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    Still pretty sore, but a bit better again than yesterday.

    B: Not hungry, but rather than IF, chose to have coffee with whole milk and a bit of cream
    L: BAS - mixed greens, green pepper, scallion, purple cabbage, white turnip, half an avocado, evoo & lime. 3 chicken drumsticks.
    D: 5 slices bacon with 3 eggs fried in the bacon fat.

    Been out at a meeting all evening, but am craving 'something', so I mixed some cocoa in coconut oil (I think that's the coconut bark I've heard about??) which is chilling in the freezer. May top it with some almond butter. Then off to bed.

    Hubby gets home from a business trip tomorrow, and the weekend should be full of errands/house chores and kid soccer stuff. Rainy, and supposed to stay that way for days, so not expecting to get to the yardwork. Will have to see how the wound is feeling to see if I'm up to any exercise, or long walking. Doc wanted me to take it real easy for a few days to not stress the stitches.
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      The coconut bark last night was interesting...extremely rich, definitely missing the sweetness of chocolate (my dark choc so far has been 70%, will have to get some of the darker stuff), so tried it with almond butter. Nicer, but in the end, a little bit was enough. Will keep the idea for a once in a while 'need something rich' idea.


      B: IF
      L: IF
      D: ribeye done in butter with rosemary, red chard sauteed in bacon fat and garlic. Completed 21 hour IF.

      Incision feeling better today, with some low dose medicating. Doc looked at it this afternoon, still a lot of swelling and bruising, so told to take it easy over the next few days still. Decided tonight to forgo the meds for some wine instead. A couple of glasses of red with and post dinner, now thinking that may have not been the best idea. Feeling sore now, but will have to deal with it. Dumbass.

      On the other hand, the IF was easy today. Like last time, a high fat meal pre fast helps a lot. Productive at work, and managed to slip out at lunch to buy some shoes I've been eyeing for our upcoming trip to Paris...leaving in 3 weeks!! Will be the first real getaway without kids, and we need it. Plan to stick to mostly primal eating, but anticipate some deviation, as long as it feels good to do so. Planning to stay pretty strict from now until we go, in hopes of being prepared for the potential consequences of the holiday. Perhaps a not very primal attitude?? I want to be able to enjoy myself and taste the local fare, but in moderation. Have to expect that some baguette and croissant and cheese and chocolate and wine will have an effect, but can't see not trying at least a bit of each during the week.

      Enough holiday talk. On to the next 3 weeks.
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        Tired and still sore today. Out doing errands, haircut, groceries and such, now seems to be more swelling under the bandage. Better follow doc's advice to take it easy. Took a painkiller and then a nap before dinner. Feeling a little blah, probably from the meds.

        B: (10am) 2 eggs scrambled in bacon fat, 4 slices bacon, coffee with whole milk
        S: small handful (maybe 1/4 cup) macadamia nuts
        D: 2 homemade burger patties on a bed of baby spinach, topped with cheddar, baby tomatoes, salsa, fresh guacamole and sour cream. My dairy fix for the weekend.
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          B: 2 eggs scrambled with cream in ghee (interesting new flavour), with a bit of steak, coffee with whole milk, small grapefruit
          S: 1/4 cup macadamia nuts, later celery with cream cheese, 1 coffee + 1 americano with cream
          D: burger patty with cheddar, guacamole, salsa, sour cream on top of lettuce & tomato, 7 asparagus spears wrapped in 2 slices bacon.

          Found some excellent bacon at the butchers, made on site. Very tasty. I also found individually frozen, presliced pork belly, so had to grab a big bag of that too. Unfortunately, the skin part has been trimmed off, usually I fry it super crispy so the skin is nicely crunchy too, but these were a good deal.

          Perhaps a bit heavy on the cheese/dairy today, was feeling peckish. Cold and rainy, damn near froze sitting outside for son's soccer game this evening, only +5C (low 40s F?). Being stationary I think the parents were colder than the kids in shorts and shirtsleeves, at least they were running hard for 90 min. I'm just warming up now after nearly 2 hours! Can't even take a proper long hot shower because of these bloody stitches.

          Going to prep some garlic pulled pork for the slow cooker for tomorrow. Turned out great last time, though hubby pulled it out of the cooker that time before I was home and I'm sure he threw away all the fatty bits. He's heading out of town again, so this time I can make sure all the fatty goodness stays where it belongs...on my plate.
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            B: smoothie (frozen strawberries & blueberries, celery, spinach, chocolate protein powder, coconut milk & coconut oil)
            L: 2 HB eggs, 1/2 avocado in a few slices deli turkey breast
            D: BAS (lettuce, radish, scallion, green pepper, white turnip, cucumber with evoo/balsamic/lime) with garlic pulled pork.

            Wow, the pork was SO much tastier than the last one I made in the slow cooker. Only difference is this time I bought kosher salt rather than sea salt, and I did the shredding myself while keeping the fat and adding some of the meat juices. I thought the last one hubby did was a bit dry, which I thought was a bit odd, but when I asked him if he added the juices, he looked at me blankly...makes such a difference.

            Now I'm crisping up the skin from the pork shoulder in the oven...will be an excellent treat later on. Yum.

            Doc looked at my incision again today, still quite swollen with a hematoma (big old clot of blood) underneath. He debated opening it up to drain, but we decided to leave it for a few days, so strict orders to not stress it with workouts yet. I'm feeling lazy...but the next couple of days are back to the long shifts so wouldn't be fitting that in anyway.

            Weight this morning is 136. Had been bouncing up and down between 138-140 for a while, so nice to see movement. Waist is 28 inches, down from 29.5 last month. Belly is definitely flatter, with some good upper and side ab tone starting to show through. I'm thinking that once I throw some resistance work back in, I'll see a lot more happening. Hopefully it won't be long until I get the okay to resume workouts.
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              The pork skin I crisped up last night was amazing. Loved every fatty dripping nibble, guiltfree. However, for some reason, I ended up eating a bunch of nuts later (maybe close to 3/4 of a cup of almonds/cashews/pistachios) and 2 rum with diet coke. Was frustrated with my kids, yeah, real good excuse, that one.

              Today: 22 hour IF (10pm yesterday to 8 pm today), some black coffee, green & herbal tea & water
              D: purple cabbage, mushrooms, spinach, carrot and pulled pork, all sauteed in pork fat from the leftover broth from the slowcooker. Very yummy and filling.

              Long shift today, dreary and rainy outside. Everyone around me was complaining about feeling sleepy and were even napping on breaks, I felt energetic and alert. That's one of the things I really like about IF. And the few times I felt sort of "hungry" with tummy growling passed quickly.

              No pain pills needed today either, still tender, but tolerable.

              Feeling very full post dinner. Aiming for early(ish) night, as up again at 0545 for long shift. Plan to be back to at least light workouts by the weekend...hopefully warmer and over the rain.
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                Okay, apparently I have a thing going with nuts. Last night had the rest of the bag of almonds/cashews/pistachios. Probably close to 3/4 cup. And a square of Green & Blacks 70% dark chocolate. That and another rum & diet coke.

                Today got up too late to pack food for 12 hour shift.

                B: coffee with whole milk. A few spoonsfull of coconut milk.
                S: coffee with cream, 2 boiled eggs with butter, 3 slices pathetic skinny looking bacon
                L: "chicken caesar salad"...turned out to be sad chicken like processed bits of meat, and sugar/wheat/soybean oil in the ingredient list (noticed after purchasing), green sencha tea
                S: cappucino with unfortunately the highest fat milk was 2%
                D: home for crispy pork belly, yay.
                Later: another rum & diet coke, 2 handfulls macadamia nuts, spoonful of cream cheese, 1 organic strawberry from tonight's delivery box.

                What's up?? Not a good week, it seems. Control needed. What I'm aiming to do is eat on target for a few weeks until the holiday, but obviously not on track. At least most of the indulgences are more primal than not...

                Tomorrow's another day. And the stitches are supposed to come out. Still swollen, but liveable.
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                  Interesting development today. Despite the ton o nuts consumed this week, along with some drinks, scale was down 1 lb today. At 135. Strange. Good, but strange and unexpected, even though the middle seems a bit bloated this week.

                  B: coffee with whole milk, smoothie (frozen strawberry & blueberry, celery, spinach, chocolate protein powder, coconut milk and coconut oil)
                  L: BAS with tuna, dressed with evoo, lime and red wine vinegar
                  S: small handful of macadamia nuts (naughty indulgence)
                  D: Big grilled sirloin topped with a pat of butter, sauteed mushrooms, garlic broccoli with butter, tasty fiddleheads sauteed in garlic and butter

                  Stitches came out, doc is pleased with the decreased swelling. Still wants me to take it easy for another week, but think I'll add in some low level activity over the next couple of days. Feels better, tender but healing. Who thought removing a small cyst would lead to that much pain in the backside??

                  Not enough sleep this week, been up too late every day despite good intentions. Note to self: get ass to bed at a decent hour.
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                    perhaps that bloated feeling is from all those rum and diet cokes. I often feel that fizzy stuff leaves me feeling a bit full in the tummy.

                    Glad to hear you are healing.


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                      Suse, that would make sense. I've not had any soda at all for a few weeks, until this week. I probably shouldn't admit that I had one tonight too...
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                        I'd go back to the wine if I was you


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                          Today was sort of an IF, but chose to have milk/cream with coffee, so not a true fast.

                          B: coffee with whole milk and some heavy cream
                          L: Americano with cream (half & half, the highest fat the coffee shop had)
                          S: handful of macadamia nuts between rushing home from work and heading to son #2's soccer game
                          D: 5 slices bacon, 3 eggs fried in the fat. Was late, around 830pm, after soccer. Made the same for son, when he saw it after his shower (yes, his had 2 slices of buttered rye bread under the eggs), he promptly exclaimed "I love you, Mom"...too funny. 13 year olds don't say that often, so even if it is over food, I'll take it!

                          Dinner didn't really fill me up. Will have to look for something else before bed. Think I might be at long last in ketosis...this evening having an odd taste in the back of my throat.

                          Another point of interest for today...wore for the first time a pair of pants that I bought 2 weeks ago for my upcoming trip...they were most certainly looser today than in the store. Weren't tight in the first place, though more snug than today. And they are size 6...seems to be progress. Granted it is a bit disturbing that they don't quite fit as well as I thought they did when I bought them, but I'm pretty pleased. Hmm, that also might mean that the sundress I bought that was snug should fit superb...will have to pull out and check tomorrow. Scale was still 135 today, so yesterday's number wasn't just an anomaly. Yes, I do recall saying that I was planning to weigh only once per week, but that hasn't quite happened yet.
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                            I've discovered a new love.

                            Creamed coconut.

                            Found it a few weeks ago in the ethnic section of the grocery, very inexpensive. Forgot I had it until I saw another post mentioning it, and remembered an earlier one where someone mentioned being able to just squeeze it out of the package directly into awaiting mouth. Anyway, was searching for a snack, and found some. First taste was just the coconut oil that had separated from the coconut meat solids in the plastic package. Squished up the coconut meat stuff...heaven. Had to put it away after scoffing nearly 1/4 of the package...felt just too decadent and like an absolute cheat. Lovely coconut taste, and the texture and richness reminded me of shortbread cookie dough (a shortcoming from pre primal days). Filled me up completely too. Had 3 organic strawberries too.

                            I hesitatingly decided to share my new fabulous discovery with hubby (for fear of having to share)...he had a taste, made a bit of a face, and said "it's ooookay...". Didn't quite get what I was on about. Well, that means more for me! A new way to fill up and up the fat content when I'm in need of something more.

                            Great end to the day. (let's not mention consuming the last tiny bit of remaining rum with a diet coke and then one dry martini).
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                              Made my first meatza! A hit with the whole family. Led to an interesting discussion with the almost 15 year old son about "eating so much meat", as well as fats and grains. He's certainly not onboard to turn primal, but not generally complaining about the meals I've been fixing lately.

                              Lots of errands and running around town today, not really hungry this morning.

                              B: coffee with heavy cream
                              L: didn't bother as wasn't hungry
                              S: last handful of macadamia nuts (hubby found the stash), few almonds/cashews
                              D: meatza topped with mushrooms, tomato, green peppers, mozzarella, few slices of chorizo, one beer

                              Feeling very thirsty since dinner. Maybe due to the regular CW pizza sauce I used that was in the pantry? Just checked the label (belatedly), has modified corn starch and a fair bit of sodium It's either that or the beer, I suppose.

                              Didn't buy more nuts at the grocery today. Do have almonds on hand if I feel the need, but have been snacking on nuts entirely too much lately.
                              Expect to share a bottle of red wine in a bit.

                              Have been researching local sources of grass fed meat. Are actually quite a few around. Will get to check some out when the farmers market opens next month, and hope to eventually convince hubby that we should order a freezer full direct from the farmer. Will start working on that after our holiday.
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                                Had a very unexpected (and excellent) surprise this morning. Down another 2 lb! When did that happen? And how, considering all the nuts, drinks, and so on this week? And with not much activity. Waist is down another bit too, less than 28". So that's 3 lbs gone this week, I'm pleased, but bamboozled. Another point, nearly all of my 'skinny' pants are starting to be baggy.

                                Last night had a bowl of strawberries and a few frozen blueberries with whipped cream, mmmmm. And some lovely merlot. Son #2 came home and ate leftover meatza (he had been out over dinner), exclaiming "wow, it's pizza on a hamburger!!", and was worthy of another 'I love you, Mom', lol, along with a request to make it regularly. Think I can comply.

                                Hubby and I discussed the local grass fed meat suppliers I found. Think he's onboard to place an order for a 'variety pack' of 55 lbs of grass fed/pastured beef, pork and lamb. We can go out to the farm to pickup, about 2 hours away, they give tours of their farm and you can see how the animals are kept. Will do so after our trip, early in June. Yay!

                                Slept in today, was up too late watching FoodTV (good old food porn).

                                B/L: coffee with whole milk, 3 egg omlette with leftover meatza toppings (green pepper, mushroom, spinach, chorizo, bit of mozzarella) cooked in bacon fat.
                                D: will be leftover meatza and a BAS.
                                Am told the boys are making dinner (haha, on a leftover night...???) for Mothers Day. The thing is, I was also going to make sausage patties with the rest of the ground pork (have about 2 more lbs) for this week's breakfasts...hubby says I should supervise them doing this...we'll see. I'm skeptical.

                                Okay, have some work to do. I'm presenting at a conference next weekend on a panel, and have to submit my presentation tomorrow, and I've procrastinated all week on getting it done. That, and laundry.

                                Happy Mothers Day to the rest of the moms out there.
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