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    the smaller portion usually works for me too when I really can't get out of eating whatever garbage it is. I totally understand your sugar cravings. The things that help me to recover are 1) lot of water and carrots so my mouth is busy 2) eating larger filling meals with protein and fat so I really don't feel tempted to eat cause I'm so full and 3) lots of healthy dark chocolate because that is the one "sugar" I don't feel guilty/yucky after eating.
    Another thing I've done is baked paleo banana bread with coconut flour and that helps squash some of the "MUST HAVE CARBS" feelings my brain and stomach transmit.

    I know it's not healthy to be this obsessed with weight but believe it or not the obsessiveness helps keep me on track, it works in my case even if it's overboard. If I stop thinking about weight then I stop eating primal because it hasn't just become habit.

    One thing I will say is I may never eat pasta again, I feel so awful, my tummy hates me. I also ate too much.

    I'm getting a tattoo when I get down to 130 pounds, maybe sooner! I've wanted it forever but I want to make sure I can maintain eating primal so that I won't gain weight back. That'd make my tattoo look awful but I'll be able to tell for sure by the time I'm 130 pounds (20 more pounds, 6ish down already) that I can do this for life


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      (I think I post obsessively)

      That pizza just sent me over the edge! My stomach feels like it's full of multiple bricks. I cannot drink enough water to fulfill my thirst while simultaneously my stomach is full to capacity. NOW I understand why I started gaining weight in the first place. At some point I overrode my stomachs "full" signals and then just kept eating more and more cause it took more to make me full. I haven't felt this kind of "stuffed" feeling for awhile and contrasting it with eating small meals that are fat and nutrient packed, I understand why primal makes me feel better and lose weight quickly.

      This day has been a great learning experience. Hopefully this aversion to SAD food lasts a very very long time so I'm not tempted back to my old ways ever again. And I hope I can sleep off this awful stomach situation. My stomach is loudly grumbling and upset.


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        I feel much better this morning had another protein "smoothie" with more instant coffee in it this time to make it taste more like coffee, soooo yummy and pretty primal. The frozen banana is hard to find a replacement for.

        Scale said 152.2, booooo. Back to being more strict, the goal is 144 by January 31st


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          Rest of day went well, some minor non-primal snacking (less than 200 calories and lots of buttery stuff so it wasn't too awful).

          Had a cup of bulletproof coffee, a small spinach salad (feta and an apple in it), and two eggs scrambled in butter with cheese on top.
          And probably 5 squares of chocolate haha.
          Going to bed still kinda hungry cause my food was not well spaced out. But a caloric deficit won't kill me weighed in at 149.6 tonight. Can't wait for a smoothie in the morning before some work!


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            8 am- coffee smoothie (8 grams carbs from the protein, carbs from the banana)
            12- indian food; I couldn't resist! But it only had some white rice, a few pieces of potato, and garbanzo beans. I had a side of radishes and cucumber slices with it. Primal eating has taught me to have a little of what I want with some modifications to make it less carb heavy and get more nutritious veggies in as well)
            1 pm- having a cup of chai tea (carbs in the honey) and two squares of 90% dark chocolate.

            Weighed in at 149.4 today.


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              Today is not over and I've already had too many carbs!
              Can't stop feeling snacky, I think this happens when I eat carb, I want more.

              I had 2 more squares of chocolate. And a pear. Still hungry! Usually I eat two real meals a day and I'm not hungry at all.


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                Throwing in the towel and calling today a primal failure on all accounts. Had more of that indian food (WHY did I do that?! no clue) but also had a salad. Feel full finally but the sugar cravings are rampant. Weighing myself is an usual way to reign those in, but it works to visualize all that I have to lose.


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                  I ended yesterday by eating more chocolate AND custard with fruit that my mom had made. Some days I can't explain what happens, I can usually control the cravings and I really shouldn't be feeling them by this point. Usually 3 days of low carb is enough to keep my on track.

                  My stomach shows it, more bloating than usual and I weighed 151.2 so 2 pound increase. I also noticed two little spots on my face where pimples are forming. Probably the consequence of pizza and Italian food a couple days ago. I've been getting sleep, relatively stress free, not much sunlight in WA though; lots if grey and rain!
                  So I'm doing OK on other aspects of primal living.

                  I think I need to focus less on this as solely a weight loss mechanism because it does lots of other awesome things for me too. Focus on eating more veggies, the energy I have mid afternoon when I used to crash and getting fat adapted. Would like to buy some coconut milk cans at store!
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                    I just typed up a long post for today and accidentally deleted it... frustrating!
                    Today has been a long, tiresome day with some failures and some wins. The bottom line is that eating vegetarian primal and failing at my attempts in the last 6 months to eat meat again means I go primal, lost 5 pounds, get bored and get off primal eating. I don't like it. I'm really getting sick of the same foods and frustrated though. I don't know what I'll do yet, I'm considering Whole30. I will never go back to eating SAD, at least nothing like before. Primal has given me lots of insight on my own eating, helped me learn to like new things (like 90% chocolate) and taught me how awful pasta makes me feel

                    So "primal" things (that aren't very primal at all) that I can still implement in my life while I figure out what to do are below. You'd be surprised how bad my eating habit were before, I grew up on a SAD diet and somehow didn't end up obese.

                    1) Eat more vegetables. Seriously, how dumb was I to not figure that out?
                    2) Absolutely no refined carbs. I'm pretty good about this one.
                    3) Only carbs my body seems to handle okay-ish are corn, some potatoes, and the OCCASIONAL piece of whole grain bread.
                    4) Eat more butter, avocado, and other healthy fats.
                    5) Coconut products are actually good for me.
                    6) My body does ok with dairy; I LOVE cheese, butter, and HWC. So those things are okay for me to eat.
                    7) I don't need to exercise 2 hours a day like I used to.


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                      I just drank a 16 ounce sugary latte and noticed that 1) I didn't really like it, too sweet 2) it makes my stomach a little sick and 3) this might be the most unprimal thing I've consumed in a long time and it wasn't enjoyable.


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                        So how have you been lately?
                        "If you can dream, then dream out loud" - Bono.