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    First post, first day.

    Day 1: Primal Food Intake Today

    B: 4 egg whites, 1 egg + spinach, peppers, and onions + 4 small links chicken sausage; 1 c skim milk. Coffee w 2 splenda (used olive oil for cooking)

    S: Handful pistachios and tea w/ small amount skim milk and 1 splenda

    L: Salad with 3oz ground beef, 2 sl turkey bacon, sprinkle cheddar cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, 2 tbsp light honey mustard

    S: Cantaloupe, tea w/ small amount skim milk and 1 splenda

    D: 2 tilapia filets w/ sundried tomatoes + artichokes, spinach w 2 sl turkey bacon, asparagus (used olive oil for cooking)

    2. WOD: Housecleaned

    3. Felt okay for the first day with basically no carbs (minus cantaloupe). This method is really interesting and it just clicks with me. I'm hopeful about sticking with this and having faith in the process, rather than obsess over every calorie in and out.

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    Woo Day 2!!!

    B: 4 egg whites, 1 egg + peppers, and onions + 3 slices turkey bacon; 1 c skim milk. Coffee w 2 splenda + little pumpkin creamer (used olive oil for cooking)

    S: Cantaloupe (stomach hurt afterwards for some reason); black tea with 2 splenda and splash skim milk

    L: Salad with 3oz ground beef, 1 sl turkey bacon, cucumbers, tomatoes, 2 tbsp light honey mustard

    S: Handful cashews. I bought the wrong ones so they were salted - I rubbed them down with towels and rinsed them off so hopefully they weren't terrible!! + black tea with 2 splenda and splash skim milk

    D: 2 chicken burger patties + small amount cheddar cheese + side salsa + chopped avocado; roasted cauliflower tossed in olive oil and parmesan cheese

    S: 4 slices deli ham

    2. WOD: Housecleaned

    3. Was tired today! Not sure if it was from waking up in the middle of the night last night, or from no carbs. I think the 'no carbs' side effects are purely in my head. I've had a nagging headache all day too, but I keep turning my mind off of 'OMG no pasta!' and try to get over it. I'm feeling less bloated already, and I feel healthier, even if it's only because I'm actually doing something positive this time. Having always been a die-hard, borderline obsessive calorie counter, I'm curious to see if I'm losing weight. I plan on weighing myself weekly so I don't become slaved to the scale.

    Also thought it'd be fun to post pics of my dinner meals when I cook!

    Last night: photo copy.jpg

    Tonight's: photo.jpg


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      Day 3... done and done!

      B: Tried making a frittata! Delish. 4 egg whites + 1 egg + spinach + green peppers + onions; 3 sl turkey bacon. Coffee 2 splenda + pumpkin creamer

      S: Black tea with 2 splenda and splash skim milk; handful pistachios

      L: Side salad w cucumbers, tomatoes, 1 tbsp light honey mustard; 2 chicken burgers with 2 sl avocado

      S: Some carrots

      D: 2 chicken sausage links + shrimp +olive oil, garlic, chili powder

      2. WOD: Ran around work like crazy; packing!

      3. Stressed! Packing for my trip tomorrow.. what to bring! Also a little nervous about eating on the road. Flight's at 1pm, so I'll have to grab something to eat at the airport. Can do breakfast at home. Then it's tomorrow night - and back Saturday night. I'm actually okay with where I am right now - not too stressed, but just cautious that I have to be cognisent when I eat places and pay attention to what I'm eating, and avoid grains. I got this!

      Breakfast Frittata: photo copy 3.jpg

      Dinner: photo copy 2.jpg


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        Did you ever make it through your trip?