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Eating, lifting, and sleeping

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  • Eating, lifting, and sleeping

    No real goal with this journal, just wanted to keep track of things to see where I am progressing.

    Coffee with half/half... then another 1/2 cup with heavy cream

    Brekky.. 4 fried eggs and an ounce of bacon

    Lunch.. chicken, potato, cabbage

    Dinner.. minute steak, green beans, butternut

    This is a pretty even split on macros... and comes out to around 1600 cals... I have found I need a good deal more carbs... I tried ketosis over the summer and averaged 2500 to 3000 cals because I felt like a bottomless pit. I added starches back in and am able to keep cals lower. (Well besides the holiday parties!! Lots of alcohol and dessert)

    I have been weighing every Sunday at the gym.. I threw away my home scale.. I don't like weighing everday... it doesn't really tell you anything..I am trying to worry more about my lifts and feeling good. I am weighing around 132 on the gym scale.. I would like to see this lower, but I am going to just concentrate on 3 meals and getting stronger.

    My family was all 100 percent primal, but I am afraid I have lost my oldest son.. he was sick of eating different from everyone else and I did not want to give him a complex.. so he is back to eating what he wants everywhere, but at home... my littlest with autism doesn't have a choice.. he is calmer with good food.. but he does eat as he wants at parties over the holidays.. we have tried to not let him but it is miserable for everyone so we have learned to pick our battles. I wish I could say eating a perfect diet cured him of his autism... but he did for a long time and we didn't see leaps and bounds... he is not a normal case, very baby instead of very closed off... like a 2 year old in a 4 year olds body.... he is so dang loveable, but he throws god awful fits like any 2 year old. I do wonder what it will be like when he is bigger than me and I can't get him in the car... hopefully all this strength training will come in handy!!

    Workout around lunch today, then I have to get my house ready for a christmas party..

    Sumo deads:

    Shoulder press:

    Hip thrusters:
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