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    I have wondered if i should start a journal, even now I hesitate. In a way it will be good to put down progress and toughts and look back to see where i ahve grown and mistakes I've made.

    I have thought this over in my head and decided that a little history would be nice, but will edit it and not make any possible reader slog through my life history. I'm 5'6" and was always a skinny little kid, until puberty swept in. In my teens I become stocky with a little weightlifting and lawnwork. Until I was able to drive, I had a tenspeed, that got me everywhere, no wonder, since I fell in love with the movie Breaking Away. Some of the kids i hung around had mopeds and i did my best to keep up with them on my bike. During this time, my legs were huge and could leg press 300pounds.

    I spent time in the Army and got involved in weightlifting and it was almost my religion. Once out of the service I got on with my life and this person I used to be in my 20's and early 30's carried alot anger and esteen issues and that played out in the form of lifting weights as a release. For a couple years I played paintball, which helpeddrop some body fat--looked good on the outside, but I was a mess inside.

    There was a catalyst, that changed how I viewd myselfm etc. and gave me hope. with this new foudn outlook, I stopped working out, beceause the anger was gone. This period of time brought alot of changes and is the reason i am so willing to take on change now.

    So in this last year and a half, I became a vegetarian for a few reasons. The biggest being that I thought I'd lose weight. I had played around with Ayurvedic eating before this and lost weight, but it didn't stick. During this time I had also started doing yoga and changed jobs from a field job to an inside job.

    Here we are, beginning my fourth week, eatig primal/paleo. feeling great. I just started reading Robb Wolf's book and Mark's willl be next. I started with the basic idea and just ran with it, not over complicating it. I have kept my meals pretty basic, chicken, salads and fruit and drinking water. I read labels now and some of the juices I used to buy, I won't now because I read the lable.

    Places I have gone out to eat (primally): Chipotle- It makes me laugh when my bowl slides empty past the rice and beans, to get double chicken, mild salsa sour cream, quac and lettice.
    Red Lobster- had the cole slaw, lunchtime portion of grilled trout with garlic butter and a skewer of grilled shrimp and two helpings of broccoli with iced tea.
    Denny's- this was today, All American slam scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage and freshfruit with orage juice and water.
    Bob's Bigboy Weekend Breakfast bar- Almost a every sunday thin for me now. Pile of scrambled eggs, pile of bacon and some fresh pineapple, its been about two plates of this each trip and a orange juice and water.

    I have been taking pictures of my face, front and side body shots and can see the difference. My pants are getting looser but no actual weight loss. I don't know when the weight will come off, with the muscle base I have, but 'm not worried about it with the results I can see.

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    Sounds like you are doing great! I am lousy at the journal keeping but I know it helps. Don't stop
    You know all those things you wanted to do: You should go do them.

    Age 48
    height 5'3
    SW 215 lbs
    CW 180 lbs (whole foods/primal eating)
    LW 172 lbs
    GW 125ish lbs


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      I realized I hadn't put my weight on here yet or goal weight. Currently 180lbs and would like to get to my BMI weight of 150.


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        I think I might have slept too much on Monday, my day off, then not slept well that night. Yesterday I felt like a funk rolled over me and I just wanted to get home. I haven't mentioned that I work 5am to 2pm, so I'm up around 3am to get there.

        Morning meal was chicken and apple...lunch was the same with salad. Got home and was surfing youtube and watched Denise Minger's talk. Then I saw this video about how Oreos are Vegan. WTF?! More searching and PETA has a approved Vegan foodlist...all stuff I wouldn't even consider eating now, that I read lables. i used to eat oreos for dessert at lunch with my vegetarian spinach salad and chickpeas and sweetened Lipton tea. Funny how Peta wants to save animals but apparently has no problem killing humans via diet recommendations.

        Another work day has begun and i've drug myself in here, I'm not feeling it today. Not feeling socialable at all, drinking some different teas and had a little dark chocolate to try and cope. Come on 2pm, I can't wait to get out of here!


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          I think I might have slept too much on Monday, my day off, then not slept well that night. Yesterday I felt like a funk rolled over me and I just wanted to get home. I haven't mentioned that I work 5am to 2pm, so I'm up around 3am to get there.

          Morning meal was shicken and apple...lunch was the same with salad. Got home and was surfing youtube and watched Denise Minger's talk. Then I saw this video about how Oreos are Vegan. WTF?! More searching and PETA has a approved Vegan foodlist...all stuff I wouldn't even consider eating now, that I read lables. i used to eat oreos for dessert at lunch with my vegetarian spinach salad and chickpeas and sweetened Lipton tea. Funny how Peta wants to save animals but apparently has no problem killing humans via diet recommendations. Then I turned off my computer and had some ribs and cole slaw

          Another work day has begun and i've drug myself in here, I'm not feeling it today. Not feeling socialable at all, drinking some different teas and had a little dark chocolate to try and cope. Come on 2pm, I can't wait to get out of here!


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            I just spent the last 30 minutes staring at my first three weeks, weekly pictures. I am a little choked up too, its so amazing looking at the difference. Weight loss or not, I can see the fat coming off. I'll wait for this fourth week to consider posting any pictures. I can't believe how emotional I am from looking at just the change from three weeks from taking on this lifestyle.

            The first picture shows a round belly and the third picure shows the top of my belly flattened out, right under my chest. Just amazing!

            I pasted the pictures together on the computer, to see the side by side, like I've seen others here's teh sideview that gets me.


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              After my post, last night, I was putting my food together for today's work day and discovered something. The one rotis' chicken carcass I thought was clean of any meat. wasn't. I pulled that thing apart and ate every last bit of chicken off that thing. That was a bit of surprise bey appetite has leveled out a little, compared to the first week and a half, where I was hungry every two hours.

              This morning I woke up with so much energy and I just started laughing. My arms tingled with energy and I wondered if elves didn't sneak in, while inject me with adrenaline. Right now I plan doing a couple more things, then taking a nap in the tub. Then i'll get up and finish the ribs, drink some water...might have some salad if I feel like it.


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                This will be an update from Thrusday to today, Sunday. Recovering from the office cold, I think being primal has helped.

                Thursday afternoon, I started coughing, then once I was home and woke from a nap in the tub I was sniffly. I wasn't real hungry that evening and had soem ribs.

                Friday morning I could feel the cold in my nose but had alot of energy, which has never been the case for me. I have always felt like I need a pop while suffering a cold. On my way to work, I stopped and got tissues, non-drowsy drugs and orange juice. I ate all the chicken I had taken with me, think I ate all my salad and one of my sliced apples. After work, I went and had an omelet with mushrooms, sausage and American cheese with orange juice and a side of bacon. Said no to the potatos and toast. Then it was off to get some orange juice and kumbucha.

                I think the pop thing, when I'm sick is psychological. Yousee, when I was kid, anytime I was sick my Mom would give us gingerale(carbonation) and she would give me these mashed up hardboiled eggs with butter. This kind of leads into Saturday.

                Saturday, last day of my work week, started out okay, felt alright energy wise, bu the cold really kicked in and 2pm couldn't get there soon enough. I used all the tissues I had ugh. The trip home went like this:stopped for more cold drugs, onto get more Kombucha and some egg salad from their deli and then stopped for a powerball ticket. Food eaten on Saturday, five pork sausages, half my salad and a couple pieces of my sliced apple. Dinner was a Kombucha and egg salad. took drugs and slept in hopes of sweating the cold down.

                This morning, woke early to the cat wanting some goats milk(our mornig routine). The shirt I wore to bed, the neck looked like my neck had gotten thinner. I can't wait to take pictures tomorrow to see the change. Today so far, cold is disappearing, just ate the rest of my pork sausage and working on a kombucha...might gout for soup later.

                I am never leaving the primal lifestyle, having this cold has only brought the point home. By tomorrow I can see the tail end of this cold with no lingering effects. That's how I feel, when i have the energy today to do some dips on the edges of the tub before getting out, it's a sign. I have never had a five day cold, the cough has always lingered for a week or two after.


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                  Today marks my first 30days of primal life, it has been pretty much 100% for me. Took the fourth set of pictures this morning and put them with the others. I am not sure if I want to post them, like I originally thought I would. I took them more for me, than for others. I don't even know if anyone has noticed the physical change, because it has been subtle and I wear a hoodie at work with the fluctuating temperature of the office.

                  I can say that the cold is pretty much gone, but my appetite is off. Last night I ranout and got some lobster bisque and stopped for more juice and kombucha. Today, I had some juice, but didn't anything else until 4pm. I went to Chipotle and only had the appetite to eat half of my double chicken no rice or beans bowl. On the line I had told the girl sour cream but hadn't said cheese or no cheese, then looked away and waited to tell her lettuce and quac. At teh register I noticed I had cheese in my bowl, THE HORROR! I didn't get mad, it was probably just reflex for her. I did wonder if i could do surgery n it and scrape the cheese and pile it onto a napkin, but schose not to bother and rolled with it. It kind of says about the aversion to certain foods that has grown along the way for me.

                  I've been in an odd mood, thinking about messing up at my new job (I moved across the room for it the end of september) I am critical of my own mistakes. Living with the whole "did I make the wrong choice" following me around stepping on my shadow, is a bit bothersome. As painful as taking on change can be, it is what I chose, so I just have to try and live up to my bosses expectations. The funny thing is they think I'm doing well, but the one mistake I see myself make, weighs on me, more than any good I do.

                  I could blame it on the New Moon tomorrow, this mood that has seeped into my bones, made me listen to multiple sings/videos, in hopes of finding some comfort fomr the self-inflicted pain of thought. It is almost the two images I see of my possible self, the odd little hedge witch living in a small stone cabin and the sristocrat occultist living in a old mansion with the energy of others olds objects surrounding him. It is these romantic notions, those of Thoreau and Diogenes of Sinope that move me along this odd path I have followed...and the journey continues...


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                    Wasn't sure what my appetite would be like today, kist packed a bit of cjicken for my morning meal...larger piece for lunch. I took the rest of my salad and apple from Saturday. It seemed like enough until 2:30pm, the hunger returned.

                    Thought I'd try Denny's again, it came in the shape of a Meatlover's Omelet--prime rib, sausage and bacon in an omelet with cheese on top(minus the taters and toast) with a glass of iced tea.

                    I have a confession to make to anyone reading this, i have three pairs of jeans that fit...well two and half. I have/had a pair that i would wait to wear, until they were the only clean pair. The waist was tight and uncomfortable. I have mananged to not wear them during this first 30days of primal eating...until yesterday. I put them on for some errands and they fit better, looser, to the point that i left the belt at home. This morning, I put them on again to go to work and they felt looser...I needed my belt. After a somewhat regular day of primal eating after practically fadting from the cold, even with the belt, i was pulling them up a little. They are getting close on the belt to being between holes. Do I have some weight loss coming? Hmmm, maybe.

                    I made the mistake of telling a coworker who is struggling to eat "healthier" about my weekly pictures and how my body is changing gradually. She wanted me to email them to her...I did warn her that all I had on was shorts. These are the same pictures I had contiplated putting up here.

                    Tomorrow we are having a meeting with food provided. I was told they are having pasta of some kind, chicken, salad and cookies. I hope the chicken is baked or soething, so I don't have to take a batter of some sort off of it...hoping a big lunch of chicken and salad and water. i will be taking a small portion of chicken in with some fruit for the morning.


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                      This is an update for the last two days...

                      Wednesday, took a bit of chicken and some apple in to work for a morning meal. Lunch was "catered/delivered"...I don't know anyone who passes on a free meal.

                      There it was laid out before us:bread, two types of tossed salad, cooked/steamed veggies, a limited amount of battered chicken and pasta, I believe lasagna. Not that I ate all of these items and to think I have always had a soft spot in my heart for lasagna. Alas, I loaded my paper plate with some of one of the salads, heaping a pile of the veggies and one of the last pieces of batter chicken and of course water. Let the surgery begin, with plastic knife and fork, I cut as much batter off the chicken and ate it. It was a good meal.

                      There were plenty of cupcakes etc, brought in by my coworkers...I was one of two who turned away from them. I allowed others to consume those baked goods which were meant for a long forgotten life. I can't say I missed the taste either. I did have to shake my head(it has become a daily thing) to shake my head at the wannabe healthy cubicle partner, as she ate cupcake after cupcake. Today she told me she was going to go buy some almonds..."tomorrow". What did I do? Find a clip of Annie singing Tomorrow for her. She didn't really appreciate that. Let your actions scream to the world, instead of letting your words become memoirs of the boy who cried wolf.

                      hunger kicked in 30minutes after leaving work, so stopped and got some mixed nuts. This was where I picked up the stuffed cabbage.

                      Dinner was ribs.

                      Today. morning was chicken and apple. Lunch chicken, salad and apple. I wanted something else tough so found some trailmix in the vending machine(nuts, sunflower seeds, raisins and peanuts). It is the first time I had peanuts of any kind since my first week. The trailmix held me over, while I went shopping...

                      I kind of wanted to find something creamy...yogurt and something with cheese. Went to one of the stores I buy Kombucha and started the search. Read the yogurt lables...did find a good one with fat, then saw that it had soy product in it...gave up on the yogurt. Looked at the area where the nuts are, then moved on. Bought more sausage, then spent smoe time in the breakfast bar two different ones that sounded good with the right ingredients. After checking the chip aisle, did think about the sweet potato chips, but headed back for some almonds. That was it for the shopping.

                      Back to the stuffed cabbage, tonights dinner with kombucha and the rest of the a darkcocolatecherry and almond new favorite.

                      This morning I jumped onto the scale, just to was quick but it almost looked like I lost a pound or two. I am really depending more on the pictures and the way my clothes fit, more than the scale. I like the progress.

                      I do need to widen my diet a bit so I don't get tired of chicken, hope to get a better menu for the week to come in the next week. I have ideas, but I don't want to go buy a bunch of stuff if I can buy enough to feed me for a week and it needs to be simple. Something like bacon and sauted kale and mushrooms for one meal. For another meal maybe something from the crockpot or meatballs and steamed veggies.


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                        WOke with an odd feeling in my stomach today, I couldn't tell if it was upset or hunger or a combination of the two. That feeling went away and turned into hunger a couple hours later.

                        The following is todays food, in the order it was eaten:

                        coconut water

                        sausages and apples

                        sausages, salad and apples

                        dark chocolate

                        ribs and coconut water.

                        Just a few things to add...primal has improved circulation and "sensation", as a 46yr old male I am thankful.

                        I've been doing arm presses/dips at my cubicle. Because of the way the desk is, at a corner, I can put my hands on the sides with mt body facing the corner and support my body. When i get bored i'll do dips(as much as my arms can support) and I'll walk around the room. Most mornings, I'll run up the flight of stairs that leads to my floor.

                        My knees still snap a little, but don't feel the weather in my joints at all. If arthritis was trying to set in, I don't think it has a chance now. I look forward to Mondays, when I take my prgoress pictures to show me the changes I kind of see during the week. Having the pictures to compare is really helpful. How can i not get excited to be doing something so simple and natural and watch my body slowly tranform. My 47th birthday is coming up in December and it's exciting to magine what my body might look like by then aand beyond.


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                          Have to get this entry in, I got so cuaght up in the Before and After thread and I have about 40minutes to finish up before Walking Dead comes on. Yes, I set everything aside for The Walking Dead, I won't miss it, Hell(not sure of Hell's definition) or high water.

                          Saturday iwas off of work, a personal day and it was nice out. Nice in Ohio in November is sunny 45deress, for anyone wondering. I had won a gift card for Steak and Shake, from a game at work, so breakfast...their menu isn't very primal. I had gone online and they have this Protobello skillet, that looked good, but it sits i a med of hasbrowns. I've gotten real good at asking to delete items from a meal. Minus the the hasbrowns and side of bread choice(they practicely want us to eat more bread than we should, without knowing about primal eating...just amazing. and a orange juice. Just a critique of eating at Steak and Shake--every time I have eaten there, I can hear everything the wait service says, and I swear, they are always coplaining to each other about other coworkers...not good business.

                          From there I took the scenic route down to Lehmans, they were so croweded. Fought the crowd and bought some books and some jerky and a bottle of water. The jerky is from Uncle Mikes, made nearby in Applecreek, best jerky I've had with the ingredients clearly marks on the package. I ate half the package during the drive home.

                          I started feeling the need to come home, away from teh world and get some blackberry wine. This wan't a craving, I know this feeling, it comes from being crowds. I stopped and got a Naked blue machine smoothy to see if I could shake the feeling for the wine. Closer to home, in the park I stopped and finished the jerky. Then I went and got the wine and came home. I hardly ever drink anymore and hadn't really planned on it in the future.

                          Home, drank half of the wine, then slid into the warm tub to shut the world out for a bit. Like most times, I woke in the lukewarm, almost cold water in the dark.I finished the bottle...I never felt any buzz, which is amazing...not sure if its a primal effect or not. Ate a bunch of almonds and a Uber bar, first time for the uber, pretty tasty.

                          8:43pm so I have to knock this out...

                          Today, woke and headed to the breakfast buffet, if you've been following along, you know this part 'yawn'. Scarmbled eggs, bacon, pineapple and a glass of orange juice and water. Second plate was just bacon and pineapple. Bacon left a burn't taste in my mouth that stayed with me. Then off to see Breaking Dawn part 2...only because I've seen the others and had to see the final one. Really don't like going to some movies and feeling like the creepy old guy in a room with a bunch of teenage girls.

                          Off to one of the places I shop, they have a little cafe setup and Sunday they have (unbattered) wings with your choice of sauce. Got twelve and sat there eating those. It made me wonder why I ever tried to be vegetarian, when eating meat feels so natural.
                          Came home and felt like crawling into bed, I wasn't overly tired, but stripping out my clothes and sleeping felt right. I am not one to ignore what my body wants to do or feelings/intuition/hunches...I trust them and have proven themselves right more than not.

                          Woke and ate this Wallaby greek yogurt, for the first time, its the kind with the fruit in a sidecar. You tear off the lid, tip the sidecar over and mix the two. and drinkng a Lavender Kombucha, halfway gone.

                          That should about do with Sunday. Tomorrow is a differnet story, lots to do, second to my last float tank session and taking the car in after that...have to fit eating in something along the way.


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                            Sunday, I had forgotten about the trailmix I bought and atea a bit had no peanuts or cashews in it.

                            Monday, woke got the cat her goatsmilk and I ate teh other Wallaby yogurt I had, along with a small bit of rotis' chicken. Then i was off for my hour in the flotation tank. Scheduled the last one for this coming week, instead of waiting two weeks, it has become too routine for me. If I owned the tank here at home, it wold be different.

                            The car work didn't take long, so off to where I get the lobster bisque soup...and water. Stopped at the the bookstore and got a copy of Make It Paleo.

                            Last stop, groceries, to make sure I have enough for the week, for the craziness of a holiday week. In shopping, I bought a shrimp cocktail,"For two" or just one primal male eater.

                            Mondays final meal was shrimp and my last Uber bar.

                            When i was prepping my food for today, I had wondered about changing the amount of fruit I took. I'm at a bout chapter 4 of Robb Wolfs book and was feeling a little frustrated with my pictures. I can see a little change in my face, but not much else. I even took three different sets, I am not talking about frustrated, as in quiting, more in the way I need to step back and tweak something.

                            I packed chicken and one sliced apple for the morning meal. Lunch would be chicken and salad, no second apple. Drinking a kombucha right now and there will be ribs for dinner. I decided that I would stay away from any hot teas in the morning and drank all water. I felt teh difference today with the changes and think this is the way I'll go, seems right.

                            In addition to the eating change today, I got home andgot back to my Ashtanga practice, first time sine going primal. I practiced off and on since changing shifts and was always feeling tired. Today, it felt really good, body wasn't stiff, despite not practicing at all and felt very strong on top of that.

                            It is a little difficult to sit still with this increasing energy...hard to believe I am closer to 50 and my body is reverting back to a 21yr olds.


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                              Morning, pulled the tab on a new carton of goats milk and took a few gulps after giving the cat her cap full.
                              In the car, I had a handful of trailmix.
                              Stomach was really growling alot this morning, filled it with water. Right about 7am I broke out my morning portion of chicken and apple.

                              About an hour later I went down to the food machine to see what was in there...HUGE REGRETS...I got a container of scrambled eggs and bacon. After I heated it up and ate it, I looked closer at the ingredients and I was pissed. POWERED CELLULOSE AND CORN SYRUP?! This after my coworker turned her nose at my food and I pointed out how much better it was than her Doritos. It actually led to a bit of CW moment, because she tried to defend the chips by reading the calories back to me. I am done buying food out of the machine, my body will just have to be happy with whatever I take into work.

                              Lunch was rotis chicken and salad.

                              Came home, felt the hunger growing and intended on doing yoga, but got caught up watching Topchef and dozing off. Got in the tub and slept.

                              Got up and ran up to Chipotle...bowl, double chicken, mild salsa, sour cream, quac and lettuce--no beans, rice or cheese.

                              Pomegranite juice from the gas station I had to check the lable first...really relate to some of the angerr towards CW thinking and labelling.

                              At different parts of the day, my face felt tingly/ my body burning the fat on my face? Possibly, I sear my jawline is starting to show and my neck is shinking. There's like no fat on my calvesshins and forearms.