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    I cannot stay up for those overtime games. Can't do it and function the next day. I think that's one of the things that pleases me about PB justifies my notion that I must sleep!
    I guess the Pens took that in OT. And my Avs are gone too. I miss Joe Sakic. Did you know ... that Ryan OReilly is from just up the road here???

    Apparently, I can't do honey in my coffee and I should never buy cashews!
    Well over 2000 cals yesterday. Many years as a CWer make that hard to read!

    I'd better practice some selfdiscipline this afternoon. I have to take an added skills course tomorrow and haven't even looked at the material yet. I have a survey sitting here (related to a course I took months ago) that's supposed to be returned by May 1st. All things considered, I'd really rather leave work at work and be not working (or thinking about work) when I'm at home.
    I feel threatened and insecure with the skill sets and changes in my responsibilities. I used to be good at what I do but someone keeps changing the rules. Unless DH's new business takes off like WOW, I have to work for another ten years (and four months). I just don't know if I can handle the environment. Physically, I'm strong and sturdy for my age but ... how long is that going to last if I'm constantly "encouraged' to reach past my skills.
    I don't underestimate myself. I can learn new things. Nurses do almost every day. No two humans are alike I do all kinds of things that weren't even invented when I was in training. It's just these stupid courses.
    Tomorrow is my one day off and I have to be 50 minutes from home by 8:15. I couldn't go on any other scheduled day because there aren't enough of us for me to take a day off. Sigh ...


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      Too bad about the sens. It's a shame to see Matt Cooke continue in the playoffs.

      Good luck on your skills course.
      It's grandma, but you can call me sir.


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        And Vancouver? Hmmm ...

        I'm taking hardboiled eggs in my purse to my course. They can mess with my head and self-esteem ... but not my belly!

        After the course, my friend/coworker and I are going out for lunch. My first attempt at primal restauranting! As I recall (was at that restaurant years ago) they have meats of the day and you choose your fixin's. I'm thinking roast beef, roast chicken and a heap of vegetables ... pass the butter please?

        I keep reading threads about folks strugglig to get their protein grams up. I'm not having that problem. In fact, while attempting to get mine down some ... I've only managed decreasing by 5 or 10 grams. I'm either going to have to work harder at that (but I like what I'm eating!) or actually use that weight bench I have.
        And I'm not sure what's up with that either. I've always enjoyed lifting much more than cardio. Altho' I'm not doing much cardio either ...
        I love a plan that can be tweaked! But I should be tweaking and not seeing what I can get away with 80/20? Don't think so!


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          I don't strong feelings about the Cancucks, I'm just turned off of the Penguins since that Matt Cooke Hit on Savard -- gotta support the black and gold who are :50 sec away from knocking out Buffalo!!!!!!!
          It's grandma, but you can call me sir.


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            Bruins are going to round two. My gas station guy will be happy.

            I tried IFing today. 15 hours and I was wobbly in the knees and my stomach was growling! My purpose was to create a divide between the weekend's and yesterday's carb creep. Not just carbs ... ill-advised "stuff".

            Today is better. Broke my fast with bacon and eggs and cream in my coffee.


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              After my fast and my eggs, I had a lovely 3 hour nap. Three hours!!! When I do that, I just figure I needed extra sleep.

              I felt soooo good after! I cleaned the fridge, tidied the kitchen, folded laundry, made supper that I didn't eat because I wasn't hungry ... and was still antsy. So I plunked a cement block in the wheelbarrel and dragged and pushed it around the lawn. I was huffin' and puffin' but shortly thereafter ... I still felt antsy so I hopped on the elliptical.

              Then I had wine and cheese and FB-chatted with my daughter and my daughter-in-law-to-be. When the hockey game came on, I went to bed. As exciting as it was, I shut it off before 11 and fell promptly to sleep.
              I woke before my alarm and feel great!

              I'm either having a good day or I'm finally over the low carb flu mixed with anxiety about that added skills course


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                Woke up before my alarm again. Hmmm ... guess I was done sleeping.

                Yesterday at work was hell-on-wheels. So many diabetics with sad sad complications. By the time I got home, my legs were just vibrating with fatigue. I rested a bit (read here facebook, 3FC and MDA), had my supper of pork roast, mushrooms and onions and rejuvenated!
                I can't imagine the last time I had a second wind without napping.
                Prepped today's supper, gathered today's laundry, tidied the kitchen, elliptical sprints ...

                I'm in my smallest scrubs and inordinately excited to do my measurements and weight for the first of May. I'm so glad they are firmly imprinted here for comparison.


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                  Another wake before the alarm day. So I have time to do this ...

                  Yesterday ...
                  Cals 1327
                  Fats 87 gms 58%
                  Carb 41 gms 11%
                  Protein 99 gms 31%

                  I've gotten my protein down to about 90 gms on average this week, since it doesn't appear that I'm going to get into much heavy lifting any time soon. I did walk, elliptical and swing some quad extentions. It all only totalled about 40 minutes and nothing was heavy. But, it's what I felt like and it felt good after.

                  I'm not much good at rereading books, so I'm thankful to whoever posted that broadcast of Mark talking to Sean Croxton. I posted it to FB too. Good refresher. I should listen to it regularly.


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                    I'm very happy with my April results!

                    The first day of April I weighed 129.6 lbs
                    chest 35.5 inches
                    waist 27.75 inches
                    hips 37 inches

                    On this first day of May ....
                    128.4 lbs
                    chest 34.5
                    waist 27
                    hips 36

                    Summary ... I lost 1.2 lbs
                    One inch off my bust. 3/4 off my waist and one off my hips!

                    Here's my fitday stats, averaged over the last 4 weeks
                    cals 1673
                    fats 108 gms 58%
                    carbs 74 gms 18%
                    protein 91 gms 22%
                    and a smidgeon of red wine and light beer

                    I'm still eating cheese and cream. My diet coke habit is not much better. Oh and there's the coffee.
                    I thought I'd never get any energy back but I have.

                    On to May!