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    So I started this whole primal order 6 days ago, but I haven't told anyone. Bad? Probably.

    Day 1 I had a small piece of cake, but since then I have cut out gluten. I havent fully cut sugar, although what I'm taking in is far less than I used to be. Without gluten that kicks most of the bad-habit food: cookies, granola bars, toast, ice cream, chicken nuggets, etc. Its almost shocking what a difference no-gluten alone makes.

    I work a night shift job (at the moment) but I swing back to days in 96 hours. Thank God. However simply starting to eat when I'm hungry before work and refusing high-carb/fast-crash items, I have had SO much more energy. The one time I cheated, I could feel my ulcer complaining. Maybe its gluten related? They are testing it next week, but I've been not very trusting of doctors for a long time so we'll see what I think after my EGD.

    I'm hoping that eating primal helps my horrible mood swings that turn my into someone I don't recognize and a wife who fights and destroys her husband and threatens to get divorced each month. I hate it.

    I started primal at 5'10" 139lbs and 20% BF. I'm okay actually staying here, but I'm curious to see where my numbers go.

    So I want my energy back, and my mood stablized. I should probably tell my husband too. He keep complaining that despite his healthy "cw" diet (which even I don't think is too bad) and running 5 days a week he's only gaining. He's maybe 6'2" and 200-205. At least my hubbs is primal-idea friendly

    My primal questions: is eating loads of bacon and red meat really ok? I already eat lots of chicken & fish.
    And why are all the primal "junk-food-like" dishes made with almond flour and other "processed" wanna-be-flours? Isnt this bad for us too? Or is it just a healthier option for if were craving something baked & sweet?

    Okay, off to dinner. the Hubbs wants me to eat homemade clam chowder, but it has a little bit of flour to thicken in it... ah the internal battle. I think I'm going to have eggs.
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    10 days ago my PMDD showed up out of no where and at an unusual time in my cycle. And today its back again. I hate this :/ I'm frustrated at everything, angry, moody, depressed, self-loathing, and miserable. The worst part is when my hormones return to normal, I hate myself to the core.

    I cheated and had ice cream last night. HUGE headache. ugh. guess my body isnt used to sugar like that anymore and its only been a little over a week.
    Today was a potluck that I navigated well. YEAH! I had meatballs, smoked salmon and cheese, and a couscous and veggie salad. I ignored every. single. cookie. and I'm so proud of myself.
    I also took a Pilates class at the gym that I might try & join regularly. It was kinda fun even those most of the people were older.

    cw: 140. less thirsty. less hungry


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      okay, eating primal at work while working a 12 hour shift and when were are tons of gross evil cupcakes is hard. I dont even really crave a cupcake, I just... feel like I should deserve one. I mean moderation, right? Ugh.
      I'm working so hard to break that. Now that I've jet lagged myself 12 full hours in like 3 days, I'm exhausted, cross-eyed and unfocused at work. boo. I don't even really think its about my eating, my body is just exhausted. days like today, I hate my job & how tiring it is. And I hate the stress I put on my body to do what I want. I feel like I have to beat myself into submission.


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        If you want to make the clam chowder try arrowroot to thicken it, it is primal.
        I luckily don't do nightshifts, I get jetlag from changing winter to summertime , but it might help you to have some food prepared in advance. I boil 6 eggs at a time and eat 2 per day, eat them with some dried sausage and cherrie tomatoes or carrots. No need to think about making breakfast/lunch it might make it easier for you.
        Good luck in getting primal.


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          So I gained some weight and I was disappointed, but I had an appointment with the personal trainer. personal ass-kicking appointment, if you ask me. Well, I haven't worked out in oh, about 6 weeks, so I figured my BF would be up in the low 20s like before.
          cw: 143.5 BF: 18.4% which is down from their last recorded reading of 20% and below the last one I did about 2 months ago at 18.9% WOOHOO! I told them I had intentionally cut out grains and sugar and was making an effort to eat better for my poor stomach ulcer. I didnt say primal/paleo because the trainers at the gym keep telling me that carbs are okay. Trainer was proud of me, although I have certainly lost muscle endurance the past few weeks.

          Apparently, I need non-strenouos, non-sweaty activity for my muscles.

          Other than a piece of birthday cake friday night, I have been doing well with my eating thanksgiving is going to be a train wreck, but Im going to try & best and not beat myself up over it. Then I'm off the guam with the hubby. I think that should be okay as his mom is a super-health-nut and apparently only cooks veggies and broth and traditional Chinese food. I'm really looking forward to the weather. Its POURING here today.


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            cw: 141
            so its been about 6 weeks. maybe more like 4. however, I decided today I was going to enjoy my gulten full force. yay stuffing. it was amazing! For breakfast I had coffee with heavy cream and mince meat pie. I have no idea whats in mince meat, but probably sugar and gluten in the pie crust!

            For the dinner:
            The turkey was primal; the green beans were primal; the mashed potatoes were things I've been eating primal, or not; the pumpkin pie had more gluten and sugar; and the whipped cream was whipping cream, not heavy cream so add chemicals, and added sugar to that one.

            After breakfast I told my hubbs my tummy felt awful again, like it did when I had to go to the ER, but not as bad pain wise. I went home took some zofran and it calmed down.
            Now about 6 hours after dinner, but tummy is KILLING me. I'm all nauseated and needing narcotics. :/ So its either the sugar or the gluten, but my gut says its the gluten thats killing my stomach. Is that even possible? or does my tummy just hate gluten because its already irritated (they saw esophageal and stomach irritation on my endoscopy 11/5)? I got a wind storm out of the rear and a lot of gas/bloating feelings too. Either way, its back to no gluten in this camp.

            Happy thanksgiving


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              cw: 146. I've gained 7lbs in the last 2 months. why? I think I'm gaining muscle plus then when I eat wheat I gain lots of water boo. I've been about 144, but hoping to get back to 139-140 on my scale. I still fit into my skinny jeans, but they are getting tight. Some days I just dont know what my body is doing. Some days I'm super fluid puffy :/

              Possibly I need to eat more. What a terrifying thought. I'm only eating about 1400kcal/day. But I feel like I'm stuffing my face. How do I even get more calories?

              Here's to a new year and a new start at primal& 100% gluten free living.

              brunch: pork, eggs, and parm cheese. coffee and cream.
              Now I just have to keep my good work going while I struggle to eat gluten free for my hashimotos thyroid and quite likely celiac dx.
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                So while complaining to the personal trainer that my weight is up, almost 10lbs. YIKES. and oh god, my bf is 20.7% now I realized that through the holidays while I was eating gluten-free, I was not eating primally. I had lots of sugar and other grains. So Happy new year to me, I'm on a mission to get my BF back down into 18%.
                Thanks all for today


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                  I hope my body. And it hates me back. I am so freaking sensitive to EVERYTHING since going primal. and probably the dairy isnt helping me at all
                  Every time I touch something with corn or wheat, I gain more weight. puffy. bloated. suffocating weight.
                  cw:150. wtf?

                  Maybe its my hashimotos/celiac just starting to act up worse, but I feel like its my fault.


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                    I have that problem as well. I've been very strict for the past three weeks. Then I went out to dinner and there were somebreadcrumbs sprinkled on my steak. I didn`t give it much thought but two hours later and even into the next morning my tummy was not happy.


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                      well my hashimotos is acting up. my most recent tsh was 80 (ref range 0.3-2.5) and my t4 is officially low. I feel all over the grid energy wise :/ and I start a 3month rotation of night shift work on thursday. God, help me.
                      I have been super strict about no gluten, corn, peanuts, or soy for a little bit. I dont think I've gotten CCed as I have been eating at home. My weight is down to 143 as of this morning, which is almost back to normal. I have an official celiac dx from my ND. We are working on fixing my immune system.

                      I was thinking about giving up dairy for lent. But lately my tummy has been pretty unhappy and I have a sinking feeling thats the culprit. sigh. I love greek yogurt, butter, and cheese. LOVE. Not to mention, I feel like I need 1/2n1/2 in my coffee. Okay guys, any great ideas about coffee creamer substitutes? coconut milk? vanilla coconut milk?
                      And does anyone know if you can buy ghee or if you have to make it?

                      @paleodutch left me some excellent ideas on my journal above for snacking and eating while at work.
                      I'm going to look for some sausages and other "easy" meat ideas to go with my veggies and fruit. what else can I even eat anymore?
                      I know that kirkland & shaw lunch meat is GF.
                      I guess I need to dig out my primal coconut cookbook and start liking coconut oil!