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  • Primal Journal - Todd Dosenberry

    Today embarks day #1 of my 4 week primal experiment. I have been following this blog for a number of months now and enjoy the Primal lifestyle as each day passes.

    I run a natural skin care blog teaching others how to live acne free through a holistic lifestyle. I am personally 99% clear - you have to be within a foot of me to notice any acne. But, I want to be 100% free from acne.

    So, I thought, why not officially go 99% primal (explained below) and see how my skin reacts? I am very confident that within 4 weeks (probably less) I will truly be 100% clear with glowing skin. The overall lifestyle is what counts as diet is only a part to the equation.

    One thing that I do love is 100% irish steel cut oats. I love soaking the oats overnight and simply heating them on low in the morning. So, I will be doing this twice a week for breakfast. I also enjoy ezekiel sprouted grain bread (sesame) once in a largely great while, so I may have a slice or 2 with coconut oil during the 4 week experiment.

    Other than that, I believe I will be all primal. I love sleep and will be getting a minimum of 8 hours a night. I use my alarm clock but have been waking up naturally lately. Today it was set for 7 am but I naturally woke up at 6:45 - almost exactly 8 hours of sleep (funny how that works).

    I will update this forum topic 2-3 times a week I am guessing. But, feel free to check out my blog every Saturday for detailed updates. I am keeping track of everything I eat down to the gram just about via FitDay. This way I truly know my carb, protein, fat intake as well as other nutrients.

    My goal is to consume less than 150 carbs a day. 100 is a good number but just a few months ago I would not doubt it if I was over 300. Baby steps!

    So, we shall see how it goes.

    So far today I had a green smoothie, 4 egg omelet (with true pastured eggs - hooray!) with 3 mushrooms and one yellow onion along with 3 T of coconut flakes. For lunch I had a smoothie with 1 scoop whey, 1 avocado, 2 strawberries, 1/3 C coconut milk and ice and water. I also had a small cucumber and 1 large celery stalk. Oh, and I had one t of fish oil - yea I drink my fish oil

    I will be enjoying a Big Ass Salad for Dinner. Lots of veggies and 2 100% grass fed hot dogs from applegate farms - a fav! And homemade balsamic viniagrette dressing.

    I am 100% stress free at the moment... just working a bit I taped Tiger Woods news conference - can't wait to watch!

    Anyone here a fan of Tiger? Golf in general?

    Check out my blog - view last Saturday's post for more information!
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    Good luck. I gave up oatmeal myself. I ate it at least twice a day, about a full cup raw. I miss it, but overall I feel much better on PB. The best part for me is the deep sleep I am getting.


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      Thanks buddie. A full cup of raw oatmeal a day? Damn. I am having some tomorrow but only 1/4 C uncooked. I'll be slow cooking it - 1 serving making 150 calories of irish steel cut oats. I'll be adding some almonds, hemp seeds, coconut milk, and cinnamon. A green smoothie with spinach, strawberries, and guava will be consumed while the oatmeal is cooking. Can't wait
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        I said I would update this thread a few times a week, but I have failed to do that. Sorry for those of you who are interested!

        I need to make a statement...

        Choosing to live Primally has been the best decision I have made in my entire life!

        Starting my 4 week experiment is having a HUGE effect on my life in all areas. I thought it would be awesome, but it has been beyond spectacular. I love it to death and will NEVER look back!

        I will have an update later today or tomorrow. I did just publish a post at my blog too.
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          Well, here is a quick and sad (for now) update...

          I have entered my data for the first 4 days of my 4 week experiment.

          Here are my averages for the 3 macronutrients and calories:

          Cals: 2200 (exactly...crazy)
          Fat: 129
          Carbs: 175
          Protein: 99

          My carb intake has been higher then I want it to be... my goal is less than 150 g per day for now. It will be easy to do and I think day 5 I ate less than 150 g for the first time. I will find out tomorrow! My protein intake is right what I am shooting for which is crazy. My goal is 100 g and wala - 1 gram short. I will be increasing my protein in take as I hope to gain weight. I am 5'9" but weigh only 133 lbs. I have very low body fat (not sure on the # but it is low - it has to be).

          That's all for now!

          Primal living is awesome! And, perfect for getting rid of acne let me tell you! This will allow me to bring thousands of more people into the primal world! Thanks Mark!
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            Good luck, my skin has cleared up a lot following the Paleo diet, but not completely. Do you have much information about acne and food or are you simply experimenting?