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    I hate to start with a failure, but after 3 days of successful Primal eating (OK, there was a little batter on the fried oysters, but I only had a couple.) I crashed and burned at the buffet today. I agreed to go out of reflex, the options at this Korean place are considered healthy by traditional standards.

    I had 10 pieces of sushi, rice, fish and avocado, no mayo. (bad rice, bad soy sauce)
    Broccoli - steamed and seasoned (good)
    Spicy cucumber salad (good)
    Bean Sprouts (bad, I think. Beans are legumes)
    Bulgogi - lean beef (good)
    Sweet Potato starch noodles, I think there is buckwheat in there also (?)
    3 pieces of General Tso's chicken (no excuse), but I skipped the other fried, battered options.
    Green tea to drink

    Before attempting Primal, this was considered a healthy lunch.

    Bison steak tips for dinner, with a salad.

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    I've been at it for a week now. I can't claim 80% compliance, or any dramatic weight loss or health improvements, but I absolutely notice some improvements. Most dramatically, is that I'm not hungry all the time, I'm sleeping better because my sinuses don't swell up and block my breathing at night. More incredibly, I had 4 pints of beer on Sunday, and I woke up feeling fins on Monday, usually all it takes is 2 beers to give me a killer sinus headache.

    I haven't lost any weight yet, but I did blow my calorie count over the weekend, but other than beer, I stayed primal.


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      The Primal Blueprint.

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        First attempt failed utterly. Partly my fault, with encouragement from uncontrollable outside forces.

        I felt great for three weeks (other than some BM issues). My knees ached less, my chronic sinuses felt so good that I stopped taking my med (singular). My sinuses slowly, but steadily backed up and I got a really bad sinus infection. That meant really poor sleep, antibiotics and turning to junk food for comfort. Then with the holidays, kids activities and my Primal food stores declining, I slipped completely.

        I expect it will be next to impossible to get on track again until after New Years, but I'm making an effort to moderate the sugary treats and gluteny grains at dinner over Christmas.


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          Been back on board for about 4 weeks. I've given up stressing over the PB on the weekends. We stay with my in-laws in ski country, and I have little control over my supply chain. I do bring my primal chili to the mountain for lunch, but dinner is more of a problem. I still mostly avoid refined sugars. During the week I eat primal 9 out of 10 days.

          Dropped 6 pounds in the last 4 weeks. Feeling tired a lot, but physically good otherwise. I did quit my Singulair prescription at the beginning. I definitely feel the pressure building in my sinuses and I am waking up at night sometimes. Daily neti pots have helped.


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            Been mostly primal since November, I did slip over Christmas, spent the week at my in-laws in ski country where potatoes are the favorite vegetable, and anything green is rare. I jumped back on immediately following.

            April vacation was another write off. My daughter is good at baking, and had lots of free time. I know, brownies and pies are bad, but they are still main-stream treats. I'm trying to encourage moderation, and teach healthy eating as I can without passing absolute rules. I think I suffered more from the lapse than she did from moderation and SAD diet; I'm up a couple of pounds from the week, had trouble sleeping due to sinus issues.

            Back on track this week, trying to minimize exceptions (chocolate, beer, sweet potatoes) for a couple of weeks to get centered again. I still feel good, slept well again, sinuses less troublesome after only a couple of days back on board. If that's not enough proof of the benefit of a primal diet, I don't know what is.