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The Diary of Lady Jesster Grokleton

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  • The Diary of Lady Jesster Grokleton

    Greetings American counterparts!

    For anyone who would like to read an English Country Maid's forays in to the Primal lifestyle, here you go. (but it's fine if you don't want to read, as I shall probably sound like a twit for the most part anyway and I'm really only doing this for me)

    I shall start (somewhat boringly) at the beginning of my 'troubles'.

    My late teens and early twenties were mostly an amphetamine fuelled blur. I loved the stuff! I was slim (well, UK size 10/12) as I didn't eat from Friday to Sunday. And danced. A lot. But it made my teeth crumble so I stopped...

    Then I started drinking wine. A lot of wine. Nearly two bottles of wine a night! It made me fat (no surprises there then) I was 12.5 stone, or 178 lbs. I am 5'7". Ooops.

    So then I stopped drinking wine. And I did Weightwatchers, Slimming World, took loads of slimming pills, did Olympic Distance Triathlons, had hypnotherapy, tried Atkins (failed) O my giddy aunt, what didn't I do?!

    A couple of years ago I cut all grains and fat and dairy. I lost fat and looked great so I knew cutting carbs works for me. But it wasn't sustainable at all and after a couple of months I fell off the wagon.

    Now I have read the book I really truly understand the role of insulin. I am a carb crack whore, I know this now. Some may say I have an addictive personality. I like to say;

    "Smarties make me naughty!"

    I have been eating lovely meat and fish and eggs and berries and cream and yoghurt and veggies and butter and lovely stuff like that and the fat has been FALLING off me! I have lost an inch off my belly and an inch and a half from my waist in two weeks!

    When I sit down to have a wee my tummy doesn't touch my thighs and what's there feels 'empty'. Weird, right?! (and I can't tell you how perfect my poos are...ahem!)

    Not a moment of hunger, a bit of thirst in the first week, headache on day three and proper nausea on day five but after that, nothing but good stuff. Stoked!

    Right, now where's that cuppa? Princess Katie's having a baby and it's a day for celebration!

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    Just wanted to say this is a fantastic instruction, I'm jealous you live in Cornwall, and hello from the rat race