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    Huh, log in to find my status changed to senior member.

    Iguess it's been a week since I cut back on fruits, it just sort of happened, wasn't really planned. I know I thought about it, but it wasn't something I sat down and gave much thought to. Cutting back on dairy, I believe has made a difference.

    Couple things I want to sop, from the last couple days: getting peanut butter M&Ms from the vending machine at unch, to chase the egg salad I'm takin in. The last two days, I hae bought a bag of Lays loaded bacon chips. Sure they have bacon fat in the ingredients, but not a great choice, not horrible, but not great either.

    I think the poor decisions are that I haven't eaten or stopped to get anything worthy for a morning meal. Then lunch roles around d I have egg salad and my water. I may have to get the eggs and bacon sandwich on the way in* the bread is always discarded). At least the next two days to cover the lighter lunch. I am still drinking conut wter first thinginthe morning.

    Other than those two items, it has been a feast of meat and veggies or various shapes and recipes. Had some bourban salmon and butternut squash soup, two nights in a row.

    excercise has been random, as I feel like doing this or that for the last week. Naps to compensate for my odd hours have helped. With better temps here, I parked down in the park, with the window cracked and slept about an hour and a half. After that I headed to Earthfare, but didn't like the food they had i the buffet, so wen to Boston market and tried the ribs with mashed taters and creamed spinach.


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      After the mark of week 25 with no visible change, I decided to try and get my body into ketosis. This morning I hopped on the scale and had lost a coupe pounds. After a full rack of ribs tonight I feel very full. The ribs should hel ustain me into tomrrow, hopefully till lunch.

      What was funny this morning, was dealing with my coworker and boss. I had stopped and got bacon and eggs from a sandwich on the way in, but round 8am I was very hungrt, so ran across the street to Burger King for double croisandwich with double bacon and discard the bread and cheese.

      My coworker, Doito lady kills me
      I told her it was a shame to throw the bread and chese away
      she asked me if I had gone Vegan
      Um, only if Ican be vegan and eat all the bacon I want, Ireplied.
      she apologized for being so stupid.

      The boss has turned into a lunchtime chronic cardio, whey drinking, calorie counting freak. He told me I need to start working out when I told him I was running across the street for food. geesh!
      I love how ne fanatics try and give advce they just learned...I don't feel lik debating with him.

      The tighter pair of pants I've mentioned are bout a inch loose with no belt, awesome. I love being primal and will stay n ketosis for a while.


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        For the last week, being that it is Monday, the day I weigh myself and take pictures, I have cut my carbs. My eatin has been water, cocnut water(in the morning) and some form of meat, which has been mostly chicken and some ribs. Sunday's meal was a Ribeye medium rare, two eggs over medium and side of bacon at Denny's. The cook even gave me two extra pieces of bacon, because I didn't get any hasbrowns or bread.
        abou three times in the last two weeks I have had the coconut milk frozen treat.

        Today, we had Spring weather and I got a good walk in, amazing how mylegs felt it, jus a hour later when I got out of my car.

        I did notice my sides, obliques/lat area is getting leaner and mr defined. Is it working it's way down to my lowerbelly? I hope so.


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          Woke up really sinusey, so had two cups of hot tea instead of coconutwater.

          Lunch was rotis chicken, that's pretty much all I've been eating for lunch. Really had the metallic taste in mt mouth and bad breath this aftrnoon.

          Stopped on the way home to grab another rotis chicken, ended up eating almost the whole thing and a bit of cocnut water.

          Plan on doing a few pull-up/knee-ups tonight.


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            first part of the day was normal, eggs and bacon in he morning and chicken at lunchIt was a great Spring day and took half my lunch outside. I thought I was going to havef to share my chicken with the resident hawk, who ws flying all over the place. Then the wind picked up and I retreated to the lunchroom.

            Stopped ater work and got some Keto strips, then off for groceries--eggs, bacon, one container of frozen coconut treat coconut water, avocado, olives and lemonaise. Got home, put the food away and went for a walk for an hour.

            Ate some olives. mixed one avocado with some lemonaise. Cooked bacon for tomorrow and tonights dinner. Dinner was scrambled eggs(nothing dairy added), bacon with the avocado/quac mix on the eggs. It didn't seem like much but I'm full.

            Oh, and the keto strip showed a small amount of ketons in my system.I wonder if that will change with my focus on healthy fats


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              Did some work on keto foods today, so I can expand a bit beyond what I bought in groceries. Not that I don't enjoy bacon, but want more choices.

              Now that I'm watching carbs a bit closer, it makes me think of the knowledge i've picked up along this almost 27 week journey.

              Stopped and bought some cashews o the way to work, the package says it is 9carbs and they are raoted and salted--I ate 3/4's of the bag.

              Lunch was my bacon adn two eggs. I threw out the little bit of rotis chicken I had brought in, didn't feel like eating it.
              I feel different, not hungry, but full feels different.

              Dinner will probably be avocado, bacon and eggs in some form or another.

              I think making an omelet with cocnut milk might be good, anidea for the future.

              I have some good fatty meat ideas now, and I can work off that list, keep the fat up and the protiens moderate.

              I can't help but wonder what I could look like at a lean 150 to 160...I've never been there. Even as a skinny kid, before my teen years kicked in and I got stocky, I was a fat skinny kid. Hmm, weekly pics from the 26week to my goal weight of that range will be intersting and exciting.


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                Yesterday, Monday, slept alot, but think it was my body djusting to the lower carbs. I felt the over sleeping today, I believe it will be worth the transition.

                This morning I finished the cocnut water. Finished the cashews, little bit later I ate the cheese sticks I took in. Lunch was bacon and eggs.

                I stopped off, on the way home to grb some avocados, cheese and some Mike's beef bites( the beef bites are a good lunch item, BBQ's steak that s dehydrated--carbs for tomorrow's lunch). I had a craving for chocolate, but didn't want to jack up my carb intake, with the coconut water, cashews and eggs. Found a dark chocolate bar with 16grams of carbs and ate it on the way home.

                I know alot f people recommend coconut everything for ketosis, but trying to keep my carbs under 50grams a day, if I had coconut water, milk and meat I would be way over 50 for the day. My body type needs to be under's more of a instinctual thing.

                When I got home, took on the task of cuttng the grass or the first time this year. What I liked was, I had plenty of energy, sweat my ass off. I wasn't realy hungry for dinner either, but got water, ate some salted butter, three slices of swiss and cooked four pieces of bacon.


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                  Kept the carbs under 20grams today and feel pretty good. I was tired to begn with, but tink it was a few things, one of them being the hours I work. Took a nap in the tub when i got home, then got up and cooked dinner and tomorrow's lunch.

                  Dinner was the last two boneless pork chops, with swss and lemonaise spread on top.

                  Food for lunch tomorrow will be one piece of bacon, a porkchop and two eggs, kind of a leftovers lunch. Of course cheese will be eaten in the morning.

                  I have to shop tomorrow, so thinking about the choices.

                  Noticeable change in appetite, in a good way...wonder if I can get my ketones higher if I drop the carbs under 10grams. Thinking about my choices, I cut have cut out the pack of peanuts i bought...more cheese? Keto stick still at small amount and wonder if under 10grams would take me to medium.


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                    Feeling frustrated and impatient, but doing a little better after watching some videos and looking at the time period of the Before and After thread.


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                      Went to Boston Market twice over the weekend, then got back on track.

                      I've been eating almonds in the morning, instead of cheese, which feels better-less constipated.

                      I did have a kingsize reeses cup 41g ofcarbs, geesh! and a kombucha( second one in a couple days) I think they were shooken up, foamed up and lost a lot of it upoon opening-so got some of the 21grams. Alot of carbs, funny how I never paid attention to it.

                      There are a few ideas I've continued to embrace, abo moving every part of my life from CW. Sure, alot of us have embraced the primal/paleo way of life, bu have we forgotten the othe parts of our life? I continue to explore and practice an active investment strategy. I don't talk to most pople abou this part of my life, because I gt alot of CW financial talk, about 401ks etc.

                      My spiritual practice is very non-CW, that has drfited into the very esoteric and dark...which has blurred the line between my spiritual practice and financial practice.

                      Living a non-CW life is exciting, ut isolating, when you don't care to expalin to the blind folk that walk around you day to day.


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                        Yesterday, I woke up covered in sweat and it made me wonder. It has happened off and on since going primal. I searched the forum and found a few answers, but wasn't sure which fit. It might be that I did eat alot more during that day and my metabolism was burning the fuel while I slept. That seems to be the best explanstion, but will have to see if it happens again if I have a high caloric day.


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                          SLipped a little the last week and had soem DQ blizzards, I'll blame it on the warmer weather. That is behind me and it's time to drop the crbs to get into ketosis over the next week. I bought more coconut water to handle the need for cold sweet soemethings.

                          Got a good walk in down at the nature center, it was worth the effort.


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                            Started the day with a couple sips of cocnut water. I didn't take any lunch, because one of the supervisors was supposed to bring me food from Whole Foods for lunch. You see we get two free tickets to Cedar Point nd for the last couple years, I have given her mine and she buys me food. She had told me they have a smoked brisket that is really good, I told her some brisket and broccoli would be greet.

                            When she got in today, Whole foods hadn't put the hot food out, but she would go back. Then she mentiond they have great ribs and she would get me ribs too. Up to the time she wentand got the food for me, I had only eaten almonds, but wasn't starving.

                            She calls me over and tells me, that even thought I told her I didn't want any "starches", she wanted me to try some of the yams. I carry the bag of food bac to my desk, there are three of the carry-out boxes, one with a total f four ribs, about 6chciken wings and brisket. Second box had broccoli mixed with some other stuff(which I will have to sort through) and the third smaller box of yams.

                            I look over each bx, gnetly poke the cold yams, then lace the broccoli and yams back in the bac. I grab some paper towels and go to town on the box of meat. After enjoying everythig in the box,I wipe my face and go tell herhow much I enjoyed the meat. She was surprised I ate all the meat, because it was was supposed to last for two days. Hmm, I hought that was odd, why wold I want to stop eating something when I enjoyed it so. I told her the yams, etc wold come home with me and she told me she wished I had tried one of them. Now tha I think of it, I never gave her a list of rides I wished she wold ride lol.


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                              This week, I am on vacation and working to get my Ashtanga practice back on track. I'm hoping that it sticks and I can make it a habit to come home from work and get on the mat. As anyone who has read my entries kows, my hours have been a big bmp in the road.

                              As far as the practice has gone the last two days, my arms start burning, so I return to my breathing. I have the energy to keep going, the stamina and flexability is what needs to come back. It will come back in time.


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                                Vacation is over, back to the grind. Got eh yoga in today and hope I can transition inot to doing it when I get off work, later in the day.

                                I've had a few Coolata's over the last week, probably more sugar than I should have and unknown carbs. My one meal today was about 48 carbs.

                                Didn't feel like cooking for tomorrows lunch, but will have egg salad. I would like to take my carbs lower for the next week...maybe keep it around 10.

                                Another note, I have gotten a decent amount of walking in the last was good

                                Computer problems erased my picture folders, but all my progress pics were still on my camera...kind of sucks, but I still have them, from the first week to todays new set.