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  • Day 29

    Woot final day! So I didn't do 30 days, and I wasn't perfect - but practise does make perfect!
    My conclusions -

    - That I was really slipping on my PB life - cheating with PB food is still cheating
    - Temptation is everywhere!
    - That 'one brownie' is not much, but looking back over the many many cakes and sweets and other junk I've passed up on over just one month = an awful lot of crap I didn't eat
    - That I have self control and it is my right to evercise it
    - People who tried to pressure me into eating badly weere only doing it because they themselves felt guilty/envious of not having will power to refuse
    - I might feel left out or 'deprived' whilst I'm standing in a group of people eating cupcakes, but 5 minutes later I couldn't care less
    - I drink too much coffee
    - I renewed my commitment to be in this for the long haul - I refuse to accept that ill health and age go hand in hand.
    - That I shouldn't feel that time spent in the kitchen is ever ever a waste - and I should treat what I have with respect

    The physical - I didn't lose weight (I've definetely reahced a weight my body is happy with) but I have become stronger. My skin didn't improve (le sigh) but I think my sleep/daytime energy levels improved. I'm comfortable with myself in a bikini.

    So that's a wrap. Sure I'm excited about my chocolate bar I have in the fridge (salted caramel!) but I'm not craving for it. I'll defo whole 30 again, maybe adjust the perameters. I'm think I might remove coffee in December to see the results. I can see the need for a no-sugar January though! Will defo enjoy this festive season!!

    Thanks for everyone who commented on the thread, I enjoyed reading about all your experiences. Nice to know I have comrades in arms

    Be back with Bali pics in two weeks!
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    • Oh my goodness - i'm back from holiday! Pretty much ate and drank whatever I wanted and feel absolutely atrocious now!

      It's a hard slog back on to the primal bandwagon!
      The Paleo Strongwoman - A site dedicated to strength, and feeding strength.