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    Im am just starting out going primal. So far it has been 3 days. Honestly im not sure how im going to make it through today let alone tomorrow. Physical hunger hasnt been an issue but craving have been driving me crazy. If cravings werent bad enough I'm feeling incredibly tired and just drained, like im in a fog. Its almost like i have been fasting but i have been eating plenty.

    Yesterday I went to practice skating skills at the rink but that didnt go well either. My energy levels were fine at first but plummeted very quickly. Normally an open skate is 2.5 hours which i can get through fairly easily most of the time but this time i barely made it through 1.5 of it before i ran out of gas. Cant help but wonder how long this will last or if it will go away once im further along in the diet.

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    Normally, the fog will lift in about 3 days. Alternatively, you can gradually reduce carbs over a couple weeks. Each approach works for some people. How low are you going on carbs? Some people need more carbs than others. I eat all the carbs I want for dinner but avoid them the rest of the time. Find what works for you.
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      Welcome Marissa. You have made it through another day, I hope the cravings will lessen as you adjust to this way of eating. Good luck.
      Annie Ups the Ante


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        I ended up really blowing it last night, lost my mind and went carb crazy :/.

        To answer your question i have averaged about 120g carbs since i started which is really low compared with what i would normally eat which consisted of a LOT of grain, grain and more grain products. I am an athlete and end up getting plenty of exercise so maybe that was to low? Also I have trouble with binge eating, again mainly carbs. Its a wonder im not 300lbs, if it wasnt for all the exercise i get im sure i would be.

        Anyway i am getting back on track today!
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          Today I finally managed to get back on track. Ate more carbs then i probably should have but none were grains so there's that. After dinner i ended up near 33% fat, carbs, and protien. After a likely snack tonight itll probably bump up the fat percentage a bit.


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            After posting yesterday it happened again... went off track finding some source of bread to trip over. It isnt hunger that is the trouble, it been something else.. like i find myself going on autopilot to self destruct . Im not sure what it is about evening at night that is so hard to get through.

            Once again i started today right with a spinach and feta cheese omelette. Not sure what i should have for lunch yet. Normally i would have a sandwich or some other bread product, but no. I need ideas for primal lunches that are semi quick.

            Anyway, today will go right!


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              I did manage to get through yesterday! Finally i am getting started again 1 day down on to day 2. Today has went fairly well too. I spent the day baking with my mom, pies and cookies and other little treats for a family get together, something that would normally have been a trigger for me but i got through it and staid on track! I am really proud of myself for not giving in to the temptation. If i got the numbers right i am ending today at about F50%, P28%, C22%.


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                Good you are back on track, Marissa.

                I agree lunches are the hardest meal to make primal. At first my best option was leftovers from dinner - trying to make sure there are leftovers is the trick. Maybe dish your lunch out separately at the time of dishing dinner will work.

                Another option is soup, but that needs planning and cooking ahead.

                A big salad topped with protein such as chicken or again leftover meat is another option, it still takes planning though because you have to make sure you have the ingredients readily available.

                If you are at home you could whip up a primal pancake/waffle with egg and banana and perhaps cocoa.

                Hope these ideas help, good luck and keep it up.
                Annie Ups the Ante


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                  Hi Marissa and Annie!
                  Hope you dont mind me joining you. Ive been browsing a few journals to find one that I can jump on and I liked this one!

                  I actually joined MDA since this year (32 y-o) i suddenly developed IBS symptoms, and after some serious food tracking ive narrowed it down to mainly wheat and oats. Maybe corn also. But im seriously trying to steer clear of any big carb sources.

                  Ive been hovering around the 120g carb per day mark with the often over 200g mark, therefore not much progress in any weight loss being made, so maybe its time to join a journal and see whatever struggles other girls like me go through daily.

                  My mission:
                  Currently Im at 132lbs (60kg) with app 33% body fat (ugh) and want to be whatever weight (maybe around 120lbs=55kg) but less than 25% body fat.

                  Im no athlete, but enjoy doing some excercise (hopefully at least) 3 times a week. Im slowly steering away from cardio (jogging really clears my mind, but the next day im totally wiped) and doing slow cardio, so im able to hit the gym more often without the extreme tiredness.

                  My real horrible challenge, is that i work at an icecream factory! But i will make no excuses, now is the time to break free of cravings!!
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                    Of course i don't mind! The more the merrier.

                    I too have been hovering around 100g-120g carbs on my good days and often hunger isnt one of my issues, just the cravings that can be so overwhelming at times. I'm not sure i could work in a icecream factory! I'd go mad.

                    Anyway, for the last two years or so i have been attempting to lose body fat, not necessarily overall weight, without much success. Ive gone up and down but some how i always end up back at about 175lbs. I am 5'8" and a lot of that weight is muscle in my legs from all the skating i do, sometimes upwards of 15 hours a week.

                    My mission:
                    I'd prefer to to be around 155lbs but really that's just a number. What i want is to be faster,more agile, and dropping a clothes size or two would definitely be nice.


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                      Here is WHY your diet is tripping you up:

                      Unlike other diets, you're actually changing the way your body does business. Primal works by converting your metabolic hormone system from sugar-burner to fat-burner. We have the DNA to make hormones which either burn fat or burn sugar. When your diet is based on carbs or sugar, your body is accustomed to calling on the piece of DNA which makes sugar-burner (or sugar-storage!!) hormones, like insulin. When you eliminate sugar and start filling with fat, suddenly you have a bunch of sugar-burner hormones with nothing to do, and a bunch of fat that you don't know what to do with. Your body goes into shock for a little while. This is carb flu. Then your body says, "Oh we're eating fat now, are we?" and begins to dust off that piece of DNA which makes the fat-burning hormones. This is what Mark Sisson calls "reprogramming your genes." It takes your body about a month (IMO Mark's 21 days is the minimum) to properly ramp up that hormone process. Once your body starts burning the fat you eat, it now knows how to burn the fat you have sticking around. YAY! But in order to force the body to make the hormone switch, it is imperative that you are VERY strict during the first months of Primal. You have to really DEPRIVE your body of sugar/carb in order to FORCE it to get used to making the fat-burner hormones.

                      Thinking about it that way, it's easy to see WHY all those nuts and dairy trip people up. Dairy has a lot of sugar, the timing of between-meal snacking clashes with the timing of fat-burning, and nuts don't seem to be as effective as animal or coconut fat. You're not forcing your body into fat-burner mode, so your body hangs onto sugar-burner as long as it can and you're back at Square 1. Most people have to do this cold turkey. If you go through carb flu, that's actually a VERY good sign.

                      Look at sbhikes's meal plan and follow it to the letter. If you're still snacking, eat more fat during the meal until you're stuffed. That will really shock your body into fat-burner mode. Even if you gain a couple pounds, the important thing is to force your body switch those hormones at all costs. You can work on the fat later.

                      Calories do matter, especially for women. This is kind of a new concept for Primal. While Mark talks about calories in his books, he gave off the impression that we could just eat all we wanted. Petite women were all confused that they're weren't losing. This forum had a bunch of arguments on counting calories... isn't that conventional wisdom, isn't it obsessive? I thought our bodies gave us a stop signal?... After some discussion, the general consensus is that yes, in theory, your stomach know what "all it wants" is, but your emotions can override and it's easy to overeat. Your body will burn fat calories, but it can only burn through so much in a day. If you want to burn the fat you already have, you have to bring less into your mouth. Not counting may work for men, or those who work out a lot, but women have to at least estimate.

                      However, don't cut down on calories until you're sure you've switched to fat burner. Heal your metabolism first.

                      Quote from username: Oxide.

                      Sorry, I had to copypaste this post from another thread, because I found it really interesting. I will try it for a while, see if increasing the fat in meals, will help me kick start those useful hormones.

                      I'll introduce a protein shake, not to replace a meal, but to fill up the afternoon munchies, Ill let you know if this works or not!

                      It is so relieving to find out that there are a lot of struggling people at this, despite having become primal to some extent...
                      "If you can dream, then dream out loud" - Bono.


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                        Welcome to MDA! It sounds as though you are transitioning from sugar burner to fat burner as has been mentioned already. It is best to be really strict for the first while (at least 21 days) until your body has settled into fat burning mode. Going back and forth to grains is not going to help you at all. For lunch I try to do leftovers, or some kind of breakfast type thing too. You can make big batches of things like egg/veggie muffins or meat muffins (like mini meatloaves) and freeze them. Really quick and easy and loaded with good stuff. I find it is important to have enough veggies with the fat and protein as they also help to control cravings. A lot of times too little fat results in cravings too. If you like butter a dab of that works well as a little snack that can tide you over if hungry. Once you are done transitioning to fat burning mode you will find yourself a lot more energetic and able to skip meals a lot more easily than before. If you need more carbs you need to find ways to increase your intake with starchy veggies and some fruit too. Milk (I only recommend raw milk) is a very good supplement if you are working out a lot ... and if you don't have problems with it of course.... Just a few thoughts. Hang in there and keep on going. The first few weeks can be tough... but soooooo worth it!
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                          Breakfast: 2 fried eggs and cottage cheese drizzled with olive oil. Coffee (reminder to buy cream).
                          Im off to my saturday german lessons, I hope I dont stumble upon a brownie... So, to avoid that Im taking a tupperware with chopped cucumber and tomato and cottage cheese. Will commit to make that my mid morning snack.
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                            Originally posted by Coll View Post
                            If you need more carbs you need to find ways to increase your intake with starchy veggies and some fruit too. Milk (I only recommend raw milk) is a very good supplement if you are working out a lot ... and if you don't have problems with it of course.... Just a few thoughts.
                            That's pretty much the strategy I have been taking. When i need carbs i have been doing whatever it takes to stay away from bread... with varying degrees of success. I have stocked up on tons of veggies and some fruit so i have another carb source to reach for when the need hits. Im actually a big fan of veggies so that has been working quiet well the last couple days.

                            Anyway, I managed to get through the rest of last night ending the day on a high note. This morning i tried a recipe for primal pancakes that Annie suggested. Honestly i was skeptical at first but I found them to be quiet good!


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                              Nice going Marissa! Pancakes with almond or coconut mill?

                              On your other post i was wondering how did you ever get un-tempted by a baking day with your mom? The smell of baked goods... mmmm...
                              "If you can dream, then dream out loud" - Bono.