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    I guess I'll start this thread with a brief history of I how I ended up here.

    I had been overweight, but relatively healthy most of my life up until about nine years ago when I had taken a pretty sedentary office job that put me behind a computer most of the day. In addition, my eating habits were abysmal. I've never really enjoyed cooking, so I ate out a lot (which included way too much fast food). Slowly but surely, the combination of the two packed on the weight just as expected. I didn't realize how heavy and unhealthy I was until about 5 years ago, when I accidentally stuck my foot in my mouth and agreed to run a half marathon with my uncle. I had topped the scale at 290 pounds, and could barely jog a quarter of a mile at a very slow pace.

    That was my trigger to realize that I needed a change and to get healthier, although the only knowledge I was armed with was pretty much the basic mainstream mentality of "Eat less and move more". I ended up yo-yo dieting for several years after that mainly because my eating habits didn't change much because I liked to eat too much. I thought I could accomplish my goal only through exercise. Boy was I wrong.

    I stumbled across the paleo / primal lifestyle about a year and a half ago, and I had kind of an "A-Ha" moment. It made so much sense that I figured I had to give it a try. Although, changes and progress have been coming pretty slowly. I got really gung-ho and tried jumping right in with both feet, although what I didn't realize at the time was that I had almost 35 years of deeply entrenched habits to overcome (mostly on the diet side). I ended up on another yo-yo cycle. Trying to flip a switch and do too much all at once, last a week or two, burn out and eventually return to my bad habits for a couple of weeks where I would start feeling like crap again. During the good stretches I would feel really good, and during the bad stretches I would feel really crappy.

    The end of the latest "bad" stretch came last weekend. My intestinal tract was so bloated it felt like someone had tied it knots. That was the turning point where I kind of drew the line in the sand.

    I've been eating mostly primal for the last 4 days, with only fairly minor but intentional cheating each day, and I'm feeling tremendously better already. I'm trying to ease my way through the transition this time to lessen the likelihood of another relapse.

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    Day 4 in the books.

    B: Eggs and Spinach
    L: Beef Gyro minus the pita bread. (plenty of mixed veggies)
    D: Cheated a little during "my transition" and had a cheeseburger and no side.

    My car was also in the shop for the last three days, so I was taking the bus and biking everywhere the last couple of days. It actually wasn't too much of an inconvenience, and I'm going to start what I call "Commute Like A New Yorker" plan. Basically walk/bike or take the bus to where I need to go on most days, and only use the car when I really need too. This way I'll have no excuse to not get plenty of low level exercise.


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      Welcome! Yeah, going cold turkey works for some people. I found I needed to do a slow transition. I hope that continues to go well for you. Good luck.
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