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    Hi all,
    Nice to be a part of this's how i started; My partner has been a Grok since before we met and at first it all sounded very complex. I tried it for a while, but because of my lack of understanding, gave up very quickly. He has since pointed me in this direction and I decided it was probably best to read the website thoroughly before starting. Well having so much to it, it is going to be impossible so, feeling like I've read enough...... I am ready to Grok (rock...get it?!).

    I have to say this has got to be the best introduction to the ancestral's fun light-hearted and has just enough science in there to understand it. I used to be addicted to solitaire and bejewelled (sad I know and not good for the brain I'm sure!), but now I can't stay away from this website, so much to read up on and understand and always new things going on! I've even got my mum involved!

    Anyway, less waffle...

    Day 1 (pre PB shop so not fully over the bad stuff as yet)
    Food intake:
    Breakfast- banana, blueberries and 2 dessert spoons of pro biotic coconut yoghurt
    Lunch - broccoli and Stilton soup - tesco carton
    Snack - 6 rice cakes
    Dinner - turkey, spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower with some peri peri chip sprinkle
    Drinks - 1 tea with milk, 3green teas, 1 moroccan tea, 1 sleepy tea and 2 glasses water

    Exercise -walk to work and back 25 minutes approx (need to remember to time this at some point)

    Sleep last night - approx 9 hours

    Weight - 78.4kgs / uk clothes size 16 (I was going to say a 14, but having asked my partner to take a few starting photos so I can track progress, I realised I don't fit the clothes that I'm wearing).
    Pictures attached are of me now. Watch this space.....
    Goal - 65kgs / uk clothes size 10 ish

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    Welcome! The forum is a great resource but be careful, some of us have nutty ideas. Mark is your best reference.
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      Haha! Thanks, nuttier the better! Good to be a part of it!


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        I just started my journal today, I'll be keeping up on yours as well. Best of luck and transition on the PB!!
        Earthy Mama's Journal

        "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" ~ Hippocrates


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          Day 2 - chocolate making!

          Not a good day to be on a diet...went on a chocolate making course! Though the man did say good, dark chocolate is better for you than a salad in the amount of nutrients it contains. Green and Blacks a good chocolate for this and anything above 64%, the darker the better!

          Sleep last night - approx 8 hours.
          Woke up to alarm at 7am (went to watch a friends daughter BMX!)
          Breakfast - banana, blueberries and coconut yog

          picked at - 4 raisins, 5 small prawn cocktail crisps (one of my issue is not being able to say no when offered, though i am getting better slowly.)

          felt good until 11.30am ish.
          Lunch - bbq Peri Peri chicken, small portion of cous cous, salad, yog and mint dressing - felt better after being out in the fresh air and having eaten.
          Chocolate making - 3marshmallows, choc fountain, 10 choc truffles (64% choc) - not as bad as I anticipated!
          Dinner- Wisconsin pot roast, green beans, peppers and courgettes, trifle (oops!)
          Drinks - strong late, 4g+ts, small glass white wine, 1l water

          Exercise - took 4 flights of stairs instead of escalator (its a start!), walked around Manchester approx 40 mins


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            Thank you , best of luck to you too! I'll try and keep up with your progress!


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              Day 3 - better!

              Sleep - approx 10 hours. slept on a hard mattress and woke up tired!! Maybe too much sleep? Maybe I was uncomfy, but don't remember waking up during the night. Maybe it's the dreaded lurgy Ive been feeling knock on my door for the past two weeks!

              Breakfast / lunch - 2 chipolata sausages, 2 rashers Bacon, 2 poached eggs, fried mushrooms
              Dinner - hash with mince beef, sweet potato, cauliflower, green beans, yellow pepper, onion and garlic. 6 small pieces green and blacks dark choc, chilli and spices and 2 squares of Lindt dark choc and coconut.
              Drinks- 2 small coffees, 500ml water, 2 mugs tea, 1 green tea, 1 hot chocolate (made with coconut milk and green and blacks hot choc....v thick and luxurious!), hot water lemon and honey (winter cold coming on )

              Exercise- walked home from mums -30 min brisk


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                Day 4- The lurgy!

                Slept better I think, though still tired. Woke up to alarm, but snoozed for 20 mins until 7.50am

                Breakfast - banana, blueberries and coconut yog
                Lunch - mince hash (left overs from last night)
                Snack - 2 x advent chocs
                Dinner - herb and nut crusted chicken, peas. 10 small squares g+b 54% choc
                Drinks-lemsip x2, 1 small coffee, 1l water

                exercise - walk to work -10-15 mins
                feel like crap - full of cold. damn my boss for coming in with the lurgy last week!!


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                  Okay, so had a bad primal few weeks over Christmas (2 weeks before Xmas is not a good time to start a new lifestyle that you don't fully understand!)
                  I am starting again from today and have done 7 hours of research (helped massively by my supportive man) further into the PB way, but also looking at my BMR, The Harris Benedict Formula etc to create a person specific calculation based on current figures and where I want to be.
                  I got the 90 day PB journal for Xmas so I am back in the game as of today! Nice to see you all again and a happy new year to you

                  So fully primal I think:
                  2 egg Omelette with bacon and cheese, cup of tea with coconut milk

                  Skipped lunch as a lazy day and late breakfast

                  Nut cooked chicken with sliced greens and spinach

                  Snacks - green and blacks 70% chocolate 9 small squares
                  1 litre of water and a sleepy tea

                  All primal I believe, though possibly portions were too big based on what it worked out to be carb, protein, fat and calorie wise, though not far off. Am using which seems to be the most comprehensive when it comes to inputting English food produce in.

                  Did approx 45 min brisk walk

                  I think that's all for now...