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  • My journey, my journal (LCME)

    I decided rather than dig up my old journal that I would make a new one. So here it is.

    I am starting a primal challenge tomorrow for the month of April.

    My goals:
    1) Remain under 100 carbs per day for the entire month
    2) Fast 24 hours at least once a week
    3) Limit dairy (other than butter) to one serving a day, eventually eliminating it.
    4) Primal exercise 3 days a week.

    Hopefully that will get me a nice set of abs to work with for the summer.

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    Hey there! I started a new journal for April too!
    I like your goals. I am also butter only for the dairy... cheese makes me crave other non-primal junk. Ghee and butter don't seem to have a bad effect on many people.
    I should consider the 24 hour fasting, too.


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      So it's here. The "OMG it's April and I have no money" stress. I went to the store yesterday and stocked up on some ground beef that was $1 off, my fav bacon, eggs and some coconut milk that was $0.30 off. I'm trying to stretch all that for 3-4 days. Needless to say it's going to be a VLC month.

      Yesterday I ate
      3 eggs 4 bacon + coffee and cream
      1lb gound beef with pasta sauce and a little bit of havarti chesse
      ~2tsp of coconut oil

      I actually felt extremely nauseous last night after the coconut oil (the previous 5 days have been very high carb and junk foody) so I think that I jumped in too fast. Hopefully that means that today will be better and my body will adapt faster.


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        A reasonably primal day. Essentially the same menu as yesterday except that I went out for lunch with the roommates. It wasn't too bad, I probably had a sushi roll and a half worth of rice. Just enough to knock me out of ketosis, but not a big deal.

        I also went for a 2 hour walk/light hike with my friend up the local mountain. It was really nice and a good slow primal workout.