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  • 30 day pimer

    (I don't know what the hell a "pimer" is the r must be sticking on my keyboard.)

    I started 7 days ago looking to do 30 and assess. So far I've dropped 5 pounds after close to a year of the scale not moving which included doing "insanity" following their nutrition guide to a T minus one week for vacation.

    I've kinda scaled back the exercise and am looking to add more slow walking. I'm also limiting fruit and nuts , nut butters to post exercise.

    Yesterday worked out in the Am. 5, 3min rounds of 6- 30 sec intervals 1 min rest between rounds

    swings using 53lb's
    Jumping jacks
    Jumping jacks

    food was protein shake with pwo nut butter and coconut milk. 3 eggs and cajun hot sausage.
    then big ass salad with slow cooker bbq chicken and olive oil.

    Went hiking this left me pretty ravenous. ate another big salad with about 6 oz gr beef two bacon strips and mashed avocado salsa mix and a banana with some nut butter . and alot of water.

    hitting my morning coffee with heavy cream also I wake at 4am and kinda mini fasting only eating between 11:30 and 8pm. the cream takes alot of the growl out of my belly. gotta keep tabs same with the nut butter. I'm pretty sure I've sabotaged before with these
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    Yesterday I rolled in the am and then had pwo shake and a bananna.

    lunch was ground beef avocado salsa and bacon with a big salad.

    walked two miles

    dinner was Ny strip with asparagus grilled in kerrygold and garlic.

    turned in early.


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      Started Dan John's Ez strength. 2x5
      deads, press, pullups, 1x5 rollouts, 30 kb swings

      Lunch was a bag of salad and the usual burger. pulled chicken late afternoon and slow cooker pork butt and broccolli with garlic butter. turned in early.


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        ez day 2

        lunch about 6 oz of spinach and big tupperware with leftover pork and chicken

        chicken breast with cheese and bacon

        ny strip with broccolli and kerrygold with garlic

        my waist is looking like at least another half inch down from sat.

        I was 232 at beginning I'd like to get to 185 prob I know I won't hit it by end of the month but it's my goal for 2013.


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          Had a cheat after a primal meal today , back on the horse tomorrow.