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Waking up early and eating breakfast again!

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  • Waking up early and eating breakfast again!

    I've been eating fully primal now for just under 3 weeks now and I'm feeling great! I've discovered I don't react well to dairy or legumes (through separate inclusions), and over the last couple of days also discovered that I feel much better and have lots of energy by simply eating a good protein/fat breakfast - something I haven't been doing for the last 12 months (IF 16/8).

    My sleep has massively improved, I'm going to bed earlier and waking up earlier, feeling nice and refreshed (previously waking up late and rushing out the house). I no longer feel hungry in the late afternoon/early evening, simply eating 3 good sized protein/fat and carb (evening) meals a day. I'm cooking new and interesting meals every day, learning to cook properly rather than obsessing over macros or calories.

    I guess the purpose of this journal is to continue noting down my progress with a primal way of eating, how it affects my training (combination of heavy weights, circuits and low intensity exercise), and my body composition/weight now that I'm no longer fasting daily (16/8). I may consider the odd fast here and there, depending on my schedule, whether that's simply skipping breakfast or more of a whole day fast (there is some pretty interest research out there!).
    My Journal: Waking up early and eating breakfast again!

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    B: Half a red onion (chopped), grass fed steak strips (100g), 2x whole eggs all cooked in coconut oil and served on a bed of kale
    My Journal: Waking up early and eating breakfast again!


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      6/12 cont.
      L: Large salad (MDA style) with a large portion of green thai chicken, evoo & apple cid vin.

      Sn: Small banana and apple (pre workout).

      Workout: Squats 100kg x6, 90kg x7, 80kg x8 - DB Bench 80kg x6, 70kg x7, 60kg x8 - Wide grip pull ups BW x8, x6, x4, x2. Squats & Bench incl. 3x warmup sets

      D: Large portion new potatoes, kale, chicory, red cabbage, caribbean spiced chicken with a side salad.

      Lots of energy and good strong lifts in my evening workout (surprised myself with the 40kg's DB bench). I'm in the process of cutting out coffee after lunch to improve sleep, and still had good focus in my workout after a little fruit pre workout (small banana & apple).

      Unfortunately the evening meal was with the family, and did contain a little flour in the gravy and I suspect a little sugar in the red cabbage, but this meal will only be fortnightly, so I'll settle for a 98% primal hit rate!
      My Journal: Waking up early and eating breakfast again!


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        Fell off the primal wagon a little with a 24 hour trip to Madrid and a long weekend celebrating Christmas with some friends. The food choices weren't too bad, I stayed away from grains and beans but did consume lots of dairy and sugar in the form of desserts and too much alcohol!

        I loved the Spanish omelettes and don't consider red wine as a problem (very nice rioja), but feel pretty guilty about the bad desserts (lots of cheesecake)! Back to clean eating today, but will have to combat some more Christmas dinners with work and family over the next couple of weeks. I'll eat strategically with workouts on heavy eating days and do a little fasting here and there to give the body a rest from digesting.

        Breakfast: Leftover turkey, sausage meat and a little cranberry sauce
        My Journal: Waking up early and eating breakfast again!


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          16/12 cont.

          L: Large black coffee, handful of almonds & 2x squares Lindt 85%

          D: 2x sirloin steaks (250g total), mushroom stir fry, topped with 2x fried eggs.


          B: 4x scrambled egg, handful spinach cooked, small portion of green thai chicken & a short strong espresso

          Great to be eating primal again, but definitely feeling the after effects of excessive food and drink!
          My Journal: Waking up early and eating breakfast again!


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            Just wanted to pop in and say that I'm interested in your journal. I have been 16/8 fasting daily for probably close to 2 years now. It seems to work well for me. I used to be a "breakfast every single morning no matter what" kind of person because I'd always heard it was the most important meal of the day. Then I heard about IF and decided to try going without and never looked back.

            Keep us posted!


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              Thanks for your message; using the Leangains method (fasting 16/8), I managed to get in the best shape of my life, really lean and strong. Due to myriad of factors (relocation, change of work, not in control of cooking etc), I stopped Leangains and more recently stopped fasting, as I wasn't able to reap the full benefits of either.

              I guess I'm now on more of a diet break (see interesting article), experimenting with going fully primal/paleo - something I wasn't doing previously with Leangains. Once I'm fully settled with this way of eating, I do intend to give the daily fasting and a primal version of Leangains another shot, as I do believe the mix of 16/8, CBL, fasted training etc are great tools for getting into great shape, whilst optimising health and wellbeing.
              My Journal: Waking up early and eating breakfast again!


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                17/12 cont.

                L: Large salad (MDA style) with a large portion of green thai chicken

                Workout: DB Military Press: 50kg x 8 (25kg db's), 45kg x 9, 40kg x 10 - Deadlift 120kg x3, 110kg x4 - Dips 2 x BW x 15

                D: Large portion veal mince (chilli style) on a bed of mashed sweet potato and parsnips


                B: Tin of sardines and a couple of slices of smoked salmon with a small salad.

                S: Small bag of roasted almonds and a green machine smoothie from Starbucks (mostly natural, but lots of fruit sugar).

                L: Leftover veal mince on a bed of kale with two fried eggs on top
                My Journal: Waking up early and eating breakfast again!


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                  I've read that Lyle Mcdonald article before. Good stuff. I haven't done that in a while since I generally cycle my carbs to 100 or below on rest days. It might be beneficial to do it again though.

                  Some people have complained/wondered how to get Leangains level carbs on a Paleo/Primal diet, but I don't think it's that hard, especially if you allow white rice. Tons of potatoes, bananas, fruit, and yuca/manioc (which is twice as carb dense as plain white potatoes) can get you into the 300+ gram range.

                  I heard about the CBL a few months ago and have been trying to reconcile it and Leangains to fit my workout schedule since I typically work out around noon. What's your take? Is it better to go Leangains style and taper carbs after the post-workout meal, or should I keep them fairly low except for immediately postworkout, then have a carb feast late at night?


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                    Towards the end of my Leangains phase, I did start to eat more whole primal foods with lots of sweet potatoes and rice, but was also eating baked beans on workout days (for easy calories, carbs, protein) and the occasional cottage cheese or yoghurt. I think it's definitely possible to hit carb numbers with primal, you just have to vary your choices to keep it interesting and prepare lots in advance!

                    I've always worked out in the evening due to not having facilities at work or nearby, so have traditionally combined Leangains and CBL, with a protein dominant, low carb pre workout meal around lunch. I think in your case, it would be good to trial both options and see how you feel/measure progress, to then make an informed decision of which one to follow.

                    I personally wouldn't want to be consuming a high number of carbs/calories just after lunch, as I'd want to nap all afternoon at work!
                    My Journal: Waking up early and eating breakfast again!


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                      18/12 cont.

                      D: Marinated spiced chicken, boiled potatoes, caponata (Sicilian vegetable stew), side salad


                      B: 3 x scrambled eggs, 3 x slices smoked salmon

                      L: Large salad (MDA style) with a large portion of yellow thai chicken (surprisingly hotter than the green thai).

                      Workout: Bench Press: 90kg x 6, 80kg x 7, 72.5kg x 8 - Wide Grip Pull Ups: BW x 8, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1

                      D: Dined out for a works meal at a nice Greek restaurant ~ Dr: 1 x glass red wine. St: Mussels in a white wine sauce. Ma: Slow cooked beef in a tomato based sauce, on a bed of creamy mash topped with parmesan. De: Resisted temptation

                      (Unfortunately I did consume bread with this meal, mainly to mop up the delicious sauce from the mussels - digestion a little funny this morning, gluten related..)


                      Bad start to the day: woke up late (late night) with no time to prepare breakfast or lunch so far have eaten 2x small apples and 1x small orange (we get free fruit at work). Managed to bring an avocado to work, so will be picking up a large salad and some form of cooked meat (chicken or turkey) from the local supermarket.

                      Thoughts: Workouts are going really well, feeling strong and lifting heavy, I just need to get into a good routine with the diet (prep etc) and avoid unnecessary temptation!
                      My Journal: Waking up early and eating breakfast again!