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    Originally posted by U2sandrah View Post
    I totally get what you mean when suddenly some wheat crawled its way back into your gut... And you feel the effects that havent been felt in a while. So not worth it!!
    Have you tried dark chocolate instead of candy?
    I did have dark chocolate, I absolutely love it!! But I have found that it kinda opens the gateway for me to wanting more sweets. So I think for the time being I'm going to just focus on good foods and keep the indulgences out.


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      that seems like an excellent mindset! if dark chocolate does not help, to erase it from the menu, i totally wish i had your discipline!

      i totally went astray yesterday: during a fancy meeting at work, they served finger food and icecream for lunch (i work at an icecrem factory!!) and since im am not able to fast through breakfast&lunch, i was pretty hungry and had a few little sandwiches and a icrecream cone... boy did i regret it 4hrs later... IBS raging back!

      today i was on healing mode, and totally behave, so i will strive to keep
      this good behaviour for the rest of the week!! my gut really needs
      "If you can dream, then dream out loud" - Bono.


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        Sorry to hear about the IBS incident. That is truly a difficult situation you have there though I bet my cubicle land high stress job has more fat people than your ice cream factory job. :-)
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