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    Okay, I am back now. I ate all sorts of stuff I shouldn't have but I didn't gain any weight. My skin is clearer; I think it was stress. But I am starting to notice a distinct sensitivity to peppers. It's getting bad enough that I may need to not eat them at all.
    I have later classes this term so I should have more time to cook meals and be more prepared. We will see what the next term holds.


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      Today I went to a buffet and gorged on vegetables in oil (probably not good oil but better than ice cream), sushi, and cold shrimp and mussels. I also had some summer rolls without sauce as well. For going out, I think I did okay. I wasn't even tempted by the ice cream and cakes. I did have some cantaloupe though and I definitely ate too much food.
      Yesterday I managed 65g of carb or so with a 7% composition compared to fat and protein. I accidentally ate 10 eggs during the course of the day. My stomach let me know that was too many eggs (or my egg salad sat in the sun too long). I really need to get an insulated lunch box.
      My weight is still pretty much the same, within 8 oz really of 135.


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        I'm hovering around 130 now.
        This morning I had blueberries in heavy cream with a small amount of honey... and a separate fried chicken leg. Lunch was tuna salad, and dinner was a pot roast minus any white potatoes. I feel sort of sick as I ate too much pot roast; I should have just not eaten as I didn't feel like eating in the first place.

        I purchased the One by Fitbit. Pretty fun little device. It's interesting to see how active I am during the day and when. I believe it's helping me to stay a little more active throughout the day.


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          This morning I had a boiled egg and about a 1/4 or less of trail mix sans peanuts. It was mostly almonds, walnuts, cranberries and dark chocolate. Not the best though since the cranberries are sweetened.
          Lunch was a homemade frap from milk, Splenda, ice, little bit of ice cream syrups (1 tsp total), and instant espresso. After I made it I threw some heavy cream on top too.
          Dinner ended up being chicken gizzards, salsa and carrots. I just threw it together, after pressure cooking the gizzards, like a cold salad. Sort of a weird way to eat gizzards but I like it.

          I have been sort of successful in slowly inching down. This morning I weighed in at 126.3 lbs. I am looking to get a body fat percentage test done. So far, the few I have had have been inaccurate. One month after my first, I was told my % went up by 4% or something. The first time it was taken, the lady pinched me really hard with the calipers. The second time, I didn't feel any pinch. Not to mention these people pinched totally different abdomen locations. Someone doesn't know what they are doing. Regardless, I am seeing a decrease in body measurements. All around though, including in bust.