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    Hi All,

    I'm starting today! I am a carb addict and I completely notice how carbs immediately affect my weight, my mood and my eating patterns. When I eat a lot of carbs, as I have been lately, I blow up, I crave them more and more and more, and I am a lot less happy. I've gained about 20 lbs over the last few years and I would love to lose it and I would love to not be addicted to carbs and I would love to build some new muscle and be healthy so I'm giving this a try starting today.

    I anticipate some challenges. First, my carb addiction is going to be hard to get through for a few days but I know after that I'll feel better. Second, I love to cook and have a lot of foodie friends who are not going to understand this at all and don't seem to understand that no, I can't have a little of everything in moderation. I was invited to a gourmet ice cream thing tonight and after explaining that I would want to go but that I wouldn't be eating ice cream, well, I never heard back from that friend. This will be a challenge... Third, I am definitely a fat-phobic child of the 1980s. But, this is the least of the worries. Bring on the guacamole.

    However, there have to be benefits that I remind myself of, too! I know when I restrict carbs I lose weight. I know that grains make me feel bloated and when I eliminate them I feel a lot better. For the record, I try not to eat dairy because it also doesn't make me feel very good. I know I feel much more energetic and I think about food less when I eat high protein, low carb meals.

    So, I'm off and running on day one. I'll post my food diary at the end of the day. Thanks for all the encouragement I've received so far from other message board posts. You're all so supportive and full of such great info. Thanks!!

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    Fellow 80's refugee, do not fear Fat!

    Seriously I've squawked often here about my near complete lack of cravings, and I notice a correlation between the amount of fat I eat (as in "more") and how satiated I am. I'm losing weight steadily, and my blood pressure has become normal (from being very high). So fear not that fat. I failed for several years on a Low Carb Low Fat diet, t'wasn't pretty. But I find Primal very easy to maintain. Good luck to you!