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    Finally those exams are over! I started out great, but then got very, very sick (a bad sinus infection that spread to my ears, which made it feel like my head was full of battery acid or something), which meant I had to reschedule 4 of my 5 exams in the last week. I ended up failing at least one (I'm pretty sure it's just the one, but you never know...), which means now I definitely won't be graduating this july, as planned, but only mid-september (because I have to take the exam over), which sucks!!!

    Thankfully, there's good news too: I haven't smoked since new year's and finally feel like I've kicked that for good! It's kind of hard to want to smoke when you're that sick, but I still think it counts as an achievement
    Tried hard to stay primal (the boy helped out a lot with the cooking <3) but between the being sick and the stress - oh, the stress - I had at least twice as many binge days as I had half way decent days, so much so that every time I even thought about stepping on the scale after that month I nearly got an anxiety attack... So I didn't and still haven't. I figure if it's really that scary/horrible for me, I should just throw it out. Well I didn't throw it out but it's hidden beneath a bathroom closet. My jeans still fit so it can't be that dramatic, and I'm just so sick of letting a machine decide wether I get to be happy or miserable every morning.
    So I'm back to just taking it day by day. I set up a Lifetick tracker so I get to tick one every time I have a perfect food day. I'd like to see if I can get to 100... (gotta get those numbers in somewhere ) Maybe after that I'll weigh myself. Though I have an assortment of different sized jeans that could just as well serve as a measuring device...

    I'm feeling a lot better now that I'm up and about again and ready to dive in primal style. I just dragged so much groceries to our house on my bicycle that I couldn't even ride it home, had to drag it all the way here hehe. Not that silly though when you consider all that was left in our freezer were chick peas and surimi sticks (<= I don't eat that).

    Oh, another totally random thing that I've been wanting to share for ages but keep forgetting about (I'm reminded now because I'm having some and it's soooo good!): faileo lemonade!
    Since water can be boring sometimes and I hate tea with a passion, I invented this lemonade for when I want something with a bit of zing:

    - juice of 2 limes
    - 2 teaspoons of stevia powder
    - 1L (or whatever's in a large bottle) of sparkling water
    - that's it!

    What you end up with looks like soapy water with bits in it (from the lime), sorry... but it's so refreshing and not at all too sweet (if it is, use less stevia). Also it makes you ask all new kinds of questions about commercial soft drinks since they don't look like that at all... hmmz...
    Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. ---George Bernard Shaw
    When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.