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    I smile at your story, I have had so many similar experiences - gone right off the fried food, eager to share primal with people who need it, looser pants, and sadly having to buy a smaller bra. Oh well, I guess one can't have everything.

    Yummy for your Christmas menu. I haven't started mine yet, I usually have a meeting with my sister and mother poring over magazines etc, it's a lot of fun.
    Annie Ups the Ante


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      Weigh thursdays and this morning was surprised to see the scale had gone up to 71.3. Now I know this is only a 200g gain and could just be some fluid my body has decided to hang onto and it was hot yesterday. The thing I find difficult is that my measurements have gone down. My waist is smaller by 1 cm and so are my thunder thighs. How can I gain weight and loose cm's?

      I wont panic I'll just keep going and see what next weeks weigh in is. I had a terrible day yesterday with a bout of carb flu that came out of the blue. I'm 5 weeks in and presume I will still have the odd day when my body misbehaves. I felt light headed and hung over. Not my usual clarity and energy. Today though I'm back to my normal energy filled self.

      Another thing I have noticed is that for the majority of the day I am very calm, more centred. When I do the school run and while waiting for the Munchkins I find I stand with the Mum's and just listen. I don't feel the need to waffle and make conversation when I don't have any. I also find I have more patience with my children. Don't get me wrong there are days when I still scream at them (they're 5 & 6, and listening isn't their strong trait yet) but I feel I am coping more, more tolerant.

      I am really trying to live in the 'now', I know such a bandied about term, but I really believe in it. It is so hard to sometimes pull your thoughts back from the past especially if it's a negative incident. If I find myself thinking about something negative I tell myself to stop and take some deep breaths and focus on the present. I refuse to worry about 'what if's' in the future. Life is meant to be lived not fretted about.

      Meals are generally twice a day with maybe some nuts to snack on or a wee cup of cream. Am going to only drink this saturday night and see how that effects my weight loss.


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        You most certainly can gain weight while losing inches, especially if you are exercising eg lifting weights.

        Your body composition changes to have more muscle (which is heavy but dense), but less fat (which takes up more space than the same weight of muscle, therefore making you look bigger).

        Keep it up, because as you build more muscle you will also require more fuel so (unless you eat more) your own body will start to burn the fat to feed the muscle (there may be a better way of putting it but that's as I understand it). Then you will get even more slim.

        Great news about your calm moods. Crazy that we never realised our tense moods were food related!
        Annie Ups the Ante


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          Great to hear of your success! I have experienced much the same and smiled when I read your list of changes that have happened since going primal.

          You might try making bread with tapioca flour - it makes a very tasty bread, especially with cheese if you do dairy. Just google 'tapioca cheese bread,' there are many different versions, all of them easy. One advantage is that tapioca flour is relatively inexpensive compared to other things like almond flour.
          My Primal Journal:

          "Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold


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            Originally posted by Edcat View Post
            I went to a gathering yesterday at a pub and had a great time catching up with mates. But the biggest thing was that my husband and I ordered lunch and very easily ate our primal food and ignored the fries. And they were gorgeous looking fries. Hand cut and beer battered. But I looked at them coated in wheat flour and cooked in some horrible oil and realised they would be poison to my body. Hubby and I laughed later as we had both thought the same thing. Could we be becoming purists??!!

            I have promised him not to go on a crusade and spout out to everyone about how bad their way of eating is. And I wouldn't. But had an interesting conversation on friday with a Mum in my son's class. She is very over weight and was complaining how she now has bristly hair growing under her chin. She is only 38. She was thinking PCOS. She said she has tried so hard at dieting and exercise but the result were so minimal compared to the effort she was putting in.

            Casually I mentioned Primal and how it works. She seemed genuinely interested so I directed her to this website and she also wanted me to jot down some meal plans in an ordinary week for her. So I'll pass that on to her today. I said to her to just give it ago for one month and see how she feels then. Be interesting how she goes.

            My pants continue to get looser. Last week I lost some more grams and another cm of my waist. The down side is my bra cups are starting to look a lot less full. But I refuse to buy anything new yet, I'll wait till the new year. Even though it has been over four weeks I notice I still get the odd day of carb flu. I might feel a bit sluggish or have a sore lumbar area. Then the next day I wake up and I'm rearing to go with that wonderful energy. My husband has been getting a sore back on and off to, he is three weeks into being Primal.

            Planned the xmas menu and it looks like it will be ham, roast pork, lobster and prawn. With salads and bbq's veges.
            I'll make the kids a trifle (with no sherry of course!).
            sherry in he trifle helps the kids sleep.
            F, 48, 5'10"
            Start Date: 25-06-12 @ 161lbs
            Goal Reached: 30-09-12 @ 143lb. Now bouncing between 145lb - 149lb. I'd like less bounce and more consistency :-)

            Started Cross Fit 20.12.12 ---- Can't wait to submit my success story on the 1st anniversary of starting primal.


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              Another week has flown by and we're still going strong in this household!

              After my 200g weight gain last week I am so pleased that today I am 70.9 kg! Woo hoo! I haven't been under 71 for about three years and that last time was bloody hard work. Strict calorie counting and exercising everyday! And i was miserable and it all crept back, plus some.

              And another cm of my waist. I can actually see my waist definition coming in and that is what pleases me more than any weight loss number. Pre children I had a lovely hour glass shape and I was always proud of my waist measurement of 23 inches. Now it's in the mid 30's ... but reducing.

              Hubby is loosing ridiculous amounts, he's only been doing it for four weeks and is down 7 kg and his clothes are looking truly baggy all over. He keeps coming out in pants he put at the back of the wardrobe and showing how they fit, how much looser they are. He is so happy at what is happening and he is also amazed at this no hunger business. I'm chuffed that I was able to initiate a lifestyle change that resonates with both of us.

              I facebooked Nora to tell her how her book has changed my life and my husband's. It is so sustainable and enjoyable. My latest breakfast or should I say brunch as I don't eat till about 11:30am is blood sausage with three eggs scrambled in butter with vintage cheddar cheese or three egg omelette (I've found this the magic number to keep me full till early evening) with cheese and chilli powder and smoked salmon with wasabi and pickled ginger or tomato slices sauteed in butter with slices of sauteed blood sausages and slices of thick sliced haluumi cheese, delicious flavours.

              Last night I roasted two free range hormone free chickens slathered in butter and himalayan salt, stuffed with half a lemon and rosemary and my god did we enjoy that chicken skin, completely guilt free. My husband still cracks up laughing at what I feed him but the results speak for themselves. He just shakes his head at me if I feel some rumbling late afternoon and I have a small cup of cream to tide me over till tea is cooked. He doesn't like cream so he gets macadamia nuts.

              I also feel my weight loss this week is attributed to the fact I had three alcohol free evenings and I've introduced nettle tea to my herbal blend and I feel that is helping rid me of unwanted fluid. The Painters are nearly here and normally I'm retaining water big time. Fingers all puffy etc but at the moment nothing plus the weight loss on the scales. So yay for nettle tea.

              So off I go for another week, so funny all this spare time now as I'm not obsessing with food, not going to the fridge, opening it, then shutting it quick while berating myself for having no willpower. Poor my old self, you couldn't help it you were poisoning yourself and feeding your addiction with grains and wheat. Go my new self!!


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                Weigh-n this morning was a whole kilogram! So now I'm 69.9kg. How motivating that weight loss is. I popped a top on today that I haven't been able to fit into for about three years and it looked great. Bit snug across the boobs but I now know that I'll easily fit into it in a couple of weeks.
                I have been listening to my body and its hunger cues and am finding that I will eat my first meal of the day between 11:30am and 12:30pm and for the past three days I haven't wanted any other food. If you had told me this time next year that I would be happy and hunger free on one meal a day, I would have laughed at you.
                I have discovered this gorgeous streaky bacon, and the tomatoes are fabulous at the moment. Being summer here the salads are really enjoyable to eat.
                I am going to introduce a multivite on top of my three krill oil capsules and vit D capsule. If I'm only eating one meal a day I think that would be a wise inclusion.
                Oh I have also lost another 2 cm's of my waist.
                Went out for lunch with my yoga class to celebrate another year together. Someone noted me removing all the croutons from my caesar salad and asked what I was doing. I said I don't eat bread anymore. Well the whole table stopped and then wanted to know why? What did I eat instead? And then I had to give examples of a daily menu. Overall it was received well, main thing was they wanted to know how I found out about. So I referred them all to read Primal Mind, Primal Body and also to come to this website and have a browse.
                Hubby and I are off on holiday next week for seven nights. Not worried at all about staying true. We're going to Coolangatta so there will be lots of swimming in the sea, walks on the beach and yummy seafood to eat.


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                  Edcat, that is all fantastic news. Well done, you. And so funny at your dh laughing over eating chicken skin, haha. Maybe you will have converted some of your classmates.

                  Happy holiday.
                  Annie Ups the Ante


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                    Thanks Annieh
                    Merry christmas to you too!


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                      The last time I added to this was in early december. I decided to have a break from this site but not being Primal!

                      So in the eight or so months I have transformed. I now have some seriously nice legs and bum! So shocking and I was in denial for a while, kept getting my husband to take photos of me in my new aussie size 12 pants (that are continuing to get looser btw) so I could see with my own eyes what me brain kept saying couldn't be true. Then I wore some new pants to work and had comments like 'sexy' and 'foxy' from Dr's I work with, wow the last time I turned a man's eye was 2003.
                      My arms are much thinner and my necklace now hangs about 2 inches lower as I have even lost weight of my neck.
                      I find I only need to eat once a day and thats early afternoon. I enjoy cream in my tea in the morning and will never go back to eating the old way.
                      People are starting to sit up and take notice now with the results I'm having and seeing what I eat and how happy I am.
                      My husband is loving it too as he can see the joy in my face and he is loving my new body and the confidence it has returned to me.
                      I didn't realise how unhappy I was with my weight and shape, especially since I was doing everything 'right' to lose it, calorie counting, walking 60 mins per day etc etc. A journalist wants to do a story on me and wanted some pictures, kinda difficult as I hadn't let anyone take a photo of me in about fives years. I used to see a photo of me and not recognise that person. It made me sad that the outside world saw me like that. I asked my husband the other day if he ever felt embarrassed about my weight gain. Nope! he said, I'd given him two beautiful children and with all the miscarriages prior to our two miracles he said it was as it was. He is very proud of the results I've had though and he's loosing too by being Primal as well.
                      For fathers day this sunday I will be cooking twice cooked pork belly and I now eat the crackling guilt free and know that my body is very happy.
                      Had someone query the cholesterol issue and you should have seen their faces when i said cholesterol is a good thing it is the body's bandaids. I am sure they think I'm bonkers ... don't care, when I read Nora's Primal Mind Primal Body it all just resonated, I'd found my truth woo hooo!!!!
                      I've lost 12 cm off my waist
                      10 cm of my thighs
                      13 cm of my bum
                      And I continue to lose, but it's not just that, the body that is emerging is shapely and almost sculpted with muscle, attibuted to my yoga me thinks.
                      Cheers Eds


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                        I'm glad you have continued with your journey and it is obviously making you feel great as well as look so much better. Your husband is a treasure. You are blessed.
                        Annie Ups the Ante


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                          This is how stories should go. Someone finds Primal, reads and understands what to do, then goes and does it. No arguing on the forums, not constantly asking "help, I need some primal cupcakes" or whatever. Nice work.

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                            Thanks Guys! Feels good to be part of a great movement, slowly we will change the CW thinking with our results and hopefully longevity not to mention energy output and happiness.