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    Considering this was Thanksgiving day, I didn't eat alot. Morning was a sip of goats milk.

    Got to the yga today, and have to say, my upper forearms and lower biceps burned during one of the asanas. It is the first time I've felt that, really think it might be because of going primal.

    I was told dinner wasn't going to be till about 2pm and was going to hold off eating anything until then. I had picked up some of Lakewood Organics chocoltae coconut, so had some of that.

    About an hour later I tore the wings off the rotis' chicken, then two spoonfuls of raw honey, washed down by some big gulps of goats milk.

    The big dinner, I filled my plate with turkey and greenbean casserole, with the extra room I grabbed two deviled eggs, a few olives, two seafood stuffed mushrooms and a few pieces of sweet potato, that were seperated from the marshmallow topping. Drank water and grape juice. and had one piece of pumpkin cheesecake, almost didn't eat it, but thought how well I've done and have no regrets. It didn't make me want to binge on sugary grain filled desserts.

    Today is done and I'm drinking water now. I really don't feel like taking any food in tomorrow, which means fasting. I mulled it over in my head on the drive home, it feels right, like my body can get trhough a day on drinking water. I had thought about waiting for a moon day(moon days are off days for Ashtanga practicers)...who knows I could end up fasting tomorrow and the next moon day.

    Why fast? i hadn't felt it before, but I think my body is leveling off from the first phase of going primal. I am more about eating for sustenance now, than eating to feel happy.
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      My fast, yes I survived my first fast in the primal life
      Yesterday, around 3pm, when I finished eating with family until 3pm today, was the duration of my fast. It was pretty easy from 3pm until this morning getting up. It didn't get difficult until 7am and I swear the hour from 7am to 8am was the worst. I drank albly triple what i normally drink. I have this water bottle I fill with filtered cooler water.

      How did I fill my time? After the main morning rush was over, I spent some time reading the CW moment thread, I don't think I'll ever catch up. My eyes got tiredand since going primal I will say my thoughts jump from food to sex, back to food alot more. So what's a boy to do during a fast but to focus on other than food? Sex, but being in a work environment I had only the playground in my mind to occupy me. When that didn't work I'd walk around the room and look outside or go fill my water bottle.

      Lunch time, I went to the lunchroom with my bottle, laid back, rested my chin on my chest and closed my eyes. I had come to a calm, where my belly felt content on water, it felt different but wasn't the excruciatig hunger from the morning.

      I did have a hard time counting the hours of the fast, which is pretty easy math. Physically my face felt tight in the cheeks.

      I thought I might let the fast conitinue until tomorrow morning, until I checked the site of a soup place I like to go. They have a shrimp and asparagus soup that sounded good, so got there at 3pm, soup and water. Stopped at teh store and tried a caocao dark choclate almond...had to get some. I also picked up a bag of sweet potatos chips I had looked at before, but have never tried and a bottle of kombucha. I don't plan on eating alot tonight, but have a need to snack a little. Maybe some chicken, chips and kombucha.

      Overheard a coworker talking about going paleo, I almost said something. The state I was in today, I'm glad I didn't, the statement that they would "try it" bothers me. i've never been one to quote Yoda, but "there is no try". I won't go into details, but actions speak louder than words and we all know this lifestyle works. I will plug my ears if this person gives it a week of halfhearted effort, cheats and proclaims it doesn't work.


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        I'm not quite sure where to begin here, I sit here with a new perspective, brought to me from fasting. I understand now, what others have talked about on here, I feel free. Free from the need to bow down to hunger. yes it is there, but it is like, every other physical need, that the body's hormones signals, it is there and controllable.

        I woke up to our first snow, threw my food in the bag and headed off to work. It was about 8am when I felt like, I might be ready to eat. What was different, was that hunger was there, but not strong, not overwhelming. I wasn't even that hungry, ate the little bit of chicken and half the slived apple.

        11am rolled around, this is when I normally go to lunch, so I can get back and do the second work rush in ther last two hours of my day. I wasn't super hungry, but it was there. I had packed three slices of rotis chicken and my salad, got full after two of te three pieces and salad. So brought home the rest of the chicken and apple.
        What was different, was that i knew I was done eating, but my stomach gave out a little growl like it wasn't.

        On the commute home, I ate a little of the trailmix I have n my car. It is actually a 7/11 brand with the right nuts and fruit--NO PEANUTS or CASHEWS!.

        At home, sat on the couch and was going to unroll the yoga mat, but felt a little like a soak in the tub. I got my order from Azure Green yesterday and thought I'd use my little cast iron incense burner. Got te charcoal disk going, added the the mugwort and wormwood, then got in the tub like I've done hundreds of times. It is a great way to downshift at the end of a day, escpecially when it is cold and snowy outside.

        Woke, and ate some ribs and my last kombucha, that will be it for eating tonight.

        *** Just a note from Friday night, after my journal post, I did eat a few more of teh dark chocolate almonds. The dish I put them in at the store, allowed two layers...I felt like I had to finish the top layer...uh, least i don't have the need to count them or touch each one multiple times before I eat it. I think we are all a little OCD in some ways.

        A body note: From the waist down, there is no fat on my legs, like my forearms. Where I am holding fat, is my tricep area, butt and belly. I am a little curious to see if my weight starts to drop when the smaller areas are done burning fat and the larger areas start to burn the fat. I keep wondering if my scale works and want to pick it up and chake it and scream."IS THIS THING ON?!" Which would be funny, because it's an anlog scale...then again I did buy it at Walmart.


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          Woke up, wasn't real hungry, at least the way I have been before. I knew I could probably eat something, so went to the breakfast buffet--two plates of scarmbled eggs and bacon. Had two sausage patties, they were a little cold, when I cut them in half I wondered if they had anything in them I shouldn't eat--don't think I will have sausage if i can't see the ingredients. Second plate hade some pineappple. No juice today, just water.

          Didn't have a lunch, wasn't hungry. Around 2:30pm, while I was out, ate some of the trailmix. I was thirsty, stopped and got two Naked drinks, couldn't decide which one I wanted. Browsed the snacks..considered pork a Brat, but think that will be the last time. About an hour later after I had eaten 3/4's of it(threw the rest out) my stomach didn't feel right.

          Stopped and picked up a Kombucha and some egg salad, thought that would be dinner. After a nap, I ate ribs and drank the Kombucha.

          Since the fast, there is a disconnect, between my stomach growling and the signal, the hormones that trigger in my head, that tell me I'm hungry. It has been interesting and nice to be free.

          Tmorrow marks my 6th week


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            WOke up and drank the other Naked juice.

            Between 10:30am and 11am I was running out the door, with the piece of chicekn, from Saturday, shoved in my mouth. Got the float tank session out of the way. Before hitting the BMV i stopped at a Speedway and grabbed a coconut water.

            I wanted to go see if any good magazines had come out, so stopped and got Lobster bisque. The place was packed, so ate in my car.

            Now the frustration begins, because I wondered what the sweet potato chips would taste like with dip. Stopped and got some kombucha first, the beginning of teh dip search. I'll just say, after multiple stops I came home dipless. There are no primal chip dips on the marker, that I can tell. All have soy product, worse some have soy product and corn product.

            Dinner if you call it that, was two dark chocolate covered almonds, handful of sweet potato chips, kombuchaand a few mouthfuls of egg salad.

            Seems like alot of little bites here and there, with no real schedule, maybe that's how I'm supposed to eat now--not sure.

            I am going to look at and search some dip ideas, that I am willing to eat. To think, we have stores full of food stuffs and I can't find someting I will let myself eat.

            I played around with my pictures, I put the first week next to the sixth and there is such a difference.

            Oh, and got my yoga in this morning, felt really strong. Considering that I haven't practiced that much, I was able to finish Sury A, with little trouble. I do need to get a little stronger in downward facing dog,


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              Finished my caocao covered almonds last night.

              Woke this morning, a little sore, the right side of my stomach is the most sore today, from the yoga. I had the strength, so didn't hold back. I can deal with being sore. Gulped a little goats milk.

              Morning meal around 7-8 was a chicken scraps and a few pieces of sliced apple. Maybe a half hour from then, I ate soem salami.

              I am so happy my small group urged me to go buy earbuds, today they proved valuable. One of my least favorite people sit over the wall from me, because IT was working on her computer. i swear I had my earbuds in most of the day, I hate helpless people...makes me want to rant.

              Lunch was 5 sausage links, salad(not as much as I have been taking in) and water. I was sitting down in the lunchroom alone, TV wasn't on and didn't need to be. I've been dealing with a hemorhoid flare up today, could explain some of my mood. Here comes a guy who was my supervisor at one time, who lives in the past and likes to quiz me on my life. I wasn't feeling it, just shut up for once, please! I had 15minutes of lunch left and I went back to my office to fill up the time.

              Oh, my day was just not complete with out blocking out the person sitting over the wall to me. We have a phone system that works off a network, and the plugs are phone type plugs/ethernet. She was trying to go back to her computer and couldn't figure out how to pysh the little tab and pull, so here...we...go. "so and so can you help me, I can't get this unplugged?" she bleeps out to the herd a couple times, no answeer from that guy. She bleeps out to another answer. I think a lead finally came over and did it for her. This isn't new for her and a few others, if she was a gazelle, she'd be dead.

              I explored Quakerism, but the older I get and more influences adn see how a small few succeed and large amount wait for others to provide for them...I know I can't "see a little bit of God in everyone". I feel much more predatorial, part of the 1%, the adversary and outcast. I've always been told how "nice" I am, but going primal has just added to this attitude. I have things I want to accomplish and despise weakness. If you are a 18-20 girl and need help with something in the office, okay, but if you are a 40+ woman and still need help with things you've done a hundred times, that bothers me and I will turn my back on you.

              Rant over.

              Dinner was stuffed cabbage and kombucha.
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                Pretty standard morning, got the cat her goat milk, sipped some myself. Had some hot tea and drank water until about 7am, at work. I didn't pack alot for the day. I had taken in half an apple and a small piece of chicken for the morning meal.

                Then lunch, I discovered something, that I haven't read enough here. I ate my small salad and piece of chicken, but halfway thru the chicken I knew I would need more food. My appetite has increased, somewhere between the original point and the state after the fast. Hmm, looked in the food machine, turkey and ham wcheese sandwich...ate the meat, tossed the rest. Done, but in need of something sweet. There was an apple in the food machine, but wasn't i the mood to chew it. Hmm, take the chance on the Raisinets? They do have dark chocolate on the package.

                SOY! how dare they put that in the dark caocao fo Raisinets. Yes they have sugar in there, but soy, Dammit. Eat them or toss them? After some himming and hawing I ate them, it was a lve/hate consumption thing.

                Dinner, had the memory of Nachos Belgrande, which we all know, wasn't going to happen, so off to Chipotle. Got the usual, that I've mentioned before. I didn't eat the whole bowl, it was about 3/4 gone.

                I must have really worked my body with the yoga, side is still a little sore. Full moon today anyways, so maybe tomorrow I'll get my practice in.


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                  Pretty basic day of eating--

                  Stopped and got a cocnut water on the way to work.

                  I packed more chicken for morning and lunch, since yesterday I needed more and didn't have it.

                  Morning meal was chicken and half an apple.

                  Lunch was salad and chicken. I wanted something sweet, so bought some trailmix frm the machine. I got a papertowel and poured the trailmix out,then piled all the peanuts to the side and ate the almond, seed and raisins.

                  Dinner was ribs.

                  Snack was a few sweet potato chips and two dried dates.

                  Pretty basic today, not much else to report. I got really sleepy on the way home from work, so lit some incense and slid into the tub for a nap.

                  I kind of wanted to get the yoga in, but had to listen to the body. My side soreness is alot better too.
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                    Friday, what can i say, overslept, first time in a long time, first time for this new position. Lucky I keep my hair rea;;y short. Toseed the food in the bag and hit the road, still got there on time...amazing.

                    When i got to work, one of my coworkers had put a piece of lemon cake, little like a bunt cake, on my desk. I reminded her of the foods I don't eat, but told her I would consider it my birthday cake, since I won't be having any this weekend. It was good, but wasn't on the plan. Drank tea with the cake. Later I ate my chicken.

                    I had taken apple for breakfast and lunch, because the little bit of salad mix I had was not much.

                    I had pulled the rest of the meat off the rotis chicken, it was a good fist sized pile. Ate the little bit of salad.

                    All the apple came home uneaten.

                    Dinner was egg salad, sweet potato chips and soe almonds. I had stopped and bought some shrimp and coctail sauce, it was frozen so it was put on hold.

                    My cowrker who I sent the progress pictures to, told me she replied to my email. Now I have told her multiple times I stopped eating grains and sugar etc, her reply back to me was,"you did this by cutting sugar?" Oy! please pay attention. I also told her about cutting legumes and how those times she thought my stomach was growling, it was gas from the beans--when I was vegetarian.


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                      Got up, got the yoga practice in, felt real good, second time this week, since I let the soreness wane.

                      I wasn't sure if I was going to skip breakfast and just shoot for a lunch or not, think I'm going to hit Bob Evans...maybe the Big Egg Breakfast.

                      Turned out to be a good breakfast, three eggs over mdeium and five pieces of bacon with an orange juice.
                      I was out running around and didn't eat again until dinner time or later. Egg salad and shrimp was dinner wit a couple of pistachio date rolls, pretty good since they didn't have any other ingredients in them.

                      Sunday headed to the buffet, scarmbled eggs and bacon with orange juice and water. I have decided that f I get juice I don't need any other fruit or if I get fruit I don't need juice. Again, the meal stayed with me until the evenig. Dinner was...goat milk blueberry yogurt(it doesn't have soy in it, yeah and it i has like 3% fat) the rest of sweet potato chips, half an apple kombucha and some tea.
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                        At some chicken wings I had picked up at Earthfare on Sunday, but hadn't felt like eating, wasn't hungry.

                        Went grocery shopping and did a quick meal plan in my head for the week. It actually turned out to be a cheaper I think.
                        Got eggs and hard boiled six for my morning meals and will have apple with them. Got bacon and baby spinach for a lunch salad with balsamic. Dinner will be Applegate's andouli sausage with zucchini.

                        Got my birthday giftcard for Red Lobster so may use that for a meal this week.

                        Back to today, Ate one of the pistachio date rolls. I'll be eating maybe the rest of the shrimp tonight, probably with water and some apple.

                        I've been aking my pictures as soon as I get up in the morning and weighing myself. No weight change, but the pictures show the change. I put the first week next to the seventh week(today ends the seventh week for those wondering) it is amazing. Even the change from the sixth week to the seventh week is noticeable.


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                          Stopped and got a Naked juice on the way into work. At 7am I broke out my two hardboiled eggs and half an apple, that was really satisfying too.

                          At noon after a meeting i ate my bacon and baby spinach with balsimic dressing. I needed something sweet, so got the trailmix from the machine. This is the same trailmix i have to seperate the peanuts out, so i can eat the raisins and almonds, but it does the trick.

                          I really wasn't hungry until about 7:30-8pm tonight and knew I had to cook the bacon for tomorrows salad. While the bacon cooked, I cut up some of the zucchini and one of the andouli sausages and cooked that in the bacon grease. I oly ate half of that. I ate one of the pistachio date rolls and have a glass of water and a kombucha I'm drinking now.

                          One of my cowrokers was doing a fundraiser and I got my summer sausage from that today. BUT after I read the ingredients I knew I wouldn't be eating has corn syrup in it. I didn't say anything, I was happy to support the kids. On my way home I dropped the sausage i a trash can, it's a shame, but I'm making the right choice. On my other order for the same thing, I think I ordered a soup mix..I'll have to see if I can eat that once I get that. 'sigh'


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                            I figured I'd knock this entry out, just finished cooking the bacon for tomorrow, so what the heck.
                            Morning, hit the gas station and wanted some juice, didn't feel much like coconut water and they didn't have any Naked juice. Found some orange juice, double checked the ingredient(wish I didn't have to do that) made from concrntrate, but nothing I needed to avoid. Drank one on the drive and one at the office.

                            Oretty standard day, as far as eating goes and really liking the change up for this week. About 7am I ate my two hardboiled eggs and half an apple.

                            Lunch, ate my tasty bacon and baby spinach salad, it is kind of funny because there are equal parts of both bacon and spinach in there, but I guess it would still fit "salad", I took the other part of the apple for lunch, since I was still hungry and wanting something sweet the day before--good choce,, it made the difference,

                            On the way home, I stopped and got more bacon, two of these new Culture Club kombuchas, they were on sale 2/$5, two of the goatmilk yogurts i tried the other day and two of the caocao cherry and almond bars.

                            Dinner, i'm not sure what I'll have, maybe the rest of the andouli and zucchini from last night and one of the yogurts.

                            The coworker I have mentioned before is so frustrating to deal with, I mean we are the same age and she forgets everthing I tell her, plus I'm tired of hearing about her diet. I don't walk around and talk about what I'm eating, ni the morning I eat my food, even though cracking the egg shell is a little ouder than eating chicken. I coould almost right a book of drama...

                            She volunteers to tell me, she is taking magnesium pills to help her sleep...
                            Here's a solution, drink lavender tea or burn lavender incense or both..or that might ot work with your every other day falling off the wagon eating cookies.
                            She asked me if I had eaten tofu, first words out of my mouth, like it's a freakin' word association game, "tes, that's soy" My time as a vegetarian I spent some time eating the "smart dogs" in a tortilla with lettuce and mustard. Funny how I got a headache after I ate those. She asked me why I stopped being a vegetarian AGAIN today(how many times do I need to tell her?)because I got tired of being fat.
                            All thsi after she saw my 30days pictures and still forgot it was no sugar, no grains, no beans, just eating meat, veggies and fruit. Her reply to my email was,"You did lose a lot.O.K let me try no sugar"
                            Yesterday she picked up a bag of chips ahoy for a coworker, buying them, doesn't mean eat them, but there she is eating them too.

                            I don't go on rants often, if you want to eat crap, go ahead, I just don't want to hear it, when you have me and another guy and family members trying to get you where you say you want to go.

                            I guess I'm not surprised, CW isn't just in the way we have chosen to eat. it is in our financial choices...and for me being pagan, in religious choices. I believe it was 2008 when a coworker told me I should take my money out of the market, but I had educated myself and was still making money, while he had no clue and paniced.

                            I was joking with a coworker today, about how nice it was one of the ladys decored her cubicle for Winter Solstice for us. He enjoyed it even more when he went and looked. Gold garland, stocking hung, mini Yule tree, Mini Holly King sitting on the wall and bag of candy cances on the wall. I have great respect for christians who are educated in the history of Jesus and the bible, even if I don't agree. In my early years as a pagan I was angry, for being raised Metodist, but anymore I laugh and keep to myself on religion, money and ow diet(that could change though) The point of all of this is, I don't believe my decorating coworker has a clue why she does this, she is one of many who keeps a bible on her desk and bible quotes n her wall. Yet her decorations are clearly of pagan origin, I find it amusing.

                            Yes, spent todays journal entry ranting, it is my journal.


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                              Today I changed the menu up just a little, instead o taking apple in, I took some dry dates I've had for a few months.

                              No juice this morning, had some tea, later in the morning I ate my two hard boiled eggs and dried dates with water.

                              Lunch was my yummy bacon and baby spinach salad and dried dates on the side with water.

                              I haven't had a soft drink since I started this on Oct16th and can't say I miss them.

                              We had a congratulations cake brought in, of course they put the table in my path to the water cooler. I looked at the cake, but had no desire to eat any. Of course the coworker I keep talking about, with her diet, got some and then we had to hear about how she was feeling the cake, because she hasn't had sugar...I wonder if she forgot the chips ahoy cookies she was eating just a day ago.

                              I started talking about my dinner plans, I had a taste for lambchops, oringinally I had tought porkchops. I was saying how I wold cook my bacon, then cook the lambchops and zucchini in the bacon grease. Wehn I kept talking about how good that would taste one of the ladies turned with her back to me and was laughing, I think I was making her hungry...she did have oe of that cake too...hmmm.

                              Stopped on the way home, at Earthfare and got for lambchops, love it because most of their meat is fresh and unfrozen. Should have bought more bacon, because after cooking tomorrows , I am down to a couple pieces.

                              At home, I boiled the eggs and cooked the bacon for toorrow while I prepped the zucchini and got two of the four chops out and ready. Dinner was exactly as written, zucchini and lambchops, followed by a goatmilk yogurt. I drank a Kombucha while I prepped all this. I'll be drinking water the rest of the night.

                              Next week, I will probably make the spanish cualiflower rice and make a roast in the crockpot and do hardboile eggs for the mornings. That sounds like a good menu that I can spread out over the week.


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                                Fridays food rundown.

                                Morning...took me a minute to remember, but had the second Culture Club kombucha I had bought. I'm not sure I'm ready to leave the Organic raw kombucha brand. wasn't bad, but the one I had this morning was just okay.

                                so same time for morning meal, with the two hardboiled eggs but with blueberries and water.

                                Lunch meal was the bacon and baby spinach salad with blueberries on the side with water. once food was eaten I tucked my hand in my hoodie pockets and closed my eyes. I think my float tank sessions helped me when I choose to nap. I was lucid, very aware of the clock on the wall but had the body jump a few times, as it will when it drifts into that stage of deep sleep. Got a good 30minutes of this nap before I had to get back to my desk.

                                Tomorrow i'm taking a "taste" of the bacon baby spinach salad in for my cowroekr, since I've been raving about how good it is. I made a little sandwich of two leaves a piece of bacon and a drop of the balsamic. This is the cowroker who gave me the cake last week, but also the one who gave me the rest of her gyro meat, like the first or second week of going primal...not sure if I had mentioned that. She is the one I talked to about cauliflower rice, the one who laughed at my love for my lambchops and zuchini.

                                Drank a can of orange juice from the vending machine, after I checked the lable. Another coworker thought I was checking the expiration date, nope, told him I was making sure it was all real juice and no additives...while he told me his wife might have fiber myalgia.

                                Stopped on the way home and got more bacon and a container of the Chocolate cocnut juice I talked about before. Took soem gulps when I got hoe. Cooked the bacon for tomorrow, got the cowrokers finger sandwich of spinach and bacon wrapped up. Cooked the last two lambchops and zucchini i the bacon grease and ate it...had two pieces of the caocao almond cherry bar.

                                Then I watched crossfit excercise demo clips...then browsed crossfit women pictures on Bing. It doesn't surprise me that I find them attractive, I've always had a thing for lean fit bodies foudn in fitness models/bodybuilders/climbers and yogis. I have to add thisthough, knowing that they are probably all primal is much more attractive to me could be that I can relate to them now and my body will be that lean in time. It also makes me evaluate what I want to do for my own excercise, some ashtanga, some crossfit WOD and maybe I'll actually get climbing, instead of just thinking about it and buying the magazines.

                                Hopped into the tub, not sure if I slept, but focused on breathing and the chakras when I started thinking of getting out of the water. Lifted myself up with my elbows propped on the tub edges. Once upright, I put my hands on the edges and lifted myself up and moved my hips under me to standing.

                                Had a little more cacocao almond and cherry bar and a Hibiscus 7 kombucha.

                                ANother day ends and I'm expecting my books from Dark harvest Books any day now. My items from Michael W Ford are on their way too. I made a list of W.D. Gann books and other Financial Astrology books that I will be buying. It's nice to feel like I'm moving forward again, instead of tired and fat, which reflected on the way I treated my life for the last year or so.