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    Haven't postested much lately, but still keeping it primal. Seems like I' ve had mostly meat and dairy, some white potatoes and a tiny bit of fruit.

    bought one of those sports straps togo around my arm, to see if that helps my elbow get better. My elbow has improved since stressing it doing chin/knee-ups, but I want it healthier
    I have done some pull-ups and have really improved, using my back to pull instead of my arms pulling up, it feels better.


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      Where do I begin...?
      This morning I ate some lunchmeat from a machine sandwich and eyed the bacon and eggs a coworkers made and brought in.

      We had a meeting planned and was told we had pizza and salad wings. To that I asked,"no wings? I guess I'll be scraping the pizza toppings onto salad." I wasn't loud about it, even when i explained to my supervisor, again, that I wouldn't be eating the pizza. He got up, said somethingabout how we need meat and went to fnd the person ordering our food. He came back and said there would be wings. my lunch was six wings and some salad and water.

      During lunch, I thought the people around me were reading my thoughts, drinking my koolaid or mocking me. I say this, because there was another coworker who only ate wings and salad and no pizza, because he tries not to eat alot of bread. One of the coworkers I have mentioned here, said" they say bread isn't that good for you." This after I mentioned to my small group that I had lost 9lbs, when offered Doritos.

      I witnessed my cookie/Doritos eating coworker looking at dietery aids, so i felt like I had to mention how I dislike crutches. If you need them to lose weight or some "grapefruit style"diet, it can't be sustainable. Diet supplement/pills are quick fixes, that you will most likely need to comtinue to buy.

      took a nap, got up ate a small portion of leftover eggplant parmesan, some ice cream and salami and kombucha.

      Tomorrow, I will be taking som lunchmeat in, might take the new bag of barbeque sweet potatos too and a dill pickle. I was thinking of wrapping the pickle in multiple layers of meat. Dinner will be Earthfare to use the 50 additional tomato Bank points I got in the mail.

      I wonder about getting down to 160lbs...I've been thinking about doing thrusters and pull-ups, I think that's Fran in the WODs. I know if I walk with my backpack with 10;bs I could drop at least 5lbs--at least that's what my old diet and body would lose. Would i lose more carrying the same amount being Primal? Only one way to know.


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        I fell off the primal wagon or how I defined it for myself. I had decided to let myself eat mash potatos lately, that might not be the whole cause for my weight gain. I have been eating alot of chocolate and almost daily portions of ice cream, of coure it all ads up. I gained some pounds back, but it stops here, coconut water will be replacing my ice cream iix. As for the potatos, mashed otherwise, if they aren't sweet potatos I won't be eating them. It is back to green veggies and meat etc.

        With that all said and put behind m,I am moving forward. I watched the video Mark did, Under he yellow light and it was perfect tming for me. I have been walking this invisibile border, ignoring that I couldn't see myself as successful. Taking a look at my career path and the future I have decided what I was and thought changing jobs would be the best fix-IT'S NOT! I have been walking this border, pacing back and forth, lookig over the wall, but need to climb over the wall and get over this old perception of myself. I thought I had done this already, but now I see I haven't, I have been in denial. My homework is this, continue reading and putting into practice WD. Gann's methods, read Maxwell's Failing Forward and read and prepare to invest in real estate. I have no interest in flipping, no I am more interested in creating cash flow and becoming a landbaron.

        For those reading this, it may not seem to have anything to do with being primal. As I see it, it does, because it is the whole of my journey and not just how I eat--the primal self


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          I'm really exciteed o post this mornin, because I weighed in at 170lbs! Despite my ice cream intake i the last week, laying off of it, my body adjusted and lost two more pounds. Some of the weight could have been water, when I weighed myself, or it could be my primal eating burned it off, counteracting my indulgence.

          19weeks in the bag today! Took pictures of course used the flash, because the sun is throwing my camera off. It is nice to look at my before and after. Looking at the first week, next to the 19 week is amazing. For being so simple, I realy wonder why we don't have more converts. Then I remember the CW world has the herd so convinced they are right.

          It hurts a little watching people calorie restrict and still eat the wrong foods or look for easy out pills to control their appetite. They should just go primal and enjoy the feast.

          Yesterday's meal:
          brunch, scrambled eggs, bacon, juice and water.
          dinner was lobster bisque
          snack, half a pack of genoa salami and a couple pieces of smoded raw cheddar. with a kmobucha and can of organic cappucino.

          I got another Red Lobster gift card, so think I'll go enjoy some more lobsterfest. Dinner might be at Earthfare and I'll grab more cold cuts for my lunches.


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            There's been some drama at work..part of it caused me to go to Payless and buy some casual black sneakers. The VFFs will be for off work time...long story. I'm a little pissed off, but it stokes the fireinside and I am motivated to crush tose ho woul stand in my way. I wonder if they will notice rigt away, but also don' care. Backstabbers and liars ony hurt themslves ad I'm done being nice. I anbe a team player, but I dont hae to like the people.

            I have been reading Faling Forward at lunch and it sits on my desk now, waiting for my work day tomorrow. I will bring the book home tomorrow nightandread it, along wit my real estate book. I ordered lonnie scruggs books tonight, because I am just pissed off, the time is now. I think it is all falling into place, it's like the decision o g primal and not lok back.

            I still dont understand the ice cream crvin, but using the coconut water to handle the craving is working.

            Did some thrusters two nights ago with 10lbs dumbells, talking about being sore...two days. Tomorrow I can do more


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              20 weeks--
              Monday morning weigh in and pictures taken, the results make e step ac and rexamine my diet. I say this, because the pictures showed no difference. Even thou the pictures don't show it, I weighed in at a higher weight, but I'm not hungry. I ate later in the day yesterday and that meal is still with me...chicken wings(unbattered). Also had some sweet potato chips with salsa and coconut water.

              It might be time to push the percentage of primal eating up...
              Could I do 100% primal? Maybe I need to do a 30 day challenge along with more excercise.

              Sounds like a plan to me.

              1:10pm add on
              After getting sowere, throwing on someslothes and reading some crossfit stuff, I think I am going to stay in. I really like Fran, thrusters work the whole body and pull-ups are something I like to do. Today I did two rounds....before I knew Fran ws 21-15-9, think I got in 15-10 on the thrusters an 4 pull-ups each turn, LOVED IT! I used 10lbs dumbells. It's a bit funny, but in the shower I could feel the soreness in my lower back an hips, soreness doesn't bother me, it means progress. CF is lot different thanwhat I know as weight lifting workouts, so I'll need to read more and see if I can do Fran at lest three times a week to start.

              I have food for tonight and tmorrows lunch, so I really don't he to go out...nap time. Tomorrow I cn grab more food for the week. The plan is to grab seeds/dried fruit, meat(includes bacon) and veggies(broccoli maybe)...probably some almonds and some coconut water.
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                morning meal was a Nakedjuice n eggs and bacon off croisant sandwichs from the Speedway...eggs weren't scrmled.
                Lunch was a Colorado omelet and ice tea atIhop
                Dinner was tua with salsa and apple sauce...dollar store menu for tomight an tomorrow, untl payday.

                Idid stop andget some coconut water, kombucha, sliced roast beef, pumkinseeds and dried apples.

                Before I ate dinner I set about taking on Fran...being very new I wanted to try and get as much in and see how long it would take me at this stage.

                Fran is thrusters pull-ups--with meot trying to set any new records at this stage, in 6 minutes I accompished()
                21 (21) 21(12)
                15 (15) 15(5)
                9 (9) 9 (0)
                trusters werepretty easy with the 10lbs o the dumbells, I could probably add anoher 10...tomorrow.
                e pull-ups, though broken up on the first round isa personal best. The first five were pretty easy, then I knocked out mostly single till failure.

                What I have always found interestig is that I weigh more after a workout of any kind, even yoga. From yesterday to today , when I weighed myself I was back at just under 180lbs. If I though it mattered would go Goolge it, butI I am looking for physical changes I can see in the way clothes fit and how my weekly pictures look.


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                  sitting here drinking some water,recovering my work n Fran.
                  raised the dumbell weight to 20lb each, what a difference.
                  thrusters were 15,6,3 I believe real hard to remeber the reps when you're getting your ass beat.
                  pull-ups were 11,5,1
                  the whole thing took about 7 minutes, I feel it. This time I got cotton mouth, alot more fatiqued and out of breath...I'm happy with the results. I will keep the weight there until I progress and it gets easier. I just really like thusters, they seem to relly work the whole body.

                  Onto food:
                  Last night I ate some dried apples.

                  This morning, drank some goats milk, not much, had a few gulps when I gave the cat hers.
                  At work I finished my fruit and seed mix.
                  I gutted a sub for the salami, it had a couple pieces of banana pepper and I used a couple drops of the italian dressing it came with.
                  Lunch was my pcikle wrapped in sliced roast beef no condiments and my water.
                  snack on the way home, two packages of Juston's organic milk chocolate peanut butter cups(cheat) and a kombucha.
                  Dinner will be the tuna and salsa, apple sauce and water
                  will probably break open the coconut water and might have some more dried apples.

                  Moving around in my chair right now I can feel my muscles reacting to the work I've missed thisfeeling and didn't evenknow it.


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                    Today's food rundown
                    drank some coconut water, after I gotthe cat her goatsmilk, none for me.
                    eggs and bacn from two sandwichs--really don't feel bad about throwing bread out.
                    dry roasted pumpkin seeds and dried apple rings
                    roast beef, salami and kosher dill rolled for lunch, smallcan of pineapple and water
                    cat napped at lunch

                    stopped inpark after work, slept in car for about a half hour...
                    dinner w at Earthfare--meatballs, broccoli casserole and eggplant parmesan
                    While there I looked for Justn's dark chocolate peanut butter cups, they were out. Went to the ice cream cooler and found th cocnut milk frozen treats, got asmll contaner of the SO coconut frozen treat chocolate and peanu butter swirl. I'm still full from dinner, so I haven't tried it. Beats the alternatives, but not a new habit.

                    I was thinkig I would do some push-ups, tired or not,dys not over yet. I may justcount today as a rest day and get back to it tomorrow and Saturday.


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                      Never did any push-ups yesterday, needed the rest more. I did eat a couple bites of the frozen coconut milk treat, really good.

                      Just sitting down now from doing trustrs and work toward tackling Fran.
                      21 thrusters and a whopping 15 pull-ups
                      second round I lost was close to
                      12thrusters and 6?pull-ups
                      6thrusters and 3 pull-ups

                      Todays's food:
                      gulps of coconut water after I gave the cat her goat milk
                      morning, thought about getting something, but all options had cheese and I'm trying to limit dairy as much as I can help it.
                      So, ate more of my pumpkin seeds and drank water.
                      Lunch was salami, roast beef wrapped around a pickle.
                      Dinner was boston market.
                      Might have some spoonfuls of the frozen treat...not sure.
                      we'll see when I finish my water.


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                        Yesterday Iad one big late meal, at the buffet. green beans, brussel sprouts, beef roast, pork, chciken..oh and spinach with iced tea.
                        evening meal...think i ad some meat...then a kombucha ad one of the cocnut milk frozen treats.

                        Today: morning had some of the nut and dried fruit I took to work. Lunch was roast beef, ham and a pickle.
                        Got so wrpped up doig other stuff I didn't eat anything. Drinking a kombucha, looked at the lock n it was 8pm. Decided not toeat after 8pm

                        Also,I have been drinking coconut water first thing in the morning, instead of drinking goat milk, although the cat still gets her little bit.

                        Wanted to get some lifting in but time got away frm me.

                        I can really feel thearea around my ribs, not by touching them, it more like they are tighter, if that makes sense.


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                          My money has bee a little tight his last week, eating has been on the dollar menu. I've been rationing out the pumpkin eeds and the nuts ad dried fruit, I'v had at work. Lunch has been tuna and salsa with applesauce. I hav been drinking some gulps of cocnut water in th morning, istea o goatsmilk. I dd have one sip of goatsmilk yesterday. Alo bought soe rots chicken for evening meals. Snacked on jerky and dried apple.

                          Today I splurged and wanted taters, got two large potto aks nd a mint chocolateswirl shakefromArby's.

                          I'm on a five day Fran push, un-timed, but keepig with the round and rep scheme. Fran is kicking my ass the second day in. Beween Fran and eating the same amount of food I have been eating, I hope to lose some belly weight. I aven't decided if I will shave my beard for the beginning of Spring or wait to see if i can lose 5lbs first.


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                            had some hot apple cinnamon tea, from a coworkers stash. Made a run to Burger King for orange juice. That was my morning...oh and hd some coconut water before leaving the house.

                            I wanted somethin saltyish, agoized abougetting some Snyders BBQ chips,even befoe I rad the ingrdients I new itwasn't a great choice.

                            Lunch was rotis chicken and a dill pickle and dried apple wth water.

                            stopped on the way home and had some lobster bisque. Got hungry a couple hous afterthat and coed up some f the baconI had bought on theway home and had a few mouthfuls of egg salad. I also had soe Justin's dark chocoate peanut buttercups and kombucha--yes, I got paid

                            Debated on doing the Fran work tonight, but feel motivated now.


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                              Weighed in at 172lbs,no change, but my body changed
                              I'll go back to mygoal of doig Fran five days in a row, that turnd into four days--still pretty good. The pictures, I took today, show a difference, mostly in the stomach. From the front, sides of my belly have shrunk and there is now a light taper frm my lats down. From the side, you can see the top pr of my belly flattend out and less roundness to the lower part.

                              After a couple weeks of nt seeing a change, I am excited again, not that I would quit being Primal. I just like to see progress.

                              Shaved the beard today, despite the snow storm that rolled in today. Long walks are postoned. I will be liftng heavy things in ome form, for short periods of time 4-5 times this week at the least. If 12-15 minutes of non-stop heavy excercise works this wll eating this way, I'm on board.


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                                Ate some lay's chips an chip dip the other day, over it and moving on.

                                Did some Turbo Jam yesterday.

                                Carried a box of heavy stuff in from my car today.

                                I'm tring to decide what the meal plan will look like for the coming work week...not sure yet. Thinking about cooking the chicken carcass, for broth and veggies I have some of the fozen bourban salmon and canned spinach, maybe fr dinners.