

                  Jotting down moods & such throughout the day really has helped. Other than a small overindulgence I am getting much better at this!

                  B: 2 eggs, pork bacon, half a grapefruit
                  S: macadamia nuts
                  L: plain egg salad (romaine, egg bits, lemon dressing)
                  D: avocado pudding (avocado, almond milk), almond milk with chia seeds, about 5 servings of coconut butter (oops).

                  I had cinnamon tea throughout the day. And that coconut butter's soon to be gone (there's not much left) so when that's gone it'll stay gone in my pantry.

                  Weight 162. Gained a pound or two. Not really surprised but I'm giving myself until September to lose 25 lbs. I'm pretty darn sure it'll work.
                  Activity & WOD: 1 hour moderate hiking, 3x60 planks


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                    Day 9

                    Blah. So today I found a recipe that pretty much solved my overeating cravings (today I had chocolate oops but I didn't overindulge from already making this yummy treat)--you can find it here
                    I had around 4 today. They're that good.

                    B: protein cookie, half a grapefruit, chicken stir-fry (ground chicken, cabbage, garlic, onions, butter, carrots)
                    L: More stir-fry & a small handful of macadamia nuts
                    D: The rest of the stir-fry with 2 protein cookies & broccoli. After taekwondo I succumbed into another protein cookie, almond milk & 2 squares of milk chocolate.

                    Activity: Circuit training (20 mins) with a half hour of taekwondo.


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                      Day 10

                      Found out today that I WILL overeat if I have food in front of the computer. I also figured out that the computer is where ALL of my binges took place. So from now on no more eating in the computer. Also, at the end of the day, I realized I was eating too much protein powder & not enough protein from other sources (egg, fish, etc.). So tomorrow I'm limiting those protein cookies

                      B: eggs with mounds of spinach & onions. grapefruit, almond milk with chia seeds, 2 protein cookies
                      L: macadamia nuts, a carrot, a couple of orange slices, 3 protein cookies
                      D: beef & white meat chicken with veggies (no rice) from the takeout place the Flame Broiler, jicama slices & avocado pudding (avocado, spices, almond milk, canned pumpkin)

                      Activity: walking 1 hour.

                      I was sitting in sanzai position today for an hour, and ended up slightly straining my calf muscle, which was weird. So running hurts & I had to skip Taekwondo today since I couldn't kick while balancing on one foot without shooting, aching pain. Walking provides minimum pain. I'm hoping it recovers asap but for now I need rest.


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                        Day 11

                        B: fast
                        L: pork marinated in homemade spicy red chili sauce
                        D: avocadoes, chicken breast (breast since the meat was conventional), more chili-marinated pork, protein powder drink, jicama with 1/2 a banana
                        Activity: I walked 1 hour. My leg feels miraculously healed~


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                          Day 12.

                          Today I began the Warrior Diet. Which suits me a bit since I have no time for breakfast or lunch since I have studies to do & such.

                          B: cucumber & 1/2 grapefruit
                          L: cooked cabbage with carrot
                          -2 drumsticks of chicken with a whole celery & carrot baked in chicken fat
                          -2 cups greek yogurt 2% (trader joes didn't have full fat??) with chia seeds, dried coconut & trail mix
                          -1 bar (about 300 cals.) of 85% dark chocolate
                          -pizza mush (pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, tomato paste, lots of mushrooms, pepper, onions, spices)
                          -1/4 avocado

                          WOD: 100 pushup challenge (5x6-8 pushups), hiking 1 hour

                          Warrior diet works just fine for me. Instead of eating crap late at night, why not eat a day's worth of meals. Then there won't be room for junk.


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                            Day 13.

                            B: Vegetable juice from Trader Joe's. looked at the ingredients & it was pure veggies.
                            L: jicama slices & a protein cookie
                            S: trail mix with a few squares of 85% dark chocolate
                            D: whole batch of oopsie rolls. 2 drumsticks & cabbage. also had plenty of mushrooms mixed with mozzarella cheese, tomato paste, pepperoni & onions. For dessert I had a half an orange & another protein "cookie".

                            (Detailed critique on my diet would be vastly appreciated.)

                            Activity: 1 hour hiking.