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    Hi everyone! I am an American living in Germany. I have difficulty committing to things without accountability so I hope this will be a great place to record everything and stay on track. I will begin tomorrow.

    A little background: Since moving to Germany two years ago, I've struggled with digestive issues, lack of focus/energy, and sporadic sleep troubles. (Not coincidentally I realized I was consuming more grains here than I had in the U.S.) I set out to find a solution and came across this site. I have been "sampling" a primal lifestyle for a while, but now my German, grain-loving husband has decided to try out primal eating for 21 days with me.

    I'll begin keeping track of everything starting tomorrow.
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    November 9th:

    B: 2 egg scramble with salmon, avocado, & spring onions. 1 clementine. Green tea.

    S: 1/2 cup coffee with coconut oil

    L: homemade chili (beef, tomato, bell peppers, spices) with a salad (lettuce, carrot, EVOO, ACV)

    S (post workout): hard boiled egg with mustard, 2 clementines

    D: 2 nori wraps with sardines, lettuce, tomato, carrot, and avocado

    Activity: 1 hour walk through the city and 30-45 minutes strength training at home


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      How is it that I haven't posted anything in seven months? We've been out of town more than we've been home. Here is a quick update from that time. Holidays: I did pretty well over the holidays. Thanksgiving with friends wasn't a big problem because there were lots of primal-friendly choices. Christmas was not a problem, either. We spent a week in the mountains in Colorado and had a great time. Two things really helped make this time easy. We have an assortment of food allergies in our extended family, so most meals had to be gluten, dairy, and corn free. With a bit of healthy snack prepwork ahead of time, we had no problems staying primal. My husband and I just returned from an 8 week adventure (mostly for work, but with a bit of vacation mixed in) in New York, Hawaii, Boston, and Rome. I probably had the most difficulty staying primal in New York. I gave in to a few gluten-filled items and had quite a strong reaction to them. Since then I have been able to stay 100% gluten free for 8 weeks! I stayed primal in Hawaii, Boston, and Rome, except for a gluten free beer and hot dog at a Red Sox game, which was so worth it. It looks like we're back in Germany for the next few months, so I am trying to keep track of my progress again. I have learned over the past 7 months that I have more problems staying primal when I am at home. Right now I work mostly from home (I have to go in to the University for work about 10 hours a week). We've also had an unbelievably cold and rainy spring. Outdoor physical activity (and sunlight) has been impossible and I'm really starting to feel it. This is really apparent after spending a week walking (and climbing hills/stairs) all day in Rome in the beautiful sunshine. Hopefully the weather will improve starting tomorrow and I can return to my vineyard walks/hikes. I will try to post my eating and activity journal daily, as well as any other thoughts/comments.


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        Sunday, June 2:

        B: 2 nori wraps with salmon, cucumbers, red onions, and a bit of cream cheese. 1 cup green tea.
        L: Greek salad (bell peppers, cucumbers, tomato, red onions, olives, tomato, feta cheese), 1 can olive oil packed sardines
        D: Carnitas lettuce wraps with guacamole & 1 home-fermented dill pickle, a small cup of honey sweetened coconut milk ice cream for dessert, 1 glass white wine

        Activity: none (just normal housework)

        Thoughts: I've been consuming more dairy lately than I did for the previous 8 weeks and I am not feeling well. I am going to try to cut out most dairy (except for grass-fed butter) for a few weeks to see how I feel and slowly reintroduce a bit of raw cheese here and there.

        The next part will be t.m.i., but I want to make a note of it for my own records.

        My cycle has been WAY off this time and I normally have no problems in this department. I have one polycystic ovary (not PCOS & I am at a healthy weight), but I have never had cycle problems. I am being a bit more strict in the hopes that these issues will resolve themselves by staying on one time zone, quality sleep, activity, and (of course) diet.


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          Thursday, June 6

          B: 2 eggs sunny side up with mushroom & onion sauté and sliced radishes, green tea w/ coconut oil

          L: Salad with tomato & radishes, sardines

          S: 1 handfull nuts (2/3 cashews 1/3 almonds)

          D: Pan-seared duck breast with mashed cauliflower and spinach. Unsweetened homemade spicy orange sauce on the side.
          dessert: blueberries

          Activity: 45 minute hike mid-day, 20-30 minute after dinner leisurely stroll


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            Friday, June 7

            b: 2 eggs scrambled with french dried salami & tomatoes, green tea w/ coconut oil

            s: herbal tea, blueberries

            l: 1 can sardines, blueberries

            d: roasted chicken and veggies (kohlrabi, carrots, onions, bell peppers)

            activity: none


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              Saturday, June 8

              b: 2 scrambled eggs with chorizo and onions, green tea w/ coconut oil

              s: cherries, a few cashews

              activity: 45 minute hike

              s: leftover chicken & veggies

              d: grilled grass-fed steak with asparagus, zucchini, and eggplant
              (dessert: cherries)


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                Sunday, June 11

                b: bacon, eggs, tomato, green tea w/coconut oil

                l: leftover roast chicken and veggies (see Friday)

                1 hr. hike

                s: cashews & cherries

                d: leftover steak, zucchini, eggplant, onion, & asparagus mix, 1 glass wine


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                  Monday, June 10

                  b: 2 egg scramble with ham, green tea w/coconut oil

                  s: 1/2 c coffee w/ homemade coconut milk, hazelnuts, watermelon*

                  l: 1 can sardines, eggplant, bell peppers, zucchini

                  s: (watermelon-mint ice pop)*

                  d: saffron-turmeric turkey with onions, tomatoes, & broccoli
                  dessert: another ice pop*

                  activity: none (crazy day and pouring rain)

                  * Note: I bought a watermelon because until this week (with the cherries) I really haven't consumed much fruit. I like fruit, but I easily over-do it and it isn't available in the winter. I didn't have a problem with the small servings of cherries, but I did have a problem with the watermelon (too much fructose, perhaps). So, although I may have one ice pop (watermelon, lemon juice and mint) after a hard workout in the heat, I will not be consuming them often due to how I feel afterwards.


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                    Tuesday, June 11

                    b: ground pork/beef, shallots, tomatoes, 1/2c coffee with coconut oil and milk

                    s: toasted coconut flakes

                    l: leftover dinner (turkey & veggies) in nori wrap

                    s: cashews, dates, watermelon ice pop*

                    d: pan seared fish with raw veggies (cucumber, tomato, carrot, radish), 1 cup bone broth

                    Activity: body weight exercises inside (so much rain! I am ready to get back outside again.)

                    Notes: Oh man the fruit and snacking is killing me. I knew from the start of the day that my meals needed to be a bit bigger with plenty of good fats to keep me going until the next meal, but I just couldn't do it. We're on a fairly limited budget, so I try to prioritize quality sources of meat, but we clearly didn't make quite enough. It just wasn't enough food. My stomach was gassy and bloated after the watermelon snack and hurt until I went to bed. Fruit is definitely a replacement food for sugar for me so I need to remove it completely until I have the sugar problem under control. The lack of fresh air and sunlight has also made a huge difference.


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                      Wednesday, June 12

                      b: 2 egg scramble with chorizo and tomatoes, carrots & radishes on the side, 1 cup bone broth,
                      green tea w. coconut oil

                      l: green beans, hazelnuts

                      d: mixed veggie & chicken curry, a few cherries

                      a: 30 min. easy walk


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                        Thursday, June 13

                        b: smoked salmon, cucumbers, red onion, green tea w/coconut oil

                        l: mini meatballs (beef, mushrooms, onions, egg, eggplant) & raw veggies

                        d: Meatballs, grilled eggplant, yellow pepper, grilled fennel, 1 slice watermelon

                        a: leg strength training


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                          Friday, June 14

                          b: meatballs, carrot, cucumber, tomato, green tea w/ coconut oil

                          s: chai tea w/coconut milk

                          l: sardines, raspberries

                          d: grilled pork chops, eggplant, spinach, 1/2 sweet potato
                          dessert: frozen mix (blended raspberries, coconut milk, cocoa powder, and dates)

                          activity: 45 min hike, a few sprints, arms (push ups, pull ups)


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                            Saturday, June 15

                            b: eggs with chorizo, tomato, and kresse (cress in English?), 1/2 sm. sweet potato, 1/2 c coffee with coconut milk and cinnamon

                            l: olives, 1c bone broth, 1/2 sm. sweet potato

                            s: chai tea w/ coconut milk & coconut oil

                            s: olives & hazelnuts

                            d: large salad w/ leftover pork, tomato, olives, cucumber, & spring onions
                            dess: frozen fruit/coconut mix from yesterday with fresh strawberries

                            note: I did not sleep well last night (and I can't remember the last time I didn't sleep well). I think it was from the fruit sugar before bed. (It could also be that we're in the upper 80s and 90s here and no one has air conditioning or ceiling fans... I guess we'll see. For a girl who grew up with Southern U.S. air conditioning, this is quite a change. :-))

                            On a positive note, I actually feel like I am getting hungry at the right times, if that makes sense. I actually wake up a bit hungry now (I haven't been like that in years) and only get hungry when I haven't eaten enough to get me through to the next meal. Considering I have some hormonal issues I'm trying to work on, I'll take this as a good sign.


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                              Sunday, June 16

                              b: eggs with tomatoes, spring onions, and fresh herbs, 1/2 c. coffee w/ coconut milk

                              activity: 50 minute walk/hike

                              l: olives, 1/2 sweet potato, leftover pork chop

                              s: (at a birthday party. Passed up all the homemade baked goods and alcohol.) Strawberries, cashews, 1 cup black coffee

                              d: slow roasted barbacoa lettuce wraps with salsa, grilled red & yellow peppers, eggplant, beets

                              dessert: frozen mix from yesterday

                              sleep: not so good. I won't be buying more fruit for a few days or eating anything sweet in the evenings. It was also a really hot night…. we'll see...