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Annie's 2nd 30 days (used to be anniegebel)

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  • Annie's 2nd 30 days (used to be anniegebel)

    I've been living Primal for about a month and a half, I think. I've stopped keeping track because it's no longer about how long I've stuck to a diet or regimine...I've just living. I kind of did a 30 challenge last month with runningwithbuffalo (as anniegebel). I wasn't always that strict with my 80/20 rule...I'm sure it dipped into the 70/30 range (or worse) from time to time. Last week I was on vacation with two other families who didn't want to eat Primal or hear about it either. I did well on my meals, but didn't even try to resist the snacks that were everywhere! (bad annie! )

    That said...I'm ready for April!

    My goals:
    no dairy (that means milk and cheese)
    track numbers and work on either eating fewer calories or using more of the ones I do eat! (I know that a lot of people don't track, but I need to for a few days or weeks every so often so that I'm aware of what and how much I'm taking in.)
    continue with fitness routine

    yay! Let's go...

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    Yesterday went pretty well. I need to stop nibbling my kids' food, though. They tend to have cheese on their eggs, so nibbling them means getting that cheese! But other than that...

    B: 2 poached eggs with 1/2 an avocado
    L: (grocery shopping) buffalo chicken nuggets (jerky-not the best, but better than bakery cookies!)
    D: BAS, ground beef with homemade taco seasoning, onion and mushroom, with avocado, over red leaf lettuce
    S: chocolate - it is Easter season :-)


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      Today was good (if you don't count the Easter candy).

      B: 2 eggs, bacon, avocado and mushroom
      L: broccoli slaw with ground taco beef, and hard boiled egg
      D: ham, potato, sugar snap peas

      Well, I didn't think it was that bad. Now that I've written it down, I think I had a lot of protein and not as much fat. And if I'm being honest with myself...(way) too much sugar.

      Going for a walk tomorrow morning before the heat picks up...looking forward to that!


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        Annie, I start my second 30 day challenge tomorrow. Good luck with your goals! I'll be following along


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          thanks! I need and like support! Are you going to have an online journal too? I'll be checking...


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            Started my day with a 30 minute walk. I really enjoyed that, but was exhausted this afternoon. I don't think the walk tired me out, but I'm still recovering from last week's vacation!

            B: apple
            L: bacon, avocado, hardboiled eggs
            D: ham, roasted carrots, blackberries

            ...and chocolate! But it's all gone now, so I should be good to go as far as that tomorrow.

            I also want to add two more goals. Two realistic things that I'm just putting out there for the world to read.

            1. I want to wear my engagement ring. This summer will be our 10 year anniversary. I actually currently weigh about 15 pounds less than when we got married, but the pounds are apparently sitting on me differently because I haven't been able to wear my wedding band and engagement ring for a few years. I had to take them off at some point during my third pregnancy. I tried to put them back on at one point and ended up having to have the paramedics come and cut off my wedding band. I got a cheap replacement for that that fits (actually a little big right now) but I want to wear my engagement ring too. (by the way, that third child is over 2 years old now!)

            2. I'd absolutely love for my thighs to not rub together. Is that even possible?


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              Today I took a nap. A wonderful, wonderful nap.

              B: chai tea with 2 tsp hot cocoa mixed in
              L: hard boiled eggs with 1/2 avocado and leftover taco seasoned ground beef
              D: eggs, gluten free pancakes with maple syrup, bacon
              s: nuts


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                Stress eating! Arg!

                I actually didn't do as bad today as I wanted to but the night's not over yet! Luckily I don't have too much crap in the house.
                B: bacon, spinach, eggs
                L: chai tea with hot chocolate, handful of nuts
                S: rice crispie treat (or 2)
                D: wilted kale, ham, strawberries and few pieces of pineapple
                S: I want something now...but don't have what I want, so I'm not sure what I'm going to have other than a wine cooler. Maybe that'll be enough.


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                  Better today...sort of. Went for a walk and did a short (7 minute) HIIT session.

                  B: BAS with ground taco beef and avocado
                  L: primal chocolate cookies
                  D: roast chicken, sauteed carrots, squash, and zucchini


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                    40 minute walk

                    B: leftover carrots, squash and zucchini and chicken
                    L: eggs and a piece of toast with butter
                    S: nuts, handful of m&m's
                    D: steak, spinach sauteed in bacon grease, egg, 2 pieces bacon


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                      Kept my 50-something pound almost 7 year old son standing on roller THAT is lifting heavy things! Once he got going on that I ended up carrying aroung Tyler (twenty some pounds) for about an hour while Jace skated with his friends. Planned on going on a walk last night but ended up having to do a little maintanence on the house requiring me to unscrew screws by hand that my husband tightened with a power driver. My had still hurts!

                      B: spinach and eggs, bacon
                      L: chicken wings and salad
                      S: slice of birthday cake
                      D: gluten free pancakes with syrup and fruit
                      S: cookies

                      Not a picture perfect day by any means...


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                        Yesterday I fasted for a good part of the day. I did have eggs and avocado, though, and last night fiesta salad.

                        B: eggs, bacon, avocado
                        S: nuts
                        D: seasoned chicken, spinach, and bacon

                        I gave blood and I feel exhausted. I know I need to eat something, but I just have to find the energy to make it...


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                          B: eggs, bacon, spinach
                          L: 3 peanut butter cups
                          D: butternut squash soup and pulled pork loin

                          Water pump is fixed, Gracie's infection is under control...going to a wlk tomorrow!!!


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                            Just want to rejoice a little bit that I'm back to my pre-spring break weight and (I hope) all the things that could go wrong have and have been fixed. The next few months will not be easy to eat the way I want (moving and living all over the place) but I'm excited about everythign coming up and eager to keep watching the numbers on the scale go down. I'd love to be under 200 by June. Doable. Now, let's do it!


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                              Today felt good. I went for two walks (need to eventually get more physical...just not feeling it).

                              B: leftover brussel sprouts, chicken and bacon
                              L: hard boiled egg and 1/2 an avocado
                              D: yellow squash, zucchini, and onion sauteed in bacon grease, hamburger and bacon, carrot sticks
                              S: peanut butter cups