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    things I've learned in the last few days:
    -I don't always need breakfast but when I am hungry, a higher fat breakfast is what I need. Usually eggs drenched in butter will do the trick.
    -I drink a lot of tea, I really need to switch to heavy cream to bring my carbs down.

    I've lost 5 pounds in the 4-6 days. It's the initial water weight coming off but it is a pleasure stepping on the scale the same time I do every morning before breakfast and seeing it is 151.3, not 156.7 (just last week).

    Couldn't be more inspired to do things right today!!! It'll be a challenge will all the food that'll be surrounding me tonight.

    Just ate half an avocado, man I could eat this stuff like candy!
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      steamed broccoli and carrots, with some cheese for lunch.
      Some really good 70% chocolate I was initially forced to buy because they were out of 90% (that turned out to be amazing, I'd forgotten how sweet it could be, and fruity)

      then I was feeling really intense carb cravings so I had a white potato (the least offensive thing I had on hand) that I chopped up, covered in olive oil and spices and then threw in the oven for 20 minutes to bake.

      tried making chocolate mousse, epic failure, my sister is trying to salvage it for me.


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        resisted tonight!! amazing. didn't have much of a craving for anything around me which is unusual and awesome. might have to do with still being on medication for the flu (which I got a week ago), it kills my appetite and makes me nauseous.

        I had half an apple and half a banana again.
        and now 1:38 am, I'm having about 12 baby carrots with 2 tablespoons of dressing (6 grams of carbs).


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          started off with a spinach smoothie: spinach, yogurt, half&half
          2 squares of 70% chocolate
          2 eggs scrambled in a ton of butter, then covered in cheese
          glass (not a cup, a whole glass haha) of vanilla chai with honey (1 tbsp) and half&half

          weighted myself this morning and I was back up at 153, I'm wondering if that's due to the potatoes yesterday or just some normal fluctuation, guess we'll find out tomorrow morning where things stand.


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            Forgot to weight myself this morning.
            Ate a "pancake" (1 egg and one ripe banana mashed and whisked) while my family ate whole wheat banana pancakes with syrup. I had some honey on mine and it was delicious! Glass of iced chai I made by steeping tea, cooling it, adding honey and half&half.
            Went shopping for 6 hours, didnt eat for a total of 7 hours.
            Came home had a spinach feta cheese dried cranberry and avocado salad, 5 baby carrots. Was still hungry two hours later so I had a 2 egg omelette with lots of cheddar cheese, topped with homemade salsa (tomato, red onion, jalepenos, and bits of avocado). Oh I cooked both my pancake and omelette in chunks of butter I also add tons of tumeric to all my eggs because its awesome for ya and that's an easy way for me to consume it daily.

            Now bed! Weighted myself after the shopping and was at 149.2 but I hadn't eaten in hours and was probably dehydrated. We will see what I'm at in the morning. I have to stay focused on losing weight but so far I haven't tried at all. It's been effortless but I know more calorie crunching will be involved once I'm fully adapted to eating primal again. My resolution was to just eat till I'm full and not worry yet, just keep my fats up to avoid falling off the wagon again.

            Bought new jeans. Size 6 in Seven for all Mankind brand. Here I come size 4!


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              Forgot to add I didn't feel hungry at all while shopping and didnt feel an urgent need to eat back home either. Something is going right! No sugar lows or crashes in energy.


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                Good going! seems that you are on the right track!!
                "If you can dream, then dream out loud" - Bono.


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                  how're you doing my friend?? Thank you for the encouragement! I'm glad to see you're still going strong.

                  Updates for today...
                  huge mug of chai with half&half&honey
                  went to run errands and clean (took a total of 6ish hours) and I noticed I was starving part way through but not so bad I couldn't finish cleaning, shower, then eat.
                  Made myself another two egg omelette with the same fresh salsa and cheese in the omelette. Does anyone else notice they eat the same foods over and over again? Maybe it's just me cause I'm vegetarian and that limits my options dramatically. I'm getting bored and trying not to. Ideas for spicing things up?

                  Another mug of chai on the couch reading. Now it's 6 pm and I'm not hungry at all (weird considering I've had one big meal plus 300ish calories of chai). Maybe I'll be able to call it a day, we'll see. It'd help the weight loss for sure! Averaging 149-150 right now and I can practically feel the plateau coming.

                  Any ways to avoid calorie counting? I DREAD it.


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                    Cup of chai this morning at 7:30 am.
                    No primal foods in my parents house!! So I had 2/3 cup of oats, cooked in butter and half&half. Little honey and some shaved almonds on top. Surprisingly didn't set off any carb cravings and its now 12 and I'm still satisfied.
                    My weight was at 152 this morning. Having finished of yesterday with a small spinach feta cheese and dried cranberry salad and gone to bed hungry but not starving I was like what! Realized cutting too many calories doesn't work for me, I really need to keep my fats up and should drink more water. Doctors scale said 150.2 at 9:30 am when I went in. Yaaaay! I was there 3 weeks ago at 156. Today's goal is to be as primal as possible while I'm at a friends house for dinner. I'm bringing dessert (strawberries and kiwis) and he is making homemade whipped cream (which I won't be eating! Too much sugar). I bought two bars of Lindt 90% which doesn't last long around me! It was $2.69 a bar which made me mad cause its on sale for $2/4 a lot and I never stock up out of fear ill eat it all. Omelette soon!


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                      Same omelette I've been eating lately. One square of the dark chocolate. Still feeling snack-y!


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                        made chocolate truffles using 90% chocolate and some unsweetened chocolate. By the time they were done in the freezer I wasn't hungry. I had half of one, pretty good and so melty in my mouth! I put the other 3.5 truffles in a container in my freezer.


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                          dinner was actually fairly primal and good. soup made with chicken and veggies, some corn in it but I can do that. Guac, cheese, salsa and sourcream to go with; skipped the sourcream and only did a little salsa. Some tortilla chips, allowed myself 5 to go in the "chicken tortilla soup." Dessert was strawberries and kiwi slices, with a dallop of home made whipped cream I wanted to avoid but it happens!

                          Got asked to go out for dessert by a lovely friend who had a crush on me in high school but it never really amounted to much, the endless teasing about us ending up married one day from our friends hasn't died down long story short, I said yes. We went to fro-yo where I had less than $2 worth of froyo so it wasn't too much.

                          Came home and wanted sugar!! (bad sign). Had a primal truffle I had made earlier, then more strawberries and a banana (surprisingly sweet, never would have considered bananas sugary a month ago) with some half and half since I don't have HWC.

                          Now off to bed, still 149.6! We'll see what the scale says in the morning though.


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                            Kudos for your spirit and jornalism detail!
                            Im also struggling around that same weight, I fell off the wagon pretty bad over the holidays and so Im back on posting so that I read and motivate myself.
                            "If you can dream, then dream out loud" - Bono.


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                              that's pretty much the reason I post, I have to journal to stay accountable to myself! Don't worry about falling off the wagon, I did too, just focus on what mistakes you made and how to avoid falling off again through the same process. You're doing great, the fact that you came back proves you find this lifestyle value enough to return

                              Today was a disaster for me!! Woke up, weighed myself in at 149.6 again.
                              Made a "smoothie" of 3/4 cup whole milk, 1.5 tsp of instant coffee, vanilla protein power I found in my moms cabinet (it was soy protein, I prefer whey by far but I used it anyways), and one large frozen banana. Yum!!

                              Then I went to lunch with some old friends....italian food. Did not prepare well for this! I decided to treat it like a treat and ordered what I wanted: four cheese baked spaghetti. Wrong choice. I had a small house salad first, then a HUGE plate of spaghetti covered in cheese and a piece of garlic bread. My stomach isn't too happy right now. I feel sleepier than usual and like there is a brick in my stomach. I can't even remember the last time I ate pasta but I won't do it again soon. I don't feel sick or anything but my stomach is kind of bloated and I just like how I feel after an omelette better! This is unbelievable, I used to be the biggest pasta fan and it tasted good but sort of blander than I remembered and not really worth the feeling of derailment.

                              Came home, sugar cravings in motion (that is the other reason I don't like cheats, it sets me down a dangerous path) that I quickly squashed by eating two primal chocolate truffles! Cravings gone!

                              Tonight will be another disaster because my family is eating pizza and this is one tradition I HAVE to partake in because I only come home once a year from college and it's a thing we did to really reconnect before I left so my family would be devastated if I didn't join them. I will limit how much I eat. And I won't eat between now and then to give my stomach some settling time.

                              I'm already dreading the water weight and bloating that is to follow today. Tomorrow I will be even more strictly primal!


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                                Thanks for the encouragement!

                                Yeah, pizza+family= it seems inevitable. During my trip back home, where I also must partake in everything, I ate almost everything, but smaller portions of it. Bread, pasta, rice, pastries, etc. Not the whole thing, always just half of the plate. That kept havoc out of my gut, certainly wasnt happy, but didnt have the usual flares, which made my holidays a lot more enjoyable.

                                However, having a few bites of the devil, of course that raised hell and now i am working on controlling sugar cravings real bad.

                                Btw, I'd try and not to beat myself much about weight, every ounce, every gram... Its just not realistic and a little enerving, what I do is to have a pair of skinny jeans that Id like to fit nicely in, and every once in a while i try them on and see how i develop. The daily variance can well be water, a bit steak, etc... not real progress or not! well, just my thoughts...

                                Good luck!

                                Keep us posted!
                                "If you can dream, then dream out loud" - Bono.