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    My first outright detour today. My husband and I were out shopping and had pizza for supper. Small one ... split it. And enjoyed it very much!

    While I was putting the groceries away, I ate raw ground beef. Fabulous! It improved my percentages a bit (after the pizza) but I still had over 100 gms of carbs. 28%.

    I'm going to my neice's Tupperware party tomorrow afternoon. I wonder if there's a butcher shop in the village where she lives. I should wander through the countryside and see if I can find a cleaner supply of eggs.


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      I had a revelation last night!

      For many years, I've been teaching folks to remain sitting upright after eating. Waaaay to many people think they have reflux and/or hiatus hernia. Long after I'd eaten that pizza, I had that grouchy, gastro-oesophageal fullness feeling. Which reminded me that I hadn't had that for a while.
      I guess I just thought that everybody my age and older had some sort of relaxation of the cardiac sphincter. But I now I know (at least in my case) that it has nothing to do with when I eat nor some built in flaw of aging. It's all about what I eat!


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        Somebody, set the spatula down leaving a huge glob of bacon grease on the counter. So I scraped it up and put it on the pan for supper.

        It's been cold and dreary here this weekend. Good primal napping weather


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          so funny about the bacon grease. love it! Great way to "recycle."
          Also - raw ground beef = yum. I haven't eaten it since I was a kid, but now that I have my "clean" 1/4 beef every time I cook with ground beef I am so tempted. It smells soooooooooo fresh and delicious and goooood and clean. But my husband is scared about me eating raw meat while pregnant, so I'll wait, to humor him.
          Eating lots but still hungry? Eat more fat. Mid-day sluggishness? Eat more fat. Feeling depressed or irritable? Eat more fat. People think you've developed an eating disorder? Eat more fat... in front of them.


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            On the topic of all my multitudinous dietary paths having brought me here ...

            I just did a metabolic type quiz and am a protein type. In combination with the good results I've gotten from South Beach-ish, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle and Body for Life ... I agree.
            My mantra used to be "lean proteins and things that grow". Not too far off base.

            I had a headache over the weekend. I used to get migraines ... family thing. They have been nonexistent and/or manageable since perimenopause. This one was odd and persistant.
            I really think it was a combo of low carb flu, sky high barometric pressure and burnout. I had just had enough of some of the bickering political crap at work and needed an extended weekend ... with lots of sleep.
            I feel much better today.

            I keep forgetting that I'm writing this. I've been for a walk, talked to my brother on the phone twice and the delivery guy brought my amway order. I can do dishes again!
            Primal certainly makes your dishes dirtier than low fat.

            The omega 3's I bought are huge!

            I'm on afternoons this week so I should fry up a pan of ground beef for my lunches. Boiled eggs and crunchy vegetables for my snacks.


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              Originally posted by tooround View Post
              Somebody, set the spatula down leaving a huge glob of bacon grease on the counter. So I scraped it up and put it on the pan for supper.
              Every time I read something like this, I am reminded that I'm a somebody.
              It's grandma, but you can call me sir.


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                Of course you're a somebody!

                And it might have been me ....


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                  For some reason, I decided I needed to step on the scale this morning. Probably because I was a good foodie yesterday. I've lost 0.2 lbs this month so far I'll take my measurements again on the first. My clothing feels good.

                  Walked to run my errands this morning. Picked up a dark grey sweater I bought on ebay which looks amazing on my newly slender torso (brag, brag) I need a nice coral cami ... I think
                  Bacon and eggs for lunch/brunch. Cooked pork chops in the bacon grease. Pork chop and crunchy veggies in my lunch for work.
                  I think I'm managing better with cottage cheese on my salad than I was with prepared dressing. I have cut back on my dairy. Just a little cream once in my coffee yesterday and a hunk of cheese at bedtime. I really like cottage cheese so I'm hoping it's a fair swap to get rid of the soybean oil based dressing.

                  On the matter of expense ... if I'm careful with my vegetables (I don't need five avocados at once, they rot) and I buy cheap cuts of meat, we do OK. Good quality coconut oil is worth the price. When in doubt ... local eggs, canned sardines and salmon (on sale). Mark's 100 ways to save money while eating primally is pretty funny! Good tips ... the last few are funny.
                  And I turned over another bed in my garden. I do have glass over one but didn't get anything planted. I was kinda hoping some of the heirloom tomatoes that I planted last year would self seed. Maybe I should look closer.
                  Did I mention that I planted potatoes? I fried some the other day and was able to eat just a few slices. They were very nice.

                  Guess I'd better get myself to work.


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                    When I get home from working evenings, I am not tired. I'm not sure what I did before the internet.

                    I put today's food in fitday and discovered I had really eaten very little. I had another pork chop, a piece of cheese and a dollop of coconut oil.
                    96 gms fat
                    19 gms carbs
                    100 gms protein
                    1350 cals sounds better to me than the 900 I'd had.

                    I've been home now for about an hour and a half and I am starting to feel more relaxed. I think I'll have another (refillable) bottle of water and call it a night.


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                      Many thanks to MDA primal friends on facebook!! This is an awesome and motivating video!

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                        If my coworker thinks it's funny that I have eggs in my purse and pepperettes in my pocket, what would she think of me dipping my cheese in the butter dish?


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                          I had lunch with two coworkers who'd never eaten avocado! Huh?

                          I'm going to have to work on my carbs. Almost anything I try makes me hungry. Yesterday was poutine.
                          I suppose there is the possibility of being really low carb forever.
                          Actually, I'm not having any trouble with a bit of sugar in my coffee once in a while. In my mind, that has to be better than artificial sweeteners. Today I'm trying honey. Honey and real cream in coffee is delicious!

                          I'm frying up a great big butt chop for my supper. I don't think I even want anything with it. Just the chop!

                          And I should spend some time on the elliptical this evening. Parked in front of a hockey game? Sounds good.

                          Have y'all had a chat with Sterling? He was a great encouragement to me last night. Definitely an asset to this site. Good man.


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                            Who are you watching? Senators? Watch out for Crosby.
                            It's grandma, but you can call me sir.


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                              Sens and Pens!

                              We usually have two games going (love the last channel button) but there's no other game on til later.

                              Oooo Ottawa scored. That's not how saw this game going.


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                                Go Sens.

                                I'm still recovering from Bos/Buf game 4 double OT.
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                                It's grandma, but you can call me sir.