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    Zee, cool tatty!!!
    Never argue for your limitations.


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      So yesterday was a pretty good day nutritionally. Went out for lunch with coworkers and stuck to my plan, having some of the chips and salsa but avoiding (most of) the rice, beans and tortillas. I also didn't over-stuff myself. Ended the day at 67/19/14.

      Today was good too, though I was SUPER hungry before my workout at lunchtime. I think I need to be prepared with a snack - macadamia nuts or a hard-boiled egg or two, maybe cheese. Especially on lifting days. I made it through but I would not have been able to do the HIIT that was on the schedule. We did 3 sets of everything rather than 2 plus the HIIT. Intervals tomorrow, so I must have enough food for that.

      I confess to having pizza and beer for dinner so carbs are a little higher, yet still below 100. Macros are 56/23/21 but calories are good.

      Tomorrow is Friday and I've been told my son will be able to call. Woo hoo!!!
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        January Progress:

        4.8 pounds gone
        6.25" gone (chest, waist, navel, belly, hips and both thighs)
        Body fat ~22% (from 24.75%, calculated by measurements)
        LBM gain of ~1/2 a pound
        Fitting into my smallest pair of jeans comfortably

        Primal agrees with me.
        Declining treats entirely is easier than limiting them.
        Higher fat is satisfying.
        Energy levels are much more consistent.

        I am having some issues in the late afternoon. How do I describe them? It's not concentration exactly... more like, well, as I've been telling my coworkers each time it happens, "My brain finally caught up with my mouth!" I have been blaming it somewhat on thinking out loud, trying to figure things out, so of course sometimes I'm going to get off track. But I am starting to sound like I'm spouting nonsense and arguing with myself such that one of my coworkers is getting very close to just telling me to shut up and not listening anymore! I can't blame her, but WTH is going on with my BRAIN?

        That's mostly a rhetorical question, by the way.

        Off to work. Have a good Friday!!
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          I signed up for the Dirty Dash this morning. The course is 3.5 miles of obstacles, with mud and an optional beer obstacle (which I will be doing, TYVM!! --- never mind that my start time is 9AM!). Haven't convinced my husband to join me yet, but I'll work on that.

          Work was stressful again today.

          I have an urge to get my nails done. Hoping to be able to find someplace to take a "walk-in" with a call right beforehand tomorrow morning. Then I'm going to head to my mom's, pick her up and drive ... maybe we'll head towards my nephew's so she can visit him and his wife, see her great-grand-daughter. Or maybe we'll just go somewhere for the hell of it. No particular destination in mind. Just a day away. Or two. We'll come back when we feel like it (so long as it's no later than Sunday as I do have to work Monday morning).

          We will not discuss my nutrition for today. lol
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            Great results for Jan!
            Good luck with the dirty dash