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Beast Mode (Rincewind's primal journal)

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  • Beast Mode (Rincewind's primal journal)

    Morning guys I have decided to chronicle my primal journey, hopefully this journal will encourage and motivate me during my primal journal (Who knows maybe it will motivate some of you reading it as well!)

    My main motivation for my primal journey is to achieve my ultimate goal of obtaining my Black belt and becoming an PKA instructor and finally escape from this desk job.

    I have been training in Kickboxing for several years now and have recently passed my brown belt with my black belt looming I have decided to up my game and make the switch to primal.
    I aim to achieve my goal with my new primal diet coupled with progressive calisthenics training (convict conditioning).


    I will aim to keep this journal updated monthly with simple body stats weight bodyfat % and BMR and daily with food eaten and exercise performed.

    Age 28
    Height 6ft 2"
    Bodystats 03/12/12
    approx 90KG @ 17% bodyfat BMR just under 2000 Kcal
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    So I'm currently still recovering from the obligatory seasonal illness so woke up feeling rather achy but I didn't reach for the ibuprofen and a few hours on the aches had all but gone.

    Day 1

    2 x Multi vitamin Tablet
    1 x Omega 3 softgel

    1 x Latte with sugar
    1 x Pepsi Max 330ml Can
    2 x Glass of water.

    90g of Brazil Nuts
    1 Tangerine

    3 x Free range eggs (Scrambled)
    1 x bowl of mixed berries (Blueberries,Raspberries/Stawberries)
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      Hey Rincewind

      How are you feeling?

      What does your training routine look like just now? Iv heard lots about convict conditioning.

      It isn't the mountains ahead that wear you out....Its the grain of sand in your shoe.