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    Actually woke up with loads of energy and not feeling too sore...woohoo. Work went well and I'm learning to cope with my new team member so less stress (/rage). Probably helped by the wonderful presence of a farmer's stall set up in work so was able to buy some of the cheesy goodness below (plus some lovely looking eggs)

    B: coffee with 1t of c/o and almond milk
    L: tin of tuna, leafy salad and 30g blue cheese awesomeness (yeah not a massive fan of the tuna - it was toooo dry)
    D: prawn green Thai curry (prawns, green thai curry paste, mixed peppers, onion, 1T c/cream, loadsa spring greens) and 100ml of whipped cream with 90g frozen berries
    Sncks: 30g extra mature cheddar, 20g dark chocolate

    I bloody better be fat adapting or I'm screwed! ha, please to be closer to hitting macros but not sure I can hit my set grams without really upping my calories, the tuna was such a waste of protein grammage...I was gonna have an awesome steak, but guess prawns were lovely anyway.

    Ok here's the macros: F: 98g/67%, P: 78g/24%, C: 16/9% Total Cals: 1317

    - hmmm so getting there...still felt I had a load of veg so that was good and I found all the high fat stuff super treaty.
    - hopefully the dairy won't be a problem. I'm on page 68 of 'eat MOAR fat' so maybe still have a lot to learn
    - scale is going in the right direction again (sweet relief!) so will stick with these macros till the end of November and see how it goes
    - dark chocolate, I love you and I'm sorry I turned my back on you for four days (ok, three?), I won't leave you again

    eeek I have a lot to do before I go to bed, better get to it - been watching masterchef- the professionals, woohoo for getting loads of good tips.
    if you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room


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      yay for fridays, it's officially two hours past a semi-normal bedtime and my bed is crying out to me. so keeping short:

      B: coffee with 1t of c/o and almond milk, plus about 100g greek yoghurt
      L: two boiled eggs, 70g cheddar with lettuce and coriander
      D: one boiled egg, 50g cheddar, 100ml whipped cream with 90g berries (I was out all evening and didn't get a chance to make a proper meal)
      Sncks: coffee with cream, 20g dark chocolate

      Macros: F: 116g/77% C: 14g/6% P: 58g/17% Total Cals: 1410

      - missed my greens a bit, but was pleased that managed to hit macros not too badly even when out straight from work - fortunately managed to avoid 'eating out' which helped
      - would like to scale down the amount of dairy contributing to the fat percentage a bit, so need to eat more fatty meat, avocados and general oil!
      - ate my 'dessert' when I got home, which is definitely too late. Need to work on sleep patterns

      Tomorrow is going to be a great day, got an American friend over and we're going to road trip up to a wee place called Dunadd, the coronation spot of kings (footprint in the stone) for a bit of Celtic exploration. I'll let you know how it goes.

      Sweet dreams Grokstars
      if you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room


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        what a great day - another late one though - having visitors is not conducive to good sleep routine. had a spectacular day as went up to Dunadd Hill Fort (historical site, also know as Dalraida, Seat of Kings - where the Kings of ancient Scotland were crowned) - Argyll was awesome in autumnal beauty, the road winds round the lochs and the leaves were being blown off the trees, the wild geese were migrating - felt like I was in a movie! Anyway stuck my bare foot into the footprint in the rock at Dunadd and thought of those who had gone before...

        Foodwise it was highs and lows:

        B: 2.5 egg omelette with bacon and coffee with usual co&almond milk
        L: gorgeous bowl of mussels by the side of the loch, fresh and DELICIOUS with coffee&cream
        D: greek yoghurt (and i mean the WHOLE 500g pot - my only defence is I ate it over about a six hour period, but that probably is worse....d'oh!) and some small pieces of chicken breast
        S: dark chocolate (double my daily portion = 40g)

        F: 117g/67%, C: 45g/12%, P: 82g/21%
        Total Cals: 1636

        - percentages not too bad at all, but seriously poor grammage: too many carbs and too much protein - takes me right over the carb goal
        - way too much dairy - that greek yoghurt was great but heck you are not supposed to eat 500g of yoghurt in one day man, I think I might regret this tomorrow
        - I miss my vegetables! tomorrow I will get that sorted...
        - fresh sea food is SO superior
        if you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room


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          After yesterday's excitement had a very quiet and slow start to the day. Was out in the afternoon so dinner was at a friend's house, it was a mainly DIY/buffet affair so managed to lump together some stuff not too bad.

          B: nil
          L: 2tbp lambs liver pate (paleobirds recipe) with 1/2 Bell pepper, 100g Greek yoghurt with 40g berries
          D: about a cup of roasted chicken with leafy salad and loads of pistachios, avocado
          Sncks: 3 sticks of celery with 2tbsp Greek yoghurt, 40g dark chocolate, coffee with cream

          Macros: F: 95g/64%, C: 29g/14%, P: 75g/22% Total cals: 1333

          - man, Greek yoghurt wastes a lot of protein...gonna have to watch that!
          - looking frwd to cooking for myself again
          - need to work on sleep! Will start recording it to see if helps
          if you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room


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            Saw in the metro today an article about a site they've excavated near the forth bridge, mesolithic apparently - the evidence points to them 'subsisting on a diet of meat and roasted hazelnuts'. Sounds good to me.

            Had a good WOD today: 'Diane' - deadlifts and handstand push-ups. Well, let me tell you the day I can do a handstand push-up will be a day worth shouting about. I can do elbow bends though! Lol. Its the 2nd time EVER doing deadlifts (the 1st time was my first visit to Xfit) so was lifting 45kg, but hey last time it was 30! It was a quiet class, so just me and my sis which was great as felt like we had a personal trainer plus she <we> needed a lot of coaching...haha. She paid up for the month so we're in it to win.

            B: Coffee (1t c/o + almond milk), 100g greek yoghurt with 45g frozen berries
            L: liver pate with 2 stalks celery and half an avocado
            D: beef ribeye steak with spinach and a peppercorn sauce, 50g coconut milk + 20ml d/cream + 45g frozen berries
            Snks: dear mother of pearl, I found these: Booja Booja Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate Truffles - OMG what a treat! thank God they are expensive (1.69 for the UKers)....if you ever see them just DO IT.

            Macros: F: 101g/68%, C: 28g/14%, P: 62g/18% Total Cals: 1310

            - pretty dayam lovely day food-wise
            - really enjoyed the workout, love going with my sister

            Current stats:
            So SW 89kg/196lbs (02/10/12)
            83.6kg/184lbs (30/10/12)
            CW 81.8kg/180lbs (18/11/12)
            GW 64kg/140lbs
            (I'm 5'8"/173cm)
            Proper, man press-ups: 5 (18/11/12)

            I'm pretty pleased, you can really see where weightloss tailed off a bit at the end of October, but having sorted out my macros I really feel back on track. Ha, I have reached that point where even my 'skinny' clothes are too big! D'oh. Plus because I'm working on getting used to new ways of food shopping I am currently not flush by any stretch of the imagination. Reckon I'll wait till I'm sub-80kg before sorting my wardrobe out - it's a good problem to have.

            I'm out straight from work tomorrow night, so gonna try and avoid eating out so need to go and sort out my pack lunch for tomorrow....eek, need inspiration. From there, early night.

            Thank you all for the inspiration
            if you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room


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              Tuesday was great, I'm quite busy this week and get the sense my evening meal is gonna suffer!

              B: coffee as usual, scrambled egg with spring onion
              L: avocado, tin of mackerel in olive oil, 30g dark chocolate, 10g coconut chips
              D: olives, 100g of coconut pies, coffee with cream
              Macro: F: 129g/79%, C: 18g/10%, P: 37g/11% Total Cals: 1510

              crappo joke for Wednesday, from the Edinburgh fringe:
              "what do we want?"
              "more research into a cure for ADHD"
              "when do we want it?"
              "lets play swingball"
              if you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room


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                definitely not enough sleep, it was a really early start today as needed to be in work early. I rushed for the train and at some point lost my cashcard, d'oh! Fortunately I had already bought my train tickets....needed two coffees though to get started. Will confront the caffeine another time. I'm working up a large sleep debt and it's starting to show.

                B: coffee with c/oil, coffee with cream
                L: sardines, celery, 1/2 avo, liver pate - ok at the time but felt a bit sick afterwards
                D: 100g pea&ham soup (was at a friends), then a fatbombastic dessert I cooked up on my late arrival home: 80g frozen berries mashed covered with a mix of double cream, coconut cream and greek yoghurt all whisked up with melted chocolate with a layer of coconut chips on the top - blasted it in the freezer and OMG, death by was amazingly rich and struggled to finish it - but I most definitely finished it off. Now lazing in a fatslumber, procrastinating to avoid the 'before-bed' routine

                Macros: F: 122g/76%, C: 25g/10%, P: 50g/14% total cals 1454

                ooh and I hit the box, 6 rounds of 20m lunge walk with 12kg barbell (yeah I know, lightweight but it still burned), 10 burpee barbells - thought my hamstrings were gonna giveout.

                i REALLY am missing my homecooked meals and I'm out tomorrow night at a friends and then I'm going to a retreat in northern ireland which will be lovely but I know it will be 'filler' foods - startchycarbynightmare - why do I feel I'll be dropping small pats of butter into coffee....oh well guess my IFing will get tested to the max.

                (did I say that I caved and bought a new pair of jeans - two sizes down, people, I haven't been there since high school...)
                if you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room


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                  well I've not jumped off the wagon just had a very busy couple of weeks: was in Ireland and then my mum visited for a weekend of intense (seriously) DIY, plus my birthday. Eating has been challenging and fun. Sleep has become a big priority as I've started noticing how affected I am by lack of it (Mr. Groucho). Christmas really is a busy time isn't it? Lol, anyway this is just my sneaky update whilst on my break. I'll be back for a proper sign-in later
                  if you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room