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    Day One - this is the beginning!

    So far today has been an example of how not to eat:

    Breakfast: one fried egg with two slices of potato bread and a tub of sugary yogurt with tea
    Snack: lots of Cadbury chocolate fingers with tea

    Lunch and dinner to follow later, which will be better.

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    Day One - part two

    Forgot to add the rest of yesterday.

    Lunch was three slices of bacon, and then a few eggs thrown in.

    A few hours later I had cheddar and pickle crackers

    Dinner was a pre-packed slow roasted beef microwave thing. Not sure what was in the gravy, suspect it could have been better.

    Need to get the vegetables going!

    On the positive side, I didn't have anything else, e.g. chocolate (and that's fairly unusual). Satisfied.


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      This is day twelve. I'm tempted to say "let's start again" because the past few weeks have been a complete write-off. It's not even that it's Christmas. I always eat that way. Today's date makes it tempting to say "this is the new day one" but I think that's a bit neurotic. I should acknowledge the journey so far rather than looking for the "new start" over and over again. Try to find out what's going on in my head.

      Where would I be now if I'd stayed on track for twelve days? That thought motivates me, rather than depresses me.

      Drinking more water today - a good step forward.

      Having a bad acne outbreak yesterday and today. Really sore spots on my face.

      House is full of Christmas chocolate. Usually by one week from Christmas, I'd have eaten it all. It survives. It'd make perfect sense to dump it all but my wife wants to keep eating what she normally eats. Her choice is her choice. I can count on her support, but not her coming along with me, at least for now. Whatever that means, I need to do this without emptying the cupboards. Somewhere between the cupboard and my mouth is where I need to assert some control. I think having everything accessible and eating well anyway would be a good thing anyway. No-one else is responsible for what I eat.

      Since we moved here three months ago, I haven't walked down our street. I've driven lots of times of course, and walked a bit around work and in town, but isn't that strange, not having walked down your own street yet? Going now.


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        Just to have a record, in 35 mins I walked 1.8 miles. Stopped for a ten minute break half way as I was sweating, and ankles sore. I'll look back at this happily some day when that seems like nothing.


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          Today marks the end of a 100% primal week which began last Saturday. I had bacon, lots of eggs, salads, a few steaks and some soups.

          I'm two pounds lighter than my weight way back on 15th December, which is the last time I weighed myself, but I suspect I put on a bit over Christmas and then lost more than two pounds this week. I know I've lost a lot of water from the frequency of visits to the toilet. Not too worried about the body mass itself, just that I'm pointing in the right direction.

          My mood has evened out a lot, and most of the time, I've found it easy to resist the sugary stuff. At least until last night. I was overcome by this feeling of nausea and muscle weakness, and all I could think about was chocolate (preference one) or bread and cakes (preference two). If I had been alone in the house, I could have emptied the cupboards of any chocolate there - hard to describe the intensity of the craving for sugar. But this morning, that was gone again and I felt OK. Had some boiled eggs and bacon for breakfast, then ham, cheese and chopped raw pepper for lunch.

          The thought of eating more steak, bacon, peppers fried in butter is hard to deal with. Maybe I sickened myself a little bit, so I'm introducing some slow-cooked meat and veg this week - casserole-type stuff - for variation. Also struggling with snacks. Any paleo/PB snacks I've found are things I don't actually like so, aside from the odd piece of cheese or an apple, I'm largely snack free.


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            Another 95% primal week, and another three pounds gone, now at 214. Since the start, an inch off neck measurement, chest down half an inch, and waist unchanged. Very few cravings, but gave in to three slices of pizza when everyone else was ordering at work. Back on the wagon today.

            Some dark chocolate last night. It was one of the things I had too much of last time I did this but at 85% cocoa, no danger of overeating it this time around.

            I have a keloid on my chest as a result of a badly healed acne spot a few years ago. I noticed another smaller one this morning, but acne is clearing up very well, so that'll put an end to any more of those developing I hope.

            Managed to have fewer fried foods, and the nausea hasn't reoccurred. There was a point the night before my last post here that I thought it was all over, I felt so ill. Have had more grilled things, and one meal from the slow-cooker. Less greasy than before. Coconut flour arrived today (hard to get in the UK - ordered online), so I'll have a go at baking a few pancakes as treats. Still carbohydrates but much better than plain flour!


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              Good luck with it all, and good to see other people from Northern Ireland on here!
              Remember it's a marathon not a sprint. I've been at it for over 6 months and can honestly say living primally has changed my life and is pretty easy this side of the world (Irish butter! Irish beef!).