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Paleo Diet Mastery - 30 Day Challenge

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    If you feel week and think you need some more carbs try some fruit in stead of the cereal. If you tolerate dairy (and I see you have milk) try some full fat yogurt (or greek yogurt) and add some berries or slices of banana.
    For some variety try the veg mix with minced meat.

    Loosing weight slowly is better for your body, what you are reporting sounds great. For me loosing 3/4 kilo each week is the best and the weeks add up 17 kilo in just over 5 months !

    Chocolate is allowed, get some 70% or over dark chocolate (once you are used to you might prefer the 8o% or higher) or make your own chocolate by melting 6 tbs coconut oil, 3 tbs cocoa, 2 squares of dark chocolate. Pour in mold and harden in fridge. You can add some nuts, grated cocos, sunflower or pumpkin seeds or raisins if you like. I make 12 chocolates out of this with different things added. A nice source of healthy fat and minerals. Strange enough I loose more weight if I regularly have some chocolate.