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    Thought I would jump on and do a weekend recap. I just added my pictures from today to my others and have sat here just staring at them. It is truly amazing what simplicity can do to a human body in eight weeks. I love the way my body is gradually changing, from the week before, and espcially the first week pictures next to the eighth week pictures.

    As far as excercise goes, I've done soe pull-ups, differnet variations with no set number to achieve. Meant to get to the yoga but just have had other distractions.

    I had looked at a hread about hair growth, I have used a chinese herbal shampoo three times a week for a few years now, but since going primal I swear I have new hair growing in. If it is true, that woould be amazing, but I'm not obsessed about my hair. In fact I cut it all off and have kept it very short, for a couple years, in acceptance of this.

    On to the food recap.

    Saturday was pretty standard, morning hardboiled eggs and dried dates.

    I took the sample of bacon and spinach leaves with balsamic to y corkwer, she liked it. That wa also my lunch with a few more dried dates.

    Dinner was Chipotle, same bowl I've mentioned before. While there I think this young girl was trying to get my attention, but she looked a bit too young for me. On the way home I stopped and got a goatmilk yogurt and kombucha for dessert.

    Sunday, I didn't eat until about 2pm, just lazed around the house and watched some of last seasons Game of Thrones. Ran off to have some Lobster Bisque...stopped at the bookstore then went to Boston Market for dinner. I had the three piece dark with BBQ sauce, creamed spinach and the broccoli.

    On to today...

    Kind of a lunch, went out and had a omelet of american cheese, mushrooms, sausage, a side of bacon and a orange juice. Went grocery shopping after that and tried to find menu ideas that would last the week( at least until payday thursday) I think I have enough stuff to last me the week easily.

    I have to boil my eggs tonight for the week.

    Think tonight, I might cook some bacon and zuchini and follow that with a yogurt.

    Had a kombucha today and will probably drink water the rest of the day.


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      Morning--two hardboiled eggs and a couple dried dates.

      Lunch- broccoli slaw with ham mixed with Lemonaise with dried sweetened cranberries on the side--excellent lunch idea, kind of winged it with what I had grabbed on the shopping trip.

      I had thought about saying more here, but don't feel the need to now. I have moved passed it now, coudl be that I let it fall away, with cutting my hair and napping in the tub--just move forward. I may go into it later, but not tonight, but I almost don't feel like looking that far back. I have already moved too far ahead of the thought itself.

      Dinner-a hodge podge of things, a little broccoli cheddar soup, a couple bites of ham, a goat milk yogurt and a kombucha...and the last few gulps of chocolate coconut juice.

      'nuff said


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        Morning, drank two cups of tea, one for fighting colds, felt a little sniffly. At 7am I ate my two hardboiled eggs, but about an hour later I felt like I had diahrea, so not sure if it was a bug or just the eggs. i don't usually have a strong reaction to eggs.

        Today was our office party, I gave money towards the food others didn't bring. They were a little stingy on the meat when I got there. I just held my plate out until I was happy with the amount of ham they were willing to give me. Then a I got some swedish meatballs, happy they didn't hold back on tose and had like six of them, they were rather small...don't think thye had rice in them from the taste. Then I got green beans and the meat that was cooked with them and some greenbean casserole.
        I was jumping passed a cowroker as he stopped for stuffig and potatos etc. On my way out of the room I passed him again, when he stopped at the sweets table, none for me. One of my lady coworkers laughed when i walked by the other guy and said,"I'll leave all of that--the sweets--for the rest of you" Oh and two deviled eggs

        It was a good meal. I got another deviled egg from a cube mate. I was standing by her empty desk, telling another coworker, how,"if I knew if she had used a spoon to get the deviled egg, it wouldn't be safe for her to leave the egg behined, unguarded." When she got back, I explained what me and the other coworker were talking about, the owner of the egg let me have it(she is the one who has given me the food I've talked about before), because she was going to go get cake or rather cakes.

        Yes, let them eat cake...and more cake and even more cake....yes let them gorge themselves on sweets and grains and hold their bellies until they can take no more.

        Home after a few important stops, napped in the tub, woke and ate some ham, yogurt and a kombucha.

        Felt amazing today...that seems to be a running theme for my life anymore.


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          Yesterday, I had had enough of the CW world, they just seem to be lost in the herd waiting to be force fed the next new idea. It made me think of Soylent Green, I think it is ironic that the name starts out with "soy", but could it come to a place where we do have a company produce Soylent green is more of what I wonder about. Imagine the ad, soylent green, packed with your daily vitamin requirements and it tastes great...just like your grandmother and some knowing soul comes by and rips the rest of the sentence off. They could pack red dye in there with igh fructose corn syrup and artificial flavoring.

          Anyways, thursdays food;
          hardboiled eggs and dried, sweetened cranberries.

          broccoli slaw and ham

          a few shrimp, a little broccoli cheddar soup and binged on the whole dark chocolate almond and cherry bar.

          two hardboiled eggs

          broccoli slaw and ham...didn't eat the apple I took.

          goatmilk yogurt and kombucha...wasn't real hungry.

          evening snack, a few shrimp.


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            Saturday's menu was pretty much the same as the rest of the work week, except I had half an apple in the morning.
            Dinner was a bowl at Chipotle's, same as I have been ordering since going primal.
            I did stop and get a large bottle of Blackberry wine and drank that until it was gone. It was a good night to read and drink wine.

            Sunday, didn't eat anything until 1pm, then went to Earthfare and got some wings and drank water. I really like how they have the cafe area, to eat the hot food they sell.

            Monday, I never thought I'd say how much I look forward to Mondays, but I do. It is the day I have taken progress pictures for the last nine week. Very subtle changes compared to last week, but next to the first week, it is amazing. ALSO I can actually report my first weight loss! I have lost about 3lbs, so I'm about 177lbs, it's a bit hard to read my marks on the analog scale. I think it is happening how I thought it would, my body got rid of enough surface face and is now starting to burn my belly fat.

            Today's food

            Morning, fried up my last two eggs.

            Lunch was a bowl of Lobster bisque

            Dinner was Boston market, three pc dark with BBQ sauce, broccoli and creamed spinach.
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              morning had some tea, later the two hardboiled eggs and apple.

              I got hungry about an hour later...went and got the trailmix and ate the almonds and raisins.

              Lunch was the ham, but with baby spinach and lemonaise...was still hungry, ate some Upstate Farm yogurt, it has cornstarch, but no soy...and it had sugar too.

              I am not sure if my body is burning more calories now that it is burning the fat that affects my weight.

              Dinner: cooked up the ground round and a zuchini with the Tiki Marsalla simmer sauce. I had forgotten I had the simmer sauce, but it worked and it doesn't have any unwanted ingredients. I opened the bag of sweet potato chips and had a few. topped off with a kombucha.


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                I opened the bag of sweet potato chips and had a few. topped off with a kombucha.
                What kind of oil are the sweet potato chips cooked in? I am having terrible snack attacks and would at least like to find something cooked in decent oil.
                You know all those things you wanted to do: You should go do them.

                Age 48
                height 5'3
                SW 215 lbs
                CW 180 lbs (whole foods/primal eating)
                LW 172 lbs
                GW 125ish lbs


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                  The bag doesn't say what type of oil was used, they are the Food Should Taste Good brand. These are the salt and pepper cjips.


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                    morning and lunch meals pretty much mirrored yesterday.

                    I was going to eat the other part of last nights meal, but started thinking about nachos and how I could used sweet poato chips as the nachos and prep all the stuff at home. I had a couple stops to make, then felt like I'd go to Chipotle, since the nacho idea made me hungry.

                    Now that I got the bag of chips out I think I'll have a few.


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                      Feel like just saying Ditto for breakfast and lunch...but this was a day of a little less primal eating, not much. Added a yogurt from Upstate Farm at has corn starch in there, that's as bad as it gets.

                      Dinner, stopped and got some non-primal stuffed cabbage, a Hersheys almond bar and a Naked juice. The Hersheys bar was really sweet, since most of my sweetness has been from fruit and dark chocolate.

                      That pretty much wraps up the day for eating. Took a much needed nap in the tub.

                      I think it is almost impossible to be 100% primal in public, because you never know what added ingredient might be in something. It is nice when deli food has lables, so we can make choices--do we feel like cheating after several weeks of not cheating or just walking away, it all depends on the commitment we have made to ourselves. Promising others that you will lose weight or eat a certain way or any other aspect of our lives, isn't the right way to go about something. Are you doing it to make them happy, while making yourself miserable? Hopefully not.


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                        My dinner choices are what I want to talk about here, for the last couple of days. I have said enough about my meals for work days, you know them the eggs and apple and the ham and baby spinach, not much has changed there. Although I did eat another of the upsate farms yogurts out of hunger and a needs for something cool and sweet.

                        Friday, on the way home from work, I was thinking about how I could use the sweet potato chips as a substitute for nachos and buy all the fixings. It was about 2:30pm and I had finished lunch at noon, but felt hunger seep in. I decided to stop at Chiptole, but once in the parking lot, decided Boston Market, since the two are in the same shopping center, where I was. It was then that I also decided to have mashed potatos and gravy(the first time since going primal) and I reasoned with myself that I knew the gravy probably had cornstarch in it. Afterwards I felt the heavy lump in my gut, second guessing my choice, it was done and there was no going back. The point wasn't lost, it was proof that I have been on the right path and have given up on nothing that I really need.

                        Saturday, i stopped and got soem ribs to take home, crowd or not, I knew the holiday grocery shoppers would be in mass. I have done my best to avoid areas of madness, caused by the shopping isn't a holiday season when we forget that we are buying gifts for loved ones, but hurl great curses at others, out of our own selfishness. Being the more apathetic soul, that I am I will take care of what and who I need to. I will go to the end of the earth to protect those of my bloodline, there aren't too many others I couldn't walk away from with little more than a thought.

                        I guess I am a bit chatty tonight and am a bit upset that I opened a new word document to have the program freeze up, after a paragraph of lost. Oh but wait, there is always more, where that came from. I guess my voice is starting grow again, when it has fell silent with no muse to spark the urge to chatter endlessly. Do I have anything of importance to say abot life...or a fictional life, reflected in the images of true life. I have found new things along this ever widening path, darkness has set in and brought wisdom.

                        How can I kow something before it happens? Ask for someting to be brought to me and it appears? Even if it trickles in, instead of coming in is the result that matters and I am thankful for the effort. GO a little deeper my friends, seek the unseen and grow. The things that go bump in the night, are not the things we should fear. We should fear stagnation, the wallflowers stuck on the side of our paths, those that wold hold us in path, while the grass on our path, grows high around our ankles. Nothinghappier to have you or me stay with them in misery, because they aren't willing or strong enough to take on change.

                        Move forward.


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                          Hmm, I think I left off on te weekend, turns out up to x-mas day it was eggs, soup and ribs.

                          Xmas day --breakfast was one of those GoPicnic box meals, first time I had one. Tossed the crackers and the peanuts from the trailmix. Had to eat something, I was working half a day.
                          The big meal, for me consisted of olives, kosher dills, ham, green bean casserole, deviled eggs and rasberry jello. Then I had a piece of apple pie...ate the piece I brought home with me, almost as soon as I got home, then I had some ribs.

                          one of my coworkers had brought a pear-apple in...normally I try to stay away from frankenfruit, but tried a little piece. There is no way apple trees and pear trees polinate the other, for such a thing. Even the fruit and texture tasted confused.

                          I had decided to do a little fast today, the rest of the day was water and ate some of the almonds my cookie eating coworkers keeps in her drawer. She kind of keeps a community stash, but I'm the only one who really eats the almonds volunteerily--plus she's on vacation.

                          my lunch hour was spent napping in the lunchroom with y water bottle.

                          Dinner was a piece of ham, the green bean casserole I was sent home with. I think I'll go eat another piece of ham and eat the dark chocolate almond cherry bar.


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                            Yesterday I didn't do any food prep work for todays meal...or toorrows. I was in the line of the big snow storm, so the plan was go to bed early and get up to give me enough drive time. Wasn't bad getting to work stopped at Speedway,grabbed a naked juice and two of their egg, bacon and cheeses croisants.

                            Breakfast was the two heated innards of the croisants minus the croisant and the juice. Had some tea, I've been drinking alot of teh Goodearth tea.
                            ...had a piece of ham and the apple from food i took in.

                            Lunch was the pile of ham and the goat milk yogurt.

                            came home and took a tub nap...woke and knew I wanted to eat, but my skillets are dirty(I have a little one that is good for quick eggs). What to eat, with no desire to wash dishes or cook?

                            Thought maybe Rally' on the road and changed my mind and went to Wendy's. Got two Triples with cheese, one for dinner and one for tomorrow. Also got a chocolate frosty, rare treat for me.

                            Just thinking about tomorrows food, think I might pack some olives and crack the can of tuna and toss in some lemonaise. That might complete my work food. Maybe take one of the kosher dills too.

                            I need a break from ham, brought ham home from the family dinner and had bought another small ham for the broccolislaw etc. The little ham hasn't been cut yet.

                            I did pick up some mixed grind bison the other day and want to make some meatballs with cauliflower rice in them. Tomorrow I can get the skillet washed and make the meatballs dinner

                            On a pet note, I keep forgetting to put this in here, I swiched the cat the Blue Buffalo. She loves it and she has been racing around almost daily. She is about 8, so it is nice to see her with so much energy and she eats the food all the way down. Her old food, she used to leave the crumbs, once she ate the main piece.

                            Had a bit of a CW moment at the pet store when I was buying the big bag, once I had the cat switched over. I was behind a lady wo had put a bunch of cans of cat food up on the belt. I put the bag of Blue Buffalo up behind her cans. Out of the corner of her eye, she looked at the bag and I saw her shake her head, like she found an issue with my choice of food. I think I smiled to myself and puffed up my chest, because I knew beter.


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                              todays food in order being eaten

                              tuna w/leomnaise and an apple
                              reheated Tripple burger minus the bun.

                              Feeling like not taking anything to work tomorrow, just feeling down. it isn't tired of being primal, it is tired of grinding out days, beginning with the commute, etc. Blame it on the moon today and the need for a vacation.

                              Tomorrow i might just take my tamari almonds and an apple for the day, something to nourish me, nothing more nothing less.


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                                Hang in there. This time of year it's easy to get down. Try to make yourself get outside if weather permits. I know that's hard I struggle with that alot. On another note I want to know how the cauliflower rice meatballs turn out.
                                You know all those things you wanted to do: You should go do them.

                                Age 48
                                height 5'3
                                SW 215 lbs
                                CW 180 lbs (whole foods/primal eating)
                                LW 172 lbs
                                GW 125ish lbs