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sidetracked by the flu

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  • sidetracked by the flu

    First year in decades that I have not taken the flu shot.

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    Half way in to my 30 day challenge and I got the flu. It was rough this week. Some days I didn't feel like eating and then other days I didn't always eat primally. Hopefully I can get back on track this week. I am still coughing, sniffing and blowing but I feel much better and don't have the aches and fever anymore. The dogs got a little spoiled with me being home all week even though all we did was sleep.


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      I got sick in January this year, and while I was under the weather (for some reason) the thought of primal foods turned my stomach. the smell of bacon made me have to leave the room... I couldn't get enough carby-sugary-awful-for-you junk though. Only thing I was able to do was get back on the horse once I got better. I'm sure the junk didn't help, but stressing about it would only have made it worse. Hope you feel better soon!