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  • Tom's fresh start

    Here we go then! Something needs to change because what i'm doing isn't working clearly.

    Been slightly overweight for most of my life and recently (2010) managed to drop down to 85kg in preparation for my world travels. I did this through regular exercise and some goot eating habits. I settled in Australia and as soon as i went back to work in 2011 started putting the weight back on. Bloody office job!

    This year i've started going to the gym and have concentrated on weights which has increased my muscle mass but not done anything about my gut. After a high blood pressure spike (Never found out why it spiked) i decided that i needed to do something to change the way i approached my health and well being.

    I've upped the cardio with the introduction of some HIIT on the cross trainer and have started eating Primal. This is the 2nd day on the primal eating lifestyle and i'm doing okay Take it one day at a time right.

    The plan is to strictly follow the primal/paleo eating guide for 4 weeks and the reassess. Hopefully i will have gotten over my carb/sugar cravings by this point and gotten into a routine.

    Below are my goals and my first food/exercise log:

    1. Drop from 98kg to 75kg
    2. Increase muscle
    3. Decrease body fat%

    B=Breakfast L=Lunch D=Dinner S=Snack

    B - 2 scrambled eggs, 5 cherry toms, 2 blocks of frozen spinach
    L - Sashimi (5 salmon, 3 tuna, 3 haddock)
    D - Steak, brocolli, Onions
    S - Bananas x2


    1. Day off from Gym
    2. Hour walk around neighbourhood
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    B - 2 poached eggs, left over rump steak
    L - 1 chicken breast, panfried with some garlic and ginger / Big salad
    D - Slow roast lamb shank with carrot, onion and brocolli
    S - Red wine (2 glasses)


    Not much apart from walking today