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    Alright then, Hello to all you great folks. I've been lurking here for a few weeks as I purchased/read The Primal Blueprint and did hours upon hours of online research into going primal. I won't bore you all too much with an in depth history of my weight and it's yo-yo like qualities over the years (as that seems to be a very common theme around these parts). So I'll just start with where I'm at currently:

    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Height: 5' 11"
    Weight: 290lbs
    Body Fat: ~30-35% (ballpark guess, don't have calipers or really know how to use them!)
    BMI: 40.4 (according to online calculator)

    I have decided to take the leap, and today 11/5/2012 will be day #1. Since I have a habit of starting things and not finishing them I'm going to focus on smaller short term goals to help myself stay motivated. Goal #1 is 30 days of primal eating (no exceptions and no excuses).

    I don't currently, nor have I ever really, cared about what the scale says. My main objectives are: A)To lose as much body fat as possible and as is healthy; B)To nip my type 2 diabetes symptoms and "pre-diabetic" blood sugar range in the butt before I end up with full blown type 2; and finally C)To get healthy and be a positive role model for my new daughter who was just born a month and a half ago so she doesn't face the same weight related perils that I have.

    For now the focus will be on eating, and not so much on exercise. I've got to take things easy in that department until after my scheduled knee surgery in December. Pesky old football injury has once again left me with painful loose bodies of cartilage floating around in there that need to be removed.

    I'll use this thread to hold myself accountable, and I will check in at least twice weekly to share how things are going.


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    Hello everyone! Checking in here as day 3 is winding down. So far things are going fairly well. I haven't been 100% but close. Struggling a little bit because the other members of my household are not at all interested in primal eating so I can't totally rid the house of SAD food. However the wife did say if I see good results with it she may give it a try, so that's encouraging. Yesterday she made an edible cookie dough recipe (without raw eggs in it, meant only for eating not baking) so I slipped up and had a small serving of it. And I've had 2 diet Mountain Dews since my primal journey began on Monday. The 2 Dews is a huge improvement still however since I was drinking around 4 or so per day before. And I am still eating Nutella, a serving directly from the jar as an occasional snack...but I did find a recipe here to try and make my own so I'll be giving that a go within the next few days.

    Breakfast has been 3 egg omlets with peppers and green onions (no cheese or salt like I used to do) and either bacon or steak. Lunch has been chicken breast and leftover dinner. The only dinner I've made so far has been a salad with spinach, peppers, green onions, bacon, chicken and a splash of bacon grease. I cook the chicken in the pan of bacon grease when the bacon is done and it gives the chicken a great flavor. Tomorrow I'm going to try a spaghetti recipe I found that you put into squash halves instead of using noodles. I've also been eating a small amount of fruit, banana/grapes/blackberries/ and the little cuties oranges. I also have broccoli in the fridge to make a salad with one of these days.

    That's it for now, I'll check back in later in the week and edit my first post to include a before primal eating picture.