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    My primal journey has started off really half-assed so far. May 29th I weighed in at 275 lbs. I have gone on and off the Primal diet a few times since then. For whatever reason I can only stick to it for a month or so at a time. I have lost 23 lbs and I can give Primal 100% of the credit for those 23 lbs. Anytime that I went off Primal over the last 6 months I ended up gaining weight, and only losing again once I was back on Primal.

    It's hard for me to think about it because if I would have just stuck to my plan I probably would be down 50+ by now. The weight flies off of me while I am eating lean meats, veggies, and fruits.

    I desperately want to get back on Primal, and this time stick with it. I believe in the science behind it. I enjoy the foods (although I am a HUGE bread/pasta fan). One of my main concerns is that running is a hobby for me. I enjoy distance running and would like to partake in marathons in 2013. So far I've only done half marathons but I really love to run. I'd hate to give it up just for the primal lifestyle. I need to find a way to make it work.
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    Well here it is, January 10th and I still haven't fully transitioned back into the Paleo/Primal lifestyle. I've started making some changes in the New Year to help me transition, but the time has come to actually step it up a few hundred notches. So far in 2013 I've cut out a lot of processed foods. Nowhere near perfect. Still having occasional insane food splurges my weight is pretty much stalled. So for being 10 days into the new year, I'd give myself a D-.

    I have done a few positive things though.

    1. I have given up diet soda.
    2. I am starting to get active again.
    3. I've significantly reduced overly pre-processed snacks.

    That's pretty much it though. I've still had dairy and grains. As of tomorrow that stops though. I am ready to dive back in and go full Primal. No more grains. No more milk (or most dairy for that matter). No more artificial sweeteners. No more margarine. No more chemically enhanced crap going in this body. The time is now to lose this weight and regain my health. I'm sick of feeling tired, bloated, lethargic, depressed, and sick. My body needs some positive changes. So tomorrow 1/11/13 I will start posting daily here in my Primal Journal.
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      Rob, welcome!

      I also enjoy running. More so when I can do it with my wife. I let her take the lead most often. Much more motivating. I don't think you need to give it up if you enjoy it. The biggest thing I have to manage is how hungry I will get a few hours after a long run. I have to make sure I don't just devour whatever is around. Also, you'll need to realize your running may suffer for a few weeks as your body adjusts. One great thing about eating primal, I can take several weeks off from running and still go out for a 3-5 miler with no problem. May not be fast, but I don't have a problem finishing it.

      Don't beat yourself up if you make little mistakes here and there. It's normal. Realize when you're doing it and just stop. If you fall down, get back up. Sounds simple, but it isn't always that easy. I think these journals can be a good way for us to keep things in perspective. You see that other people fall off the wagon sometimes as well and keep going.

      Keep going! That phrase can lead to success in almost anything you do.

      When you are having a craving for some carbs, I trick I did when I was first starting out helped me. I would have an apple, sliced up with a little butter and cinnamon on each slice. Start really trying to associate grains with being unhealthy in your mind. And talk!!! There is almost ALWAYS someone on here you can talk to about how you're doing.

      Take care!

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        Thank you for the welcome and advice Josh! Those are some great tips.

        Weighed in this morning at 259 lbs. Goal weight is 175-185 lbs. Not sure the exact number until I get closer and can tell where I want to be. I'm looking at 2013 as my "under construction" phase and am dedicating this entire year to my health.
        SW: TBD lbs / CW: TBD lbs / GW: 185 lbs