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Paleo fitness for 50's woman in UK??

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  • Paleo fitness for 50's woman in UK??

    I've been Primal for about 9 months now in terms of diet and sleep and have been getting on really well. I have lost over a stone and feel much fitter....

    .. but and it is a big but ... I have done little focussed exercise. I am a primary teacher so am fairly active, walk whenever possible but would like to start back at the gym lifting things and perhaps some hiit training but don't know where to start. I used to do some pilates, cardio and light weights (rather girlie perhaps) as the male trainer is not sure what women should do in the gym (?)

    I am reasonably fit and have only some slight arthritis in my knees.

    Is there a good book, starting programme I could do ... I have thought about starting PBF but find it rather dry ... any suggestions? I have easy access to a small friendly gym.

    I would be really grateful for a few ideas. Many thanks.