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Cavemans Primal Journey Journal.

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  • Cavemans Primal Journey Journal.

    I thought it best to start a Journey Journal to remind myself of where I have been and where I am heading. Not only is this going to be good for me but I may also make and entry that could assist someone else.
    My site name is Ana-Tane which means Caveman.

    I’m 41 years of age, 173cm tall and weighed 90.5 kilograms when I started this journey.
    I started by looking into the 30 Day Challenge. Most of you would have heard and read about it, 30 days of restricted foods for a reason. My reason, to lose some weight and challenge myself.

    I have started and completed a lot of other challenges which were all diet related with varying success, then failure. Nothing I read or did made as much sense to me as Paleo. I also read Waist Disposal by Dr John Briffa. All started to make sense and ring some bells for me. But the biggest change for me was not calling it a diet but a challenge and a way of life. I then thought, if I lose weight and keep eating in a Paleo way for the rest of my life am I on a diet or now on a way of life?

    On the 19th November 2012 I weighed in at 90.5 kilograms.
    I ate what I was allowed to for at least three meals a day. Proteins, salads and vegetables. Cut out all that was on the guidelines for the 30 Day Challenge. No pasta, rice, bread, dairy, alcohol and sugar. They made up a big part of my daily intake and are for everyone I work with. So this is the same for nearly everyone in the western world by my sums. I have had some ribbing at work from my mates, get called Cave man all the time and comments like, “Did cave man have spoons and bowls did he?” I bet nearly everyone on this site has had the same; it makes it easy for me to achieve my goal by using the comments as a guide that I am doing the right thing.

    I have one week to go before I finish the challenge but not the journey.

    Currently I am at 85.5 kilograms with .5 to go to make the short term goal I set myself.
    So far, I love it. Sleep better, don’t feel full or bloated, and see the benefits in me and others can see them as well. Has it far yes?

    Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon and 2 cups of black coffee.
    Lunch: Salad with tinned salmon or last night’s meat. Dressed with olive oil.
    Dinner: Salad or vegetables with 2 lamb chops, steak or 1 chicken breast.
    Snack: some cold meat or tinned fish but only a very small portion.
    I drink about 4 to 5 black coffees during the day and about 2 to 3 litres of water as well.
    Exercise: Bugger all. Been on the tread mill 4 times since 19 November.

    What have I learnt in this time? The weight I am losing is definitely excess to what I should carry. What I am not eating was only maintaining a body weight that was excessive. The food I haven’t eaten to date was excessive of what my body naturally needed. I know that if I keep doing what I am doing I will plateau at some point. More than likely this is the point where my food intake and my daily output in energy are equal. Thus my optimum weight.

    Ultimate goal? First goal is 85 kilograms. Maintain the principals of the challenge during the Christmas period; celebrate what I have achieved with a nice cold beer or two. 1st January 2013 will be the start of my next 30 Day Challenge with a little more exercise thrown in. Goal weight 80 kilograms. The funny thing is that there are now 3 of my work colleagues starting the 30 Day Challenge to lose some weight. I think they have looked at me and thought, “If he can do it, so can I.” I hope they do well.

    Well that’s it for me so far. I will update the journal on a regular basis for my own records and for others who want to read and like I said before, hopefully take something away from it.
    Ana-Tane = (Cave Man)

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    Well I completed the 30DayChallenge and made it spot on to my target weight of 85 kilos. A loss of 5.5 kilos. I could not be happier with that result. I made the goal and got some great results.

    I feel a lot better for having set and achieved the goal, now I have to set another and keep going to the ultimate goal.
    My Christmas will be a bit of a time to reflect on what I have achieved without losing where I am. I will have a few wines and beers over this period for sure but I will not forget what I have taught myself from researching primal and eating primal.
    Come the 1st January 2013 back into a 30 day plan to drop another 5 kilos. I will maintain the selecting of foods and eating as I have learnt and incorporate a few new smaller goals. Cut out the excess coffee and create a food journal to see what I am doing and what results I am getting.

    Will cover, daily food, weight, exercise and general feeling. From that I should be able to tailor a good eating and lifestyle plan.
    Next goal is 80 kilos by the end of January as a minimum and any more will be a great bonus. I haven’t set an unrealistic goal for myself and believe this next goal is just another confidence booster and confirms to me that what I am doing is the right thing.

    Haven’t yet bought Primal Blueprint, if not a gift at Christmas then I will have to source my own copy. Good book to read whilst undertaking the next challenge I think.

    I am going to throw in some IF days, at least one a week and see how I go with this. I have read a lot on it and I think it is another way to challenge myself and achieve more out of being Primal.

    At about 99% Primal at the moment and loving it.

    Can’t wait to start the next challenge, get to my goal and then live the challenge goal free.
    Ana-Tane = (Cave Man)


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      Well, didn't I fall over the wagon a bit. Fell off it and watched it drive away.
      What did I learn from all this, well it's not hard to see where I went wrong. I started to have a few beers and wine after work and during dinner. My general eating started to shift from where I was, which was about 99% cave man.

      So add the beer and wine along with the desire to over eat and eat crap from packets during the night. Stop concentrating on the goodness of food and the goodness of some exercise and here I am.

      I now weigh about 91.5 kilos. I got down to 82.5 kilos about this time last year. So in 12 months i have put on a heap of weight.

      What do I need to do?

      I can feel the difference, my sleeping isn't as good as it used to be. I over eat and don't eat right and get annoyed at myself after doing this. I drink to much grog, and not enough grok.

      Do I think I am creating some issues for myself in the short and long term. Yes I am and I need to address these as soon as I can.
      Is all this up to me to solve, Yes.
      Can I solve this, can I drop the excess weight and cut out the crap?

      Well, I had better.

      01/02/2014 is where it will start.
      Ana-Tane = (Cave Man)


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        What has happended since the last enty, well not much. I did start to eat Primal again and did drop a few kilos and was looking forward to the challenge again. This kind off went off tracks again, beer, wine and too much food once again.
        Commond denominator in all this, me.
        So on the 21st i decided to have another red hot go at it. I was gong to have a go at the 30 day challenge with a few adjustments and go from there. I might adust this and try for 2 weeks.

        Is 2 weeks enough for me to achieve something, yes it is. I guess i will get the good feeling back that i used to have and from this i can start a better and more long term plan.

        I started out at 90.7 kilos wich is bloody heavy. The previous two weeks i tried a different type of exercise program, Tap Out. This was not a bad program except i craved carbs and ate wrong. There were no results, in fact an increase of weight. So this meant although i was training i was not eating correctly for what i was actually doing. I wasnt raining hard but i did increase my bad ood intake of carbs and suffered the consequence.

        Today 23/04/2014 i jumped o nthe scales and came in at 89.4. A los of 1.3 kilos in two days.
        I have started to eat better. Meat and salads. No carbs at all. No sugar and cut out salt.

        I know that what i have lost so far is just the excess in my gut as the body is cleaning it out and passing it through a bit better.
        I expect tomoorw i will have lost a bit more but not a lot. I will be back to work for 7 days and will put in some exercise but nothing to full on as i like the less is more exercise program. Work on the basics like core, push ups, burpees and squats.

        Short term goal is weight loss and feeling better within.
        Long term goal is better health and longevity.

        I want to better understand my body and what it is telling me.
        I want to give up coffee and tea as i drink to much of them. I want to drink good coffee every now and again and drink a better tea which will be a benifit to me not a filler of time.

        I have decided to re-read the Primal Blue Print and use this as my bible. Every day i will read some of it and this will help keep me in line.

        I think if i dont touch base every couple of days i will atleast try to weigh in only on Mondays and entre a post to show how i am going.

        First goal is 85 kilos.
        Ana-Tane = (Cave Man)


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          Good luck to you, Ana Tane! looking forward to hearing about your progress.
          “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

          ― Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own