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    Hi Ash877. What does you daily menu look like??
    Nobody can imprison your power of imagination.

    Restarted the journey:
    SW: 153lbs (Starting date - 05/08/2013)
    CW: 146lbs (13/08/2013)
    GW: 130lbs


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      Thanx in advance.


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        A typical day would be a 4 egg omelette with some spinach and tomato.

        Lunch would be 6-8 oz of pork, and a banana and avocado

        Dinner would be another 6-10 oz of pork, maybe a sweet potato with butter, and an orange. Or some carrots, broccoli or cauliflower(with butter)

        Also might add in some mangoes or berries somewhere in the day, or a couple squares of dark chocolate.

        Generally I just eat to hunger, if I'm hungry I eat, so some days I eat 2 times a day, other days I eat 4 times a day.

        I've cut out nuts entirely, as I've been allergic to walnuts as long as I can remember, pecans for a few years, and more recently almonds seemed to be giving me issues. So the doctor suggested I just avoid them all. Also dairy seems to give me issues, so I've cut that out besides the butter recently,which seems to help a lot. However, both of these were easy ways to add in more calories.

        My biggest issue seems to be Saturday/Sunday. I work 14 hours on Saturday, and 10 on Sunday, and am on my feet all day. It seems that I need a lot more calories over these two days, but figuring out how much is where I struggle. I bring all my food from home, and it seems that I never bring enough. Also, it needs to be things I can eat quickly, as sometimes I don't have much time to stop and eat.


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          Trying to add some more variety. I've been eating the same things over and over. Made some fresh pico last week. It went quickly. I was going to add it to omeletes and salads. Ended up eating it straight. Delish.

          Running 80/20 most of the time. Going to try to get closer to 100. Whenever I stray, I end up feeling like crap. It is just not worth it.

          My energy levels have been much better. I rarely feel the need to take a nap between 2-4 anymore.

          DH is down to 212.4 from a starting point of 225.3.

          I've been getting a lot more sun in, and it seems to be helping a lot.

          Current weight is 134.4, body fat 18.9%. I believe it will go down over the next few days, as I ate some things that caused me to retain a good bit of water.(Was at 129.6 and 17.6 a week ago)

          Started taking a multivitamin and calcium pill(calcium and d3) as my nails were getting bad again.


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            Had a ribeye for dinner last night. Usually it is not in the budget, but since they were free, it fit in nicely. Normally I am not big on a fatty steak, but it was pretty tasty. Of course I only ate about 1/2 of it(was a 10 oz steak) Also had some baked asparagus with it.

            Weight is 130.4 Body fat at 17.9%

            Have officially gained 2.2 lbs since starting. Initially I got as low as 125.6, but I think that was water weight, as I started at 128.2, and dropped to 125.6 within the first 10 days.

            Need to get back to working out. I've been working a lot of hours at work, and that has fallen by the wayside.


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              Just completed a fast. It was a great learning experience. I learned just how heavily eating is influenced by habit and boredom. It's also great for weight loss, but I don't think that's a good reason to do it. Originally I was just going for 24 hours, but I just listened to my body, and ended up going much longer.

              Day one 128.2 Body fat 17.9%
              Today 122.4 Body fat 16.8%

              I expect my weight to come back up over the next few days, and that's fine.

              Going forward, I am going to be more conscious of when I am eating, and take the time to enjoy the experience. I am also going to cut back the amount of fruit and chocolate I am eating.

              We have sourced a relatively inexpensive grass fed beef source, and will be going to pick some up on Thursday. Looking forward to it.