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    I've been primal on and off since March of this year. I keep thinking I can be bad for one day on a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, Thanksgiving) and then continue with primal after the one day. But I every time I do that, I get sucked into SAD eating and am instantly back to my sugar addiction. Then I have to re-commit to primal, go through the low carb flu and cravings to get back on track. Why do I do this to myself??!! I feel so good when I'm primal. Why can't I just let go of the SAD eating? Well, actually I do know why. I'm an emotional eater. Nothing compares to the pleasure of a carb-induced food coma.
    I was doing pretty good with primal until Thanksgiving. I went hog wild and have been pigging out on SAD food ever since. Actually, worse than just regular SAD food. I've been pigging out on junk food non-stop.
    But I'm ready to rejoin the primal team! I'm back to my meat and plants today and beyond. I want to beat sugar once and for all.
    I hope this journal will help me stay focused and help me to sort out any issues that come up. I plan to write an entry at least once a day.

    Primal laws I've followed so far today:
    Played - went to the beach, read, walked my dog, took a swim
    Got sunshine - soaked it in at the beach
    Ate meat and plants - kind of. ate cheese and beef patty for breakfast
    Lift heavy things - doing a dumbbell workout as soon as I'm finished writing this

    Looking forward to being my best me again soon!

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    Welcome Elle! I think it just takes time. I really don't crave anything non-primal anymore. And when I have marginally primal or not terrible 20% stuff, I enjoy it, don't have serious problems, and don't want to binge on it.

    At Thanksgiving, I had a courtesy serving of gluten-free cornbread stuffing because the hostess had specifically made it gluten-free for me, a serving of mashed potatoes (I do eat some potatoes and consider them ancestral food not 20%), a little bit of homemade cranberry sauce, and some pumpkin pie (with whipped cream). Also, of course, turkey, roasted root veggies, green beans and maybe other primal stuff I can't remember. I could have stuck to the primal items with ease but it was Thanksgiving and it decided to enjoy everything.

    Grok would have considered tribal rituals more important than his own wants and needs, IMHO.

    Good luck on beating the sugar monster!
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      Thank you for the encouragement!

      Yesterday was a good primal day. Breakfast was coffee+almond milk, roast chicken, and pumpkin+butter. Lunch was two sausages, 1/2 avocado, and scoop of coconut butter. Snacked on some salami. Dinner was ribs+nonprimal BBQ sauce, mashed cauliflower, and 1/4 avocado. I came pretty close to making dessert while watching Love Actually. But I just drank some herbal tea instead

      My family-in-law is on Week 3 of a primal challenge. MIL is doing great - losing weight, feeling energized, and off diet coke after 40 years! She is very inspirational to me right now. If she can do it, I can do it!
      FIL and SIL are being more health-oriented than normal - moving more, eating less. But haven't quite seen the light yet.

      Tonight I plan to do HIIT. Probably do as many burpees as I can in 10 minutes. Won't be walking the pup today because she got a bee sting on her paw yesterday and will probably still be a little limpy today.

      Primal laws:
      Eat meat and plants: Done
      Move slowly: Walked, did housework
      Lift heavy: Rest day
      Sprint: Rest day
      Sleep well: Done
      Play: Played hunt and kill zebra-dog with my dog
      Get sunshine: Spent plenty of time outdoors in the sun (dog walking, playing, sitting)
      Avoid accidents: Done
      Avoid poisonous things: Kinda. BBQ sauce had sugar. Ate processed meat
      Use your brain: Worked on my personal statement for grad school application, read, had interesting conversations with the hub
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        Great! Glad it's going well.
        Ancestral Health Info - My blog about Primal and the general ancestral health movement. Site just remodeled using HTML5/CSS3 instead of Wordpress.

        My MDA Friday success story - Stubborn Senior's Testimonial


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          Had a good day today primal-wise.

          Breakfast: 2 chicken sausages
          Lunch: Leftover mashed cauliflower, home-made turkey-ham-vegetable soup
          Snack: Packet of Costco trail mix (not planned, darn those coworkers!)
          Snack: Chunk of salami
          Dinner: Roasted chicken thighs with pre-made enchilada sauce, steamed broccoli
          To drink: Water, green tea, herbal tea, club soda

          Took a walk on my 10am and 2pm breaks at work.
          Played fetch with the pup.
          Did as many burpees as I could in 10 minutes.
          Sprinted across the yard 6 times.

          About to watch It's a Wonderful Life!


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            Hey EllanYang

            Welcome to the boards. Its great to see someone eating. I know there are recomendations to only eat breakfast, lunch and T but I encourage people to fuel their bodies. Its good to see you eating your 3 meals, and not being afraid of a healthy snack as well.

            I loved your daily checklist and might have to use that with clients myself (if you dont mind), very cool.

            It is soooo cool that you are getting your family on board, especially at this time of year. Dont be disheartened if some come off it over christmas, it is not your fault. Just allow them to try it, allow them to wonder back to eat how they like, allow them to feel the negative side effects and allow them to return to you.

            Keep at it.


            What kind of pup have you got?
            It isn't the mountains ahead that wear you out....Its the grain of sand in your shoe.


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              Thanks for your reply Richardmac! Any time I've tried to eat less often (skipping meals, IFing) it makes me cranky and obsessive. And I always binge. I've learned I do better if I eat three meals. My pup is a Jack Russell-Chihuahua. She is a silly little thing.

              Yesterday was not my best primal day. Let's break this down...
              1. Eat plants and animals:
              Breakfast: 1 chicken sausage, 1 leftover spare rib
              Lunch: Turkey-ham-vegetable soup, steamed broccoli
              Snack: Coconut butter, roasted almonds
              Snack: Chunk of salami
              Dinner: Roast chicken
              Dessert: Home-made grain-free chocolate cookie
              To drink: Water, green tea, herbal tea, club soda
              2. Move slowly, frequently: Walked on by 10am and 2pm breaks; It was raining so didn't walk the pup
              3. Lift heavy: Nope
              4. Sprint: Nope
              5. Sleep well: Slept okay; Cramps kept me up some of the night
              6. Play: Nope
              7. Get sunlight: Got some on my walks
              8. Avoid trauma: Done
              9. Avoid poison: Nope, ate chocolate cake at work; AAAHH!! It' so hard to resist treats at work! I don't even like store bought cake
              10. Use your brain: Did some writing for work; Finished My Antonia

              Today should be a better day. There is no chocolate cake sitting on the breakroom table. I'll walk the pup if it isn't raining. And am planning on doing a strength work out.


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                Keep at it. dont get down. As I tell clients 3 steps forwards and 2 backwards stills adds up to alot of steps forwards over time.

                Do you mind if I use your 1-10 daily assessment?

                Your snacks looks yummy.

                It isn't the mountains ahead that wear you out....Its the grain of sand in your shoe.


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                  Originally posted by Richardmac View Post
                  Keep at it. dont get down. As I tell clients 3 steps forwards and 2 backwards stills adds up to alot of steps forwards over time.

                  Do you mind if I use your 1-10 daily assessment?

                  Your snacks looks yummy.

                  Don't mind at all. I'm a list person. I'm constantly making lists!


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                    I dreamed of Blueberry Morning cereal last night. I dreamed that I was very guiltily eating some Blueberry Morning. That was my favorite cereal when I was a kid, but I don't think I've actually had any in at least 15 years. I still remember the exact tast and texture. The chewy little blueberries, the crunchy granola clusters, the soggy flakes...
                    So with that on the tip of my mind this morning, I made myself some blueberry paleo porridge. Basically, it's blueberry paleo pancakes that are scrambled in the pan instead of delicately handled to prevent crumbling.

                    Work yesterday was so boring and stressful that I took a mental health day today. Thank goodness there were no sugary goodies in the breakroom yesterday or I would have gone buck wild! No amount of walking breaks could bring me out from under my dark cloud. Is it me or is it the job? Am I just being a spoiled brat?

                    When I arrived home, there was a box full of Trader Joes goodies sitting on the kitchen counter that my mom sent me. Normally, especially if I'm stressed, I'd tear open the box and gorge until I couldn't fit anything more in my stomach. Then I would do some combination of the following: cry, vomit, sleep, hate myself, curl up in a ball of guilt, and/or get rid of any evidence before my husband got home. But I didn't! I left the box unopened and headed straight to the yard to work out. I only did 2/3 of my workout because my husband came home early and I wanted to hang out with him.

                    Dinner was salmon with vegetables. I used a store-bought sauce on them and it was gross - tasted like canola oil and sugar. I should have just used butter and salt and pepper. Lesson learned! That was the last of any store-bought sauce I have in the house so it's all home-made from now on. Trader Joes goodies were dessert. I definitely ate more than I needed to but that was because everything is so delicious, not because of an emotional need to. Compulsive eaters know there is a very distinct difference between eating too much because something is delicious and eating too much because the bingemonster has infiltrated your brain.

                    Runnning errands today. Christmas shopping, stop at the tailor, get tires rotated, etc. It's so nice having a weekday to get stuff done and not have to waste a Saturday on it!
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                      Man, it felt good to stuff done yesterday! I'll take errands in the Xmas crowds and heat over sitting in front of my work computer any day.

                      1. Eat plants and animals:
                      Breakfast: Blueberry porridge made of almond flour and coconut flour; Wasn't very good, won't make it again
                      Lunch: 2 chicken sausages, 1 cup of TJ's caramel corn; Wanted some kind of vegetable but was too hungry and tired from errands to put the effort in
                      Snack: Chunk of salami
                      Dinner: Steak, 1/2 yam with butter, massaged kale
                      Dessert: TJ's goodies
                      To drink: Water, coffee, green tea
                      2. Move slowly, frequently: 2 walks - one with the pup; Shopping; Housework
                      3. Lift heavy: Nope
                      4. Sprint: Sprinted at the park; 6 100-meters
                      5. Sleep well: Done
                      6. Play: Played alittle fetch, watched White Christmas with home-grown social commentary and many laughs
                      7. Get sunlight: Plenty. In the sun most of the day.
                      8. Avoid trauma: Done
                      9. Avoid poison: Nope, still working on the Trader Joe's booty
                      10. Use your brain: Did alot of thinking, read alot, interesting conversations with my hubs

                      Overall, it was a good day. I love getting stuff done. I was hoping for alittle more downtime to just hang around, but ran out of time. I'll hopefully make time for lounging today. I did finally go to the grocery store. I'm looking forward to making pseudo kalua pig and beef-butternut squash bake.


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                        Great weekend! I feel recharged to take on the work week. We ate tasty foods like almond butter pancakes, pulled pork with homemade BBQ sauce, ribs with the BBQ sauce, steak, kale, and sausage. There was also way to much Trader Joe's snacks consumed. We went alittle too wild with the peppermint joe joes. The hub and I are both feeling a bit gross and sluggish, so we are taking it easy with the treats. Well, we ate most of it already so we'd have to slow down whether we wanted to or not!
                        We went on walks, hiked, enjoyed the ocean, climbed, worked out, napped, played board games, read. GREAT weekend!


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                          Eat meat and plants:
                          - Breakfast: Sweet potato mash, chicken sausage
                          - Lunch: Beef-butternut squash-marinara bake
                          - Snacks: Handful of mac nuts, chunk of salami, scoop of sweet potato mash
                          - Dinner: 3 strips of bacon, 2 eggs, roasted broccoli, one beer
                          Move slowly: Walked on my breaks at work, planned on walking the pup but had to give stranded hubs a battery jump
                          Lift heavy: Rest day
                          Sprint: Rest day
                          Sleep well: Done; Slept like a rock for 9 hours
                          Play: Played some Rummikub, watched Parks and Rec
                          Get sunshine: Walking and driving
                          Avoid accidents: Done
                          Avoid poisonous things: Ate 4-5 disgusting Russel Stovers chocolates. They tasted like cheap milk chocolate and corn syrup. Why on Earth did I eat that many of them?
                          Use your brain: Played Rummikub; May have done some thinking or writing at work - it's hard to remember

                          I should do a strength workout when I get home. We'll see how motivated I am.


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                            Pretty normal Tuesday yesterday. Spent too much time sitting down.

                            Breakfast: 1 strip of bacon, chunk of salami, few spoonfuls of mashed sweet potato
                            Lunch: Beef-butternut squash bake
                            Snack: Mac nuts, salami, coconut butter
                            Dinner: Honey-mustard salmon, mashed sweet potato, roasted broccoli
                            Dessert: 1/2 a chocolate orange from TJ's - delicious! I only have some almond snowman cookies left from my care package. That stuff went quick!

                            Walked on my breaks, but no exercise or walking after work. I wanted to relax. Gave the smelly pup a bath, had an early dinner, and watched Sanctum. Love that movie!
                            I slept well last night. I was awake for 30-60 minutes early in AM, but other than that, out like a light.

                            I have plans to sprint with Hubs this evening. I should probably do it. And maybe some pullups afterward.


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                              I need to start doing these updates each night instead of the next day. It's hard to remember everything!

                              Breakfast: Alittle beef-squash bake
                              Lunch: Beef-squash bake, 1 chocolate chip cookie from the breakroom
                              Snack: 2 chocolate chip cookies that Hubs brought home from work
                              Dinner: Fritatta made with bacon and broccoli, roasted sweet potato
                              Dessert: 2 chocolate chip cookies; Man, they were good! Homemade with coconut flakes and walnuts...
                              Drinks: Water, green tea, black tea

                              I didn't walk on my breaks because it was windy and raining.

                              Did a total body strength workout.
                              Squat and press
                              Reverse lunge with kick and punch

                              Watched 127 hours. I miss Canyonlands. I miss the Colorado Plateau!